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August 26th, 2011, 03:31 PM
They love you with all that they are. They give you 100 % of thier love. If they love you, they will always love you. IF they dislike you, they may learn to tollerate you , but they will always dislike you. They are I believe to be one of God's greatest gifts. They give you everything they have, with no walls, no silly games you have to play to earn thier heart. They just "trust" you whole heartedly, without abandon.
Is it any wonder that when one of our dogs, hurts, feels bad, is sad, or has a owie...that we cry , mope, worry , pray and "feel" for them.
Are we "horders" because we have more than one dog, or one animal. Or are we compassionate people, that look into those big loving eyes, and find ourselfs HOME for the first, second and so on many times.
Are we "crazy" when we adopt a sad , scared, seemingly hopepless case....or are we "Gods special army" that believes every living thing on this earth (especially) dogs, deserve a chance. Deserve love, and deserve life.
Are we truly a criminal for giving of ourselfs enough to take a animal that is hurting, and truly beyond any relife for pain, or trauma, and we allow someone to put them to thier final rest, instead of keeping them around, because we just cannot bare saying goodbye. because I think if you truly love your dog, you will be able to "know" when its time to say goodbye. And tears streaming down, your heart being broken, you will make that last drive together, and do what you have to do, to see that your VERY BEST FRIEND is no longer in pain.
When you have a dog, you spend countless hours playing, running, snuggling, petting. You endure the finacial hardships of going to the vet, because , hey...they are FAMILY. family's stick together, no matter what.
You put up with the pee, the poo, the vomit, or what ever comes along because, when you are sick, they are there. So you will be there when they are sick.
You rejoice when they are feeling good, and your sad when they are feeling bad. Its just the way it is.
And if your like the middle of the wake up to go to the potty, you will have at least ONE dog that is right on your tails...because you are THIER friend too..and they want to be WITH YOU.

I've never understood the love of an animal, until I had them.
So I will forever be patient and try my best to understand people's ignorance when they say "how can you have five dogs".

(ps: no offense to my kitty lovers on here, just really felt the "dog" vibe today)

August 26th, 2011, 10:39 PM
Love it! They can make you crazy, Noella last night, don't know what time it was but it was play time for her, so she was getting into boxes, dragging herself along the bottom of the couch you name it, keeping me awake!! Little fart!! Then sometime today she managed to get ahold of the plastic bags I stash for kitty litter, scattered them all over the laundry room, bet she had fun doing it though! She's not even very cuddly yet, but she is cute and she talks when you talk to her, she always has an opinion.

Usually Bayley sleeps through potty trips but Noella has to come see what you're doing. Then Coco wakes up hoping that it's goodie time, doesn't matter if it's 3 or 4, he's a very hopeful kitty!! You put up with a 20 pound cat standing on your stomach at 3 in the morning, usually around your bladder which of course leads to that trip to the bathroom!! Then of course that cat decides that kneading a rather sensitive part of your body is a great thing!! Then of course, Bobee gets jealous and has to chase Nino who then lets out a bobcat scream which freaks out Bobee who starts sneezing!! It's a wonder we get any sleep!! Of course, you can't close your bedroom door because the complaining will keep you awake anyway!!

I know it's the funny looks you get when you say how many animals you have..but we're never lonely, there's always something going on in the house. I really don't think my Mom would have lasted as long as she has if we didn't have the critters. I don't think I'd be able to handle a house without animals in it!! I suppose not having hair everywhere, and not stepping on the odd little bit of kitty litter scattered around the bathroom in bare feet would be nice or the odd hairball you didn't see!

August 27th, 2011, 12:18 AM
That was very beautiful, renegaderuby :lovestruck:
I feel the exact same way, though I only have 2 furbabies (but would have 5+ if I could!!)
Animals are loyal, loving, true and innocent. And they depend on us to love and treasure them. I like your reference to Gods army :highfive:
My hubby and I don't have children, of the human kind anyway lol
But I really can't imagine I'd love one any more than I love my furbabies :)

Thank you for sharing that!!

August 27th, 2011, 02:17 PM
Thank you for the compliments. I write poetry, short stories, essays, and the odd mind babble like this one. I sometimes write instead of cry, cry while I write, or get the idea. Its a "vent" on the top of my vessel.
I once had a english teacher of mine, who loved my writeing but critiqued my grammar (still suck at grammar)....
she quote un quote said...if you dont write, you will implode. Starting from the inside, and ending up on the outside. Writing is what you do. good , bad...dosent matter. You just vent your vessel.
Took me a few years to understand what she meant. But i got it now.
If its in me, good or bad...I have to "write" it out.
Makes ME... well ...ME! :)