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summer blues

August 21st, 2011, 02:01 PM
Do animals get summer blues? I'm just wondering cause seems my dogs arent as happy as they usually are. no health issues (checked)...just lazier I guess.
I figured most of it may be that its TOO HOT to leave them outside to roamp and play..and that they arent able to be as bousterious in thier inside dwellings here....but could "that" cause them to be lazier...moap, pout if you will.
Mostly just asking if anyone else has had this experience, and any suggestions of how to fix it. I mean you can only play with your dogs so much. there is laundry, and house cleaning, and so forth to do. LOL
Also please note my keyboard seems posessed or if letters or words apear where they shouldnt...excuse it.

August 21st, 2011, 02:29 PM
Hmm could be. We just moved from further north to Southern Alberta, not quite as hot as Texas, but we get into the mid 90's and the sun is HOT HOT!! Bayley's not used to that much heat and since we're in the city now, the pavement gets too hot for her tender tootsies! We play more in the yard, we're lucky that it's nice and shady. The one big dog off leash area is all coulees so there's no trees. There are parks with trees but they're on leash as far as I know. I'm looking forward to fall here!! She has her Kong and her cats for entertainment! Winter is Bayley's fave season, she loves snow and even if it's -30 as long as she keeps moving she doesn't seem fazed by the temp. I on the other hand, hesitate when it's -30!! Would your dogs like a kiddie pool? That might be fun for them to puddle in.

August 21st, 2011, 04:12 PM
hmmm. kiddie pool. excellent idea. when the weather is nice we usually leave them out for about three hour shifts. But...its been 104 lately..and that is just way to hot to leave em out longer than to do thier business and maybe romp a few mins. Two of the dogs are lazier than the others, so they arent as pouty as the other. But my other three are pouting BIG TIME. The only thing I can think is my schedule has changed a bit...I'm having to pull six hour shifts twice a week now, instead of being home all day every day.
Toby could care less , he's just happy if he gets petted, and has his jingle bell ball. But I'm thinking the two more sensative of the group are maybe effected by not being able to stay out long, and me being gone twice a week.
I love the kiddie pool idea thou....will give them something to do and keep em cool for a little longer than thier 15 mins out to potty , quick romp and back in. Maybe I can leave em out for 30 mins, if they will actually get in the pool and play. thanks so much for the idea.....

any one else have an idea...throw it at me. I want to get the "smiles" back on my dogs faces. (i know you dog lovers will understand what I mean by that)