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ruby vs carpet cleaner

August 15th, 2011, 09:47 PM
As she so lovingly passes the two peepads laid out for her when I leave . (she gets "mad" when I leave and pee's the floor sometimes)....I've had to break out the carpet cleaner a few times in the last month or so. the darn thing got so much hair caught up in it (yes I vacume first...but we have three long haird its hard to get all of it)...the wheel got stuck and wasnt spinning ( i didnt know)..and thus the moter went caput. Off to walmart to get another carpet cleaner (this time a better one) so hopefully it will stand up to the abuse "RUBY" will put it thru...and so far so good. If another carpet cleaner bites the dust...I will be taking to ruby to the vet to have a "cork" inserted.
Darn beast! :)
Side note : if she didnt throw a complete hissy, and try to EAT off her diaper thing..I'd diaper her when leaving the house....perhaps I should put it on her anyways. At least she'll be so busy shredding it, she'll forget to pee (maybe??? :shrug:)
Next step...I'll be putting her in the shower stall with the door shut so she cant get out if she keeps peeing the place, and chewing off her diapers.
She'll get air, the sound effects of her barking like mad the first 10 mins will echo back, and maybe she'll think she has a friend in there with her (echo)...nahhhhh....I cant do that to her. Although the laundry room is looking more and more apealing (tiled floor).