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Polish Lowland sheepdog

August 14th, 2011, 11:07 AM
Hello everyone
It's been almost 3 weeks that my partner and I got this adorable female PON ( Polish Lowland Sheepdog). She is 11 weeks old and very sweet. It seems when she gets engaged in destructive behavior like digging, eating dirt, eating her own poop and so on, it's no way to stop her. Specially with digging she get aggressive and starts barking high pitched and behave aggressive. She seems to be oblivious about all the housebreaking training and effort as well! No matter how much we try. Any advice would be appreciated.

August 14th, 2011, 09:36 PM
First and foremost, 75448 to the board garfonkel. :thumbs up

All of our dogs had an obession with digging. Is this an outside problem for you?

We found soon after they started digging out in the yard, we would take their own fecies and place it in the whole that they just dug. If they dug another hole, we'd fill it with more fecies and so on. After a few weeks and a few holes, all our dogs got the hint and stopped digging. It seemed they never liked digging into their own poops! :shrug:

House training; get yourself some lime!!!! :crazy:

Cut a wedge of lime (not lemon) and keep it within arms reach. As soon as you suspect unwanted behaviour, gentle squeeze the lime and rub onto her nose with a stern "no!" The association of NO and the distasteful lime will distract her from distructive behaviour.

Good luck with your little girl and would love to see pictures of your little one when you have a spare moment. :whistle: