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Lexi and her health

August 6th, 2011, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this website. I am looking for some advice, and maybe even some personal experiences, with an issue that my dog is having.

She is a year and a half old husky/german shepherd mix.

I'll try and make this as short as possible:

Back in the spring, my dog, Lexi was diagnosed with having allergies, and given an antihistamine. It didn't seem to work, so she was also given an antibiotic, which worked and took away her problem.

Then, three weeks ago or so, she started to have this bad hacking cough (not constantly, maybe every 8 hours or so), where she would cough up this white mucus. She was also doing a lot of reverse sneezing, and regular sneezing. Her nose was very crusted. My vet thought that it was allergies again, and gave her the same antihistamine, which seemed to help a little bit for a few days. It quickly stopped helping, and I could tell that Lexi was in a terrible mood. Due to some recent mistrust issues with the vet, we decided a second opinion was needed, so we took her to a highly recommended vet in our area. He was positive she had an infection, and prescribed her an antibiotic for one week. One day before this medicine was finished, we called the vet to give an update, and ask if we should give her another week of this. Her condition had improved lots. Her nose was almost clear, her hacking was becoming less frequent, and barely anything was coming up with it. The vet said that a week was all she needed, and that the hack would probably last a few days after the medicine was done, but that all other symptoms should be gone.

Thursday, she finished the last of the medicine and looked great. Friday, she had a great day, was playful, and back to normal.

Then, this morning, everything went crazy. She has been hacking again, bringing up the mucus, sneezing, and her nose and eyes look terrible!!

Of course, the vet isn't even open on weekends, so i couldn't get her in, or get more of the pills.

What should I do? Is it too late now to start that medication again on Monday?

I am so frustrated with vets right now. I just want my Lexi back to normal!!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

August 9th, 2011, 12:16 AM
When a dog responds to antibiotics, but it doesn't clear the infection, that typically means higher dosages or longer treatment or a different antibiotic is needed.

Some dogs don't have very efficient immune systems and it takes longer to clear infection in them.