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Iodine contents in dog food, experts chime in pls

July 19th, 2011, 08:03 PM
Iodine is important for the thyroid functions, too much or too little can have big effects.

The AAFCO guideline for Iodine is 1.5mg/kg.

Now if you look at labels of some of the high quality foods the numbers seem to be all over the place.
One Acana formula states 2.1 mg/kg
Orijen is an incredibly low 0.18 mg/kg
Honest Kitchen Force, As Served (hydrated) 0.75

So what's the deal? I'm a little confused here..

July 20th, 2011, 01:33 AM
The AAFCO Nutrient Requirements for Iodine are listed on a dry matter basis as a minimum of 1.5mg/kg up to a maximum of 50mg/kg.

The AAFCO also states: "These AAFCO nutrient profiles for dog foods presume an energy density of 3.5 kcal ME/g dry matter. Rations >4.0 kcal/g should be corrected for energy density." ie: 3500kcal ME/kg

For example the Acana Adult Dog food states "ME (metabolizable energy) is 4050 kcal/kg" and Orijen Adult Dog food states Metabolizable energy is 3900 kcal/kg"

The amounts listed on the bags/cans/most manufacture websites are "as fed" not "dry matter" unless stated.

So to accurately compare the foods you would need the nutrient analysis (actual numbers) not the guaranteed (min & max levels), the carb levels and convert all into dry matter and then compare the equalized calorie levels based on 3500kcal MF/kg

July 20th, 2011, 11:41 AM
Thanks!! that really helps. Is that info up on the AAFCO site some where, I haven't come across it.

July 20th, 2011, 11:04 PM
If you're asking about the statements made by the AAFCO, those are at the very bottom of the page you linked.

If you meant the nutrient analysis and carb content for that you'd have to contact the manufactures, since they usually only list guarenteed (min/max) on their sites/products.