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Keep It Long!?

July 18th, 2011, 11:13 PM
Or get it cut off?? Trying to decide what to do with Coco and Nino. I got Coco clipped in early spring and he seemed to really enjoy his shorter fur. Now I've heard where the long hair is insulating and keeps them cooler but I don't know about that. Coco could use another trim and I'm convinced that Nino would enjoy a bit of freedom from his LONG coat, especially with the hot summer here. The groomer's close by will do them for 35. bath included. Nino could sure use a bath, he's got that typically slightly oily Maine Coon coat. I think he'd look pretty darn cool in a lion cut.

Dog Dancer
July 20th, 2011, 10:25 AM
I don't know about clipping. I never had my persian cross kitty clipped. I just do not get the lion cut thing. Don't want to offend anybody, but I think they look kinda silly!:D All that said, I live in a fairly temperate climate where we rarely get extended hot spells. I do believe the fur can insulate them against hot and cold though.

July 20th, 2011, 11:22 AM
:) DD...actually Coco looks pretty cute! Heck he looks cute all the time though! I don't know about Nino, something tells me he might be offended!! His coat is just sooo thick though. Thank goodness, something I did right for the kitty gods, he doesn't mat! Once in a while he gets a teeny one by his ears but he lets me get those out. Coco, I think practices crocheting or knitting on himself when I'm not looking. I'll have to find the clipped Coco pic.

July 20th, 2011, 02:36 PM
I have a friend who has her ragdoll cat clipped into the lion cut a few times a year. The cat loves it and is always much more comfortable after it's been done. I think she looks cute after her visit to the groomer.