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Scary Moment!

July 18th, 2011, 09:15 PM
The other night took Bayley for a quick walk, left Mom at home..get back about 20 minutes later, there's blood everywhere!! Mom's in the kitchen..more blood!! I'm like OMG!! She has varicose veins in her ankles and she had a skeeter bite that I guess was on a vein and the scab came off. Well, that was a scary moment for all of us! Fortunately, she's not on any kind of blood thinners and by the time I got home it had stopped bleeding. I was just thinking of all the panic re those dogs that had been found eating their dead owners and people thought they'd become killers etc. Well 4 cats and one dog wanted nothing to do with the blood, the cats all sniffed and got as far away as possible, same with Bayley, she sniffed and if a dog can look worried and concerned she did. She just went and lay down and kept a close watch. The cats all stayed out of the room, even Noella who just has to be right there if anything is going on, stayed out.

My Mom is fine, put a one of those giant sized bandaids on it, wrapped it in a tensor bandage and she's fine. I told her from now on, you put bug spray on your ankles if you're going outside! I swear the place looked like a scene from CSI!! Good thing the RCMP weren't going around looking in dumpsters!!

July 18th, 2011, 09:31 PM
Whew! Glad your mom is okay!! LOL And that the furbabies aren't maneaters!!! :laughing:

But wow, that sounds like a really bad reaction to a skeeter bite! :eek:

Dog Dancer
July 19th, 2011, 12:07 AM
Wow that would be scary! I'm glad she's okay. My late hubby had a similar thing years back. Came home and there was blood everywhere, but he wasn't home! I was just going to call the hospital when he showed up with his finger all stitched together after cutting it on a can. But coming in and seeing all the blood! Yup, I hear you about being scary stuff. I guess maybe because of the issue with your mom's veins they bleed more if they get a direct hit. The tensor bandage was a good plan.