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September 29th, 2004, 11:38 AM
First, let me give you just a wee bit of background.

I live in a mobile home park. The corporation, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided that no pit bulls, rottweilers, or wolf hybrids shall live in it's parks. This means that my girl spends most of her days inside, so as not to be seen by park personnel. I had her when I moved in, she is registered with the park so I must assume that, barring any bad behavior on her part, she is fine where she is. Just no need to rub anybody's face it, if you know what I mean.

Living in a park like this means that there is no fence around my yard, so my girls must go out on a chain. We use a plastic covered steel cable that is 20 feet long, but have wrapped it around a porch post to shorten it a bit. I can put the girls out on cold mornings without going outside, yet the girls can not reach the entire yard as this would (and did, there for a bit) destroy my lawn. Pee stains, you know. Having a nice lawn is not a luxury here, it is a park rule, so big brown patches are a no-no.

When the girls go out, I am usually right inside the door, as that is where my sunroom is and the computers. So, they are never unattended even though I am not usually standing outside watching them. They are not allowed to bark when they are outside, so one barks means they come in now.

So last night I put the lovely little Missy out to take care of business. I had just put dinner on, so I thought I would go stir the burger while she was out and she would be ready to come in when I was done. I was about halfway through my sunroom before I hear the unmistakable sounds of a dogfight in MY DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that the little chihuahua mix from across the street was out without a leash and decided that my dog did not belong in my yard! And to top it off, the young man who was trying to catch the little rat had another dog (small black dog that I won't even venture to guess at a breed) on a leash that was now throwing it's self into the fray!

Missy, being the good girl that she is, came to me immediately when I stepped out the door and started hollering for her to come. (Well, it took a second for her to get the d*mn anklebiter off of her face.) We met half way on the steps and I hauled her inside.

I think the kid mumbled an apology as I was closing the door. But it still took him another 10 minutes to catch that stupid dog.

September 29th, 2004, 11:52 AM
Doesn't that just rot your socks!!
To me that just reinforces that owner responsibility and penalty/punishment far surpasses breed banning.

September 29th, 2004, 12:03 PM
Oh LavR. That's so upsetting, just makes my blood boil!! :mad: :mad: I assume that Missy is fine... I hope!

Those little critters get away with absolutely everything, it sickens me. And those owners will take absolutely no responsibilty for their dogs actions.

I will admit, when I got to the part about the dog fight in your driveway I was expecting that the chihuahua's owner was going to complain to the park management about your dogs!

Lucky Rescue
September 29th, 2004, 12:10 PM
Damn! Imagine if this had happened the other way around, and your off-leash and aggressive Rottie had attacked someone's dog on THEIR property? :mad:
Any chance of moving to a place where your property is your own?

Here's what happened to me a few days ago:

have a couple "safe" places I take Chloe (Vicious Pit Bull) to walk. One of them is the main street in my small town - big empty field for her to run, then safe walk along the street to a stream for her to wade and drink.

Tonight after the field I was walking past a house set well back from the street (fairly active two lane street) when some people open the door and big Lab flies out, straight at us - hackles up and growling

I nearly freaked and turned to cross the street, dragging Chloe while the Lab is sniffing her butt. Damn thing follows us across the street in the traffic. The owner is YELLING AT ME, "Restez-la Madame!" - telling me not to move so HIS loose, untrained dog won't get hit by a car!!

I kept going - his stupid dog is in the middle of the street (cars are stopping) and he FINALLY decides to come get it, and he's actually mad at ME for not standing like a dummy in front of his house while his dog harasses Chloe and he's calling it while it ignores him!! I guess it was all my fault for walking my leashed dog on a public street.

Chloe is not aggressive, but if anything had happened, guess what the headlines say? "Vicious Pit Bull Mauls Family Pet!!" even though his dog was the aggressor and outweighs Chloe by at least 15 lbs.

Here is my scary pit bull:

September 29th, 2004, 12:14 PM
Oh I'm tremblin in my booties....she's terrifying.... :rolleyes: LOL
Beautiful gal! :D

September 29th, 2004, 12:58 PM
Actually, LR, a move might well be in my future, but not for a couple of years yet. With lot rent and house payment being $1000 a month, not to mention other bills and food, saving for a move isn't happening. Land around here is VERY expensive and so is moving a mobile home.

September 29th, 2004, 01:22 PM
Lucky of course your dog would be to blame its a pit. It could be a hundred feet away and still get blamed. I feel so bad for you guys and your dogs, the amount of abuse I hear spewed at owners makes me want to jump in there faces and scream how f**** stupid are you. Is the dog bothering you, lunging at you or growling sort of like your little rat dog is doing. But I guess that is acceptable for owners of small untrained unsocialized dogs to blame it on somebody else.
By the way she looks like she might lick you to death I am in fear for my life restrain that beast

Lucky Rescue
September 29th, 2004, 02:37 PM
My dog's only fault is loving people too much, and it's horrible to see anyone hating her for no reason.

She does NOT want to fight, and I think that's why she was dumped, but if another dog starts it she is going to win and I sure don't want that to happen. I'm afraid to walk her on the street anymore and it's not fair cause she loves going places and meeting people (and cats!)

Sandi, I hope you can make the move and not have to be harassed by idiots anymore.:(

September 29th, 2004, 04:03 PM
Oh Wow,I am so sorry for all you guys and your wonderful's more and more like a witch-hunt and it is terrible.
In my life-time I've know 3 Rotties and they were all big lumbering sucks :D
Things are just going crazy,what's the matter with people?
I think when hubby retires,we'll move as far away from civilisation as possible :mad:
and Lucky,Chloe is so sweet,it just breaks my heart,knowing she wants only to be loved and people are such idiots,but luckily she has you!

September 29th, 2004, 05:35 PM
LavenderRott i'm sorry to hear about your recent predicament.
i know your fear all too well, i used to patrol a park like that,
where there were rules about animals..and everything else.
It's sad that most people who dont even own an animal would call us for the slighest mishap on someone that does own an animal.

I personaly think you should of went after the kid and explained, that his animals are NOT welcome on your property without prior approval..
it's Not that his animals are not welcomed period, But it's for the Safety of himself and his animals..

LR, your doggie does look scary lol....

September 29th, 2004, 10:06 PM
(Just don't leave them there long enough to dig under.)

My friend uses one for when she does rescue. Her own dogs are Not very friendly toward other dogs. So she puts her rescue out there to go, & get some fresh air, when the rescue isn't in their own room in the house. So far, it has worked well. She puts it close to the back door, so she can get the dog in & out easily esp. 1st thing in the morning.

The one she has is about 7 ft. x 6 ft. & is covered so she could tarp it for shade or rain. She is in S. Texas, so she doesn't need to think about snow & cold. There is enough room in it for a small doggy pool/kids wading pool if the dog feels like a dip.)