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Hot Stuff!!

July 17th, 2011, 04:52 PM
Wahoo..summer is hot!! How are your critters handling the heat?

We have the blinds pulled and fans going. EVerybody's pretty much sleeping...Bobee's up having a snack, so he's not too hot to eat. There's not much humidity here so that helps alot. You can actually take a shower and feel better and not sweat getting dressed again.

Coco's sleeping, Nino seems to wash more when it's hot, he doesn't seem to mind if I wipe him down with a cool washcloth. Noella is Noella..doesn't seem to bother the young ones much!! Bayley's a bit grumpy, I don't have a garden hose yet but I have her one for the bath tub so I may take her out and hose her off. I've been adding water to her dinner cause she doesn't seem to drink much. When it cools down tonight, I'll take the Bayler for a stroll around the block.

Noella like puddling in the sink if I leave the tap running a bit. Heheh if it gets really hot, I could round up the cats, throw them in the shower and turn it on low...ya right!! Just kidding!! I value my life too much!!