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I got a Cat

July 16th, 2011, 09:57 PM
Dunno if its permanent or not. but prettty sure it will be. Just have to see how bad my allergies are going to react. It might be something that can be controlled with meds, but it may not be.

Remember how i found 4 kittens under a house like 1.5 years ago? Well, Same lady had a litter of kittens and of course all were left outside including momma cat. My friend found a kitten in the woods and its pure white and about 3-4 months old. She kept her for a few days trying to find her a home and today her mom said if she didnt get rid of it she was going to bring it back outside and let it go (Her brother has severe allergies to it). Anyways, I drove 40 minutes to pick him/her up and at first she was a "im only taking her to find her a home" situation because i knew my bf would never go for having a cat. But i fell in love in just a few short hours and well, i got the go ahead. I think he likes her just as much as me he just acts like he dont.

Anyways she is just darling. She gets along super well with the two dogs and vice versa and she adores me and I her. She appears healthy (minus being starved, my friend was trying to feed her dog food and milk, shes missing 2 bottom teeth, and when i fed her wet food today she gobbled it all up ive fed her a full can of friskas .

She will be started on good quality canned food tomorrow, but today thats alll i had to get. Pet store was closed when i got her so it was grocery brand or nothing.

A few questions, how much should i be feeding her do you think. Just remember she is a little underweight. hips a pertruding a little too much for my liking but she isnt dangerously underweight.

And can anybody just give me a bunch of info on cats. I havent owned one before and all i have is the reearch ive done here and online. She likes going outside on a leash (with me present of course) and i think i want to continue doing that with her as she grows. Shes very calm,very queit.

Another question. I cannot tell her if she is a boy or a girl and she wont be going to the vet until a few weeks time (due to the fact getting an appointment around here is very difficult and money restraints until thursday. ) i love her.

sorry no pics right now but ill post some later

July 17th, 2011, 02:40 AM
Congrats :goodvibes: & tip #1 take lots of pics :D they grow so fast

Here are some very basic kitten tips

If you continue with taking her/him outside on leash be sure s/he is in a secure, but not too tight, harness not just a leash attached to a collar. Should s/he get scared it's very easy for them to back out of a collar (and in some cases out of the harness too) while they are flailing around like crockodiles.

Tips on how to tell boys from girls (

Food: canned or raw only, skip the dry food altogether. You'll want to feed between 2-4 small meals per day for now especially with being a bit underweight - you don't want to make her/him sick by gorging all at once. The cans will have a recommended feeding guideline, start at the low-middle end & work up if needed

Water: plenty of fresh water

Litter: if you can, avoid the clay based ones even the "dust-free" ones are full of dust harmful to both the kitten & you :yuck:. The pine/newspaper/wheat/corn based litters are far better.

Scratching post/box or mat a must both for healthy nails and to save your furniture/carpets.

High sitting places: especially with dogs in the house the kitten needs escape zones to sit out of reach of a playful pup ie bookshelf/window sill/cat tree. Window sills are a favorite, be sure there is no way the cat can squeeze out/get stuck in an open window or fall through a screen that is not secure.

Toxins in the house - be absolutely sure there are no lilies or other toxic plants, even brushing against a lily then licking the fur can spell disaster. Beware to stop any cord chewing before it begins.

Cat appropriate toys - either store bought or a cardboard box for jumping in, a crumpled piece of paper to chase and a shoestring to attack.

Sometimes it seems very basic & we think they'll never touch/eat that - they might they're curious creatures :cat:.

July 17th, 2011, 09:39 AM
Congratulations on your new addition, babymomma!! I've got no cat experience, but I'll second the advice about taking lots of pics! And posting them here, of course. :D

July 17th, 2011, 10:32 AM
Thank you :) im 90% sure she is staying. Or he. I keep calling the kitten her and i named her Allie. So hopefully its actually a girl.

She has lots of shelving to perch on to get away from the dogs. Her favorite spot is caseys crate which is right next to the couch, its an extra large so its high up an out of reach of doggies and she has a plush blanket she lays on.

I plan on feeding her 90% canned food, but may get some good dry stuff for her to snack on. Just because if i ever have to leave her home for a ay or so she will have food.

This cat is weird. Not cat like at all.. She lets keely crawl all over her and she doesnt try to escape the leash at all. Shes really "chill" and content with everything. She has certainly mae herself right at home. but bit my bf today and drew aloooot of blood. other then that no issues. He was feeding her a treat and she got a little toooo excited i think.

July 17th, 2011, 04:56 PM
Congratulations on Allie Kittay Babymomma. :thumbs up

I second, third and fourth the motion---need pics please! :whistle::flirt:

July 18th, 2011, 01:10 PM
Hey, I'm glad you rescued her. :thumbs up I know that if you can't keep her, you won't just dump her. And if "she" turns out to be a "he" you can always shorten Allie to Al. :D

July 18th, 2011, 01:38 PM
thanks guys . Im 99% sure its a boy. I wanna call him jasper. I think.. Any name ideas?

I kind of want to lean towards something thats a little more different. but not tooo out there.

July 18th, 2011, 03:21 PM
Congrats babymomma :highfive:

Gotta see some pics to suggest a name that goes w/the cat :D
ahhh just saw some in another thread - She's so cute! and all white....hmmmmm she looks like (a);

Vanilla or Nilla

Since she's so mellow how about;
or the mellow character from fast times at Ridgemount high - Spicoli

More out there names?

that's all I got for now, lol.

Jim Hall
July 18th, 2011, 05:00 PM
best toy is a piece of string and a paper bag

July 18th, 2011, 05:05 PM
Thanks marko, i was pretty sure the kitten was a girl, but upon further investigation, im postitive that kitty is in fact, a boy . :o:rolleyes:

Its slighty harder to sex a kitten then it is a dog :P

And jim, she discovered paper bags this morning, she got inside of one and played with it for a full hiour.