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Same Sex Agression

July 16th, 2011, 05:26 PM
I have a male Basenji-Shiba Inu mix that seems to be harboring some aggression towards our recently adopted male Lab. He's gotten along with our female Lab mix for the last two years and has gotten along wonderfully with other dogs of both sexes at the dog park during the two years we've had them. But, with the adoption of our second Lab last weekend, he's been less than welcoming. He hasn't been attacking the new lab, but he growls and bares his teeth when he gets to close. I think it's probably more of a jealousy issue, as our girl was doing the same thing the first few days. However, although our girl now gets along fine with the new lab, our boy continues to display jealousy and agression towards our new guy. Are there any suggestions or techniques I could try to quell the situation? We've tried rewarding our Basenji-Shiba mix with praise, pets, and treats for exhibiting calm behaviour around the Lab and he is now able to get pretty close and allow the Lab to lick him, BUT he ALWAYS snaps at the lab at some point with a growl or snarl. PLEASE HELP! Oh yes, and they're all spayed/neutered! :confused:

July 26th, 2011, 02:43 PM
Dogs don't feel jealousy, they can dislike but it's for a underlining reason.

It sounds like he doesn't trust the dog and is feeling extremely stressed by the presence of the other dog. Hense why he's acting out with snarling ect

1. DON"T correct the growl or snarl, try a positive way to interrupt it , "hey hey (dog's name) stop it" If he stops, "good boy!"

2. Try not to give alot of attention to the new dog infront of the male, he could be upset that this new dog is taking his things (you and family), don't give physical affection to the male either.

3. Try taking the dogs for walks together, someone holding the new dog while you hold the other 2.

4. Try doing some bonding all together, bring the stress level down. Make sure that when the new dog is around, great things come out, treats, bones, dinner, toys ect (not too close to one another)

A warning, that some dogs don't get along no matter what you do, they can live together but not without stress.