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my spiritual guidance through animals

September 29th, 2004, 12:13 AM
have to share this fabbbboo experience with ya all,

ok, this morning i recieved some bad news about my health, (nothing to worry about guys), but it will take some time to fix and it really annoys me, i am healthy and rarely sick so it sort of felt like my body was betraying me and it is a hassle, you know what i mean. so in my own self involved state of misery i decided to go and whinge to a friend about it, they live out in the bush.

so misery guts here whinged and whinged oh woe is me, poor me, blah blah boring old blah.

i am driving home grinding my teeth thinking 'why does this have to happen when everything is going so well, oh woe is me'.

as i was thinking this 4 black sulfur crested kokatoos(system wont let me spell it properly) appeared in front of the car and they flew with me for a few meters. i do not live in an area where black kokatoos are often seen, so this is a rare sighting for someone who spends all her life and time in the bush. i knew straight away who it was (i always know them when i see them), it was the spirits of my land, special spirits i have known and guide me.

i was so shocked i had to stop the car, the minute i saw them i instantly squeeled with delight and happiness, the spirits were saying something to me, it will be 'ok'. they are watching me, and the safe feeling i get from that knowledge, well nothing can beat me, sortof hurrah 'i will smite my enemies' :D

but that is not all that happened

ok so i get over the shock of it all and have stopped screaming with delight :rolleyes: and i continue to drive, i come around a corner and i see him, in the road, so scared he could not move and cars driving over him

it was a terrified blue tounge lizard, as always i stopped and got out went over. he was not hurt thank goodness, just scared. so i grabbed him, there was no rock around for him so i started walking and found a house with a garden, i asked the lady if i could put him in her garden and she was so delighted, she had just moved from scottland and had not seen many natives yet and was so happy to meet a new bush friend. so i put him near a rock and he scurried of turning before he disappeared to give me a thankful hiss :p .

well, well, well. i suddenly realised that i was not the center of everything, here was a beautiful creature who because of human intervention has lost alot of habitat. he can not do anything for himself, he has no voice, he is jsut happy and natural, adapts to his trials and he aint whingin about it either.

and then it all hit me, the whole message of the experience, 'it is just one more bump in the road chick, and just get over it'

good one mel, what a revelation duh. but it really made sense and now i feel better about it all.

just had to share that trippy little tale with you lovelies, hope it made you smile :D :D :D

September 29th, 2004, 06:57 AM
Awesome post. Interconnectedness - the earth keeps knocking on the door of our mind with this beautiful message, and we don't hear it. At great cost.
Farley Mowat, the great Canadian writer/naturalist, wrote that when the last human disappears from the earth, a shout of joy will rise up from the remaining species, finally liberated from our ignorance.
Isn't this what our animals whisper to us?

September 29th, 2004, 07:49 AM
Firstly Mel,I am hoping whatever ails you will go away :( and I agree with you,we are only a very small part of the day we will pay the price for destroying the habitats of creatures we are supposed to share the world with.
As for signs,it happens every day,the sight of beautiful hawk soaring up above,a beautiful butterfly,people need to open their eyes and really see that life does not only include them,but every living creature on earth and we have to take care.
I am kind of a romantic fool and see something beautiful and important in everything,but I have serious doubts about the human species :mad:
You are a wonderful person and we need many more like you :)

September 29th, 2004, 11:07 AM
WOnderful post and thanks so much for sharing..Today I got a book called Yellow dog..about this photographers golden retrievers,and how she saw the world through their eyes.It made me cry,it was so inspirational.We forget sometimes to slow down long enough to see what we were put on this earth for,and animals can help us learn that purpose.

Thanks again!

September 30th, 2004, 11:57 AM
Sometimes, we all need to stop and take notice of the beauty of the world all around us. And sometimes we need a little nudge to do so. Thanks for sharing Mel!

September 30th, 2004, 12:48 PM
WOW!!! That was an amazing experience! You are one lucky chick!! :D