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Cat limping on back legs after first dental cleaning

July 9th, 2011, 09:09 PM
My 4 yr old cat had his first dental cleaning on 7-7-11, brought him home and he seemed a little weak in back legs. As night went on he was very sluggish on rear end. He would take five steps, sit on side and rest, take five steps, rest. He could not jump up on chair, no power in rear legs... he atea little bit and spirits seemed ok. He used to run up and down stpes, but not now. Seems out of it. I called vet next day, they said it shouldnt be pain meds or anthesia. I brought him in, the vet lossened up his muslces and did a chiropractic adjustment and a shot of rimadyl on him. He is still limping. She said to wait another day. I am thinking of taking him to another vet. I just dont trsut this. His prebloodwork came back fine, and he was 100% great before this procedure...