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Urinating and poo everywhere silky terrier male, help.

July 3rd, 2011, 07:17 AM
Anyone can help me why my 11 months old silky terrier that i jut got it 2 days ago act like that.

I heard he will give some signal before pee or poo but he not giving out signal. He wont pee or poo in the cage, only when release out to move freely in home he will pee and poo. When we are not looking at him for just 2 second he already does his works. :crazy:

July 3rd, 2011, 08:50 AM
Dogs do give signals but it will take you a while to learn what they are, every dog is a little different :)

In the mean time, start taking him out for a potty trip every hour or so. The idea is never to give him the chance to go inside. When he goes outside, reward him with lots of praise and food. Always take him out after meals, naps, heavy play, and as soon as he comes out of his crate.

When he is inside, he should never be out of your sight. This may mean keeping him on leash or keeping him restricted to a couple of rooms in the house until you can trust him.

When he has an accident, don't punish him. Just say "oops," try to interrupt him mid-go and take him outside to finish. If he does, lots of praise and food. If you punish him for going inside, all he will learn is that it is unsafe to go inside in front of you. Then he may start hiding where he goes.