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Dog changes from passive to aggressive

July 2nd, 2011, 10:30 AM
We have an 18 month old Rodesion ridgeback and Bull mastive cross, we got him second hand from people who had him cooped up in an apartment. There are many issues we have tried to correct over the past months to some success. My brother moved in with his two poodles and the ridgeback is a dam bully to them both as well towards humans. The dog will be doing fine and then its like someone flipped a switch and the dog starts circling, barking, biting and sometimes she will run across the yard and jump and slam right into one of us. She is pretty good for the most part with the 2 smaller dogs but likes to snap at them when they walk by. That behavior I have tried to stop but she still continues. The other problem is the bones and toys, anyone or dog touches them and she bites and snaps until she get it back, even if she has her own bone she has to have them all. Any suggestion would be a great help, Thanks

July 2nd, 2011, 12:12 PM
First suggestion, put away all the bones and toys! There should never be any out if you have a dog like that, if you want the other dogs to enjoy them, do it in a separate place that she can't get to.

Secondly, sounds like she has a number of different issues going on and your description lacks many details, you probably don't even see or recognize some of the signs she gives off before a behaviour starts. This is where an experienced trainer working with you in person is essential, not internet advice. Unless you can get some video posted of what she does, people would only be guessing to what the problem might be and you would potentially be making matters worse with inappropriate advice.