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Rescued Mastiffs from BC

September 28th, 2004, 05:01 PM
Some of you have been helping me search for a mastiff and I just wanted to share this letter with you. It is from Lynda Martin who is the Rescue Coordinator for the Canadian Mastiff Club. She was involved in the recent rescue of 29 mastiffs out in British Columbia. About half of the mastiffs were taken by Pacific Northwest Rescue in the US and the others are being cared for by the Canadian organization.

If you are interested in finding out about these dogs, you can go here and click on the most recent newsletter down at the bottom.

Winnie was one of the rescued mastiffs and in the letter I have attached, you can read what her situation is:

Hi everyone,

For all of you who have asked for an update on this lovely girl, here goes:

Winnie displayed symptoms of general malaise Friday morning. I recognised the signs of possible uterine infection and took her to my vet. When we arrived, Winnie insisted on visiting everyone in the waiting room, begging for pets, tail whipping around. Noone would have suspected she was terribly ill.

My vets agreed that she had pyometria (an infection of the uterus) and
we began to prepare her for an emergency hysterectomy. A blood panel was taken, because she is an older girl and also to customize her anasthesia.

When she was opened, her uterus had already ruptured, her body cavity was filled with pus and signs of peritonitis had already set in. Her uterine walls were so thin due to breeding that the organ was disintegrating while the surgical team was trying to remove it.

The senior partner told me that her prognosis was not good. This was,
he said, the worst case of pyometria he'd ever seen. I decided, seeing
as the surgery was already done, to let her take her chances overnight.
If she survived the night, she had a chance, and my vets agreed. She
was put on intensive antibiotics through an IV. One of the vets came
back during the night to administer more meds. He was touched that even
flat out as she was, her tail was thumping as he entered.

I called in first thing Saturday morning, prepared to hear that she had
died during the night. Instead, she was sitting up and alert in her
kennel, her fever was gone and she was thirsty and ate a little. I
brought her home at noon to continue her nursing care at home, rather
than run up more expenses. She came off IV late that night. I am
continuing injectable antibiotics.

She is doing remarkably well! She is eating a little, drinking well,
able to go outside and tend to her needs. Her surgical site is clean
and healing and her temperature has been normal and stable. She is
known as "one tough cookie" at the clinic and has earned a reputation
for being a very nice, sweet dog.

I have attached a photo of Winnie so that you can all see who she is.

Here's the thing. Even with all the price breaks the clinic gave us,
and they worked hard to save her, her vet bill is $875.00. The clinic
has been great about giving us time to pay the bill and it is far lower
than it would have been in normal circumstances. BUT as we have had to
spay and nueter a large number of dogs and had emergency dental work
done for another, the coffers are bare. Our wonderful volunteers are doing a
lot for these dogs out of their own pockets.

Can you find it in your heart to help us? Every $10 donation helps.

Lynda's email address is

Having had a dog go through the same operation, I can really sympathize with Lynda's predicament. I will be sending her some money (not a lot -- just $20 now and maybe another $20 next pay) and I thought some of you might want to make a contribution, no matter how small.


September 29th, 2004, 09:25 AM
I found this web site but couldnt download it i also rang the mastiff rescue and emailed them waiting a response. I spoke to a lady from yarraville mastiffs (breeder) but she had a rescue mastiff as she takes them in occasionally normally works on one at atime any way she wanted 800 dollars for him i thought this seemed a bit dear for a rescue dog!
My husband is a liitle concerned about getting a adault mastiff from a rescue as we have 3 small children.

September 29th, 2004, 09:34 AM
I am going to send 15 dollars until my husband gets paid next