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Training for a second dog

June 24th, 2011, 09:44 AM
We have a 2 year old male Jack Russell (Jackson) we adore. Our family is considering a second dog (preferably a female x between Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu or Bichon) to accompany Jackson. It was relatively easy training Jackson but my concern is the new pup. During the day (while we're out) Jackson is in the house and has freedom to roam the main level. I would crate train the pup for about the first 3 months (in a separate room) as I did Jackson but with his energy filled characteristic I'm sure he would be actively intrigued to play with the pup thus making her uncomfortable. A note, during the day (around noon) someone will let the pup out from the crate to relieve herself. I know this is not an uncommon situation and seek advice from those that understand the two breeds. It was easy not to complicate the first dog in training as Jackson didn't have any distractions, therefor what is the best approach for the second dog?

June 24th, 2011, 01:30 PM
One thing I will warn you and many people. If your dog #1 isn't well trained or you're still working on issues (maybe like barking, or obedience) wait to get that second dog.

I'm not saying your dog isn't well behaved. lol. Just make sure you have no problems with your first dog as this will make training your second dog MUCH harder.

If your first dog is very well trained, then you won't have such a hard time training dog #2, they look to the other dog (if it's a pup) and will copy them and learn from them as well as you. Train the pup just as you would if you only had teh pup, there's nothing special, a good thing to do is train each dog to wait their turn to train with you. So you have one sitting on the outlines while you ask the other dog for a sit and down, then trade. You do this by using their names ALOT and rewarding both.

I find alot of people make the mistake of buying another dog before training is complete with dog #1 (which usually takes minimum 3 years, from pup to adult) and they have a chaotic house trying to train 2 dogs at teh same time with different problems. It's a big headache.

Also when getting your second dog, try for the opposite sex, you'll have an easier time with them getting along. I'm not saying that all same sex dogs hate one another but it's a higher chance that they will fight more often.