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Need Advice Re My Beagle

June 19th, 2011, 08:27 PM
I have a wonderful beagle I obtained from local city rescue about two years ago. This approximately three-year old female couldn't be more adorable--very active, always hungry. She has had a couple of digestion bouts which have been resolved with short-term medication.

Though housebroken, approximately two months ago, she has begun to intermittenly pee indoors on the carpet, obviously, when I am not looking. She seems otherwise perfectly fine; these events havent followed a long period of being indoors (regular schedule). I have come upon the accident unexpectedly for now the third time.

Has anyone had a similar experience? And, yes, there was a different experience here. About a month ago, I kept a rescued cat in a (formerly pool room storage) until I found her a home. But there appeared to be no problem; they intereacted in the fenced-in yard together. And, I am not perfectly sure if the peeing preceded the rescued cat.

Any responses will be quite appreciated. I confess I have dropped into this website a few times since acquiring my beagle. I greatly respect the good people who share here.

June 19th, 2011, 08:31 PM
She could have a UTI, sometimes they don't show to many signs except for the more then usual urinating.

My female had a few and each time it was a little different

June 20th, 2011, 08:26 AM
I do agree that you should check is she has a bladder infection. Frequent urination is a sign and often the only sign. I used to have a Rottie named "Chinook" who had a UTI for months before we noticed. She had no signs at all. We only took her to the vet once we saw blood in her urine in the winter time on the snow. The vet said that she must have had it for months. No fever, no other symptoms. But she did mention that normally dogs urinate more often than normal, might have accidents, can have a fever but don't have to, and might even show signs of discomfort when peeing.