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June 18th, 2011, 02:58 PM
Does your pet have a routine? Sparky only seems to have one at the cottage and not home.

Cottage ;
He sleeps in my bed at night, so around 7:30 he'll stand at the edge of my bed and wait 'till someone takes him off or the rare occasion he'll jump off. He runs to the patio and sits impatiently, sometimes tapping his paw on the glass. We'll let him out let him out, he'll do his business and run back in. He'll sit at the foot of my bed and wait 'till someone puts him back on. Occasionally 'talking' (low non-mean growls) 'till someone notices him. He'll lay back down until I get up. Even if he doesn't sleep he'll lay there and wait. Sometimes getting up and pawing at my face (Someone teach him he's not a cat :laughing:)

During the late morning/ afternoon he's outside on the deck. He can go on the grass, but he's so little the bugs get to him and the grass tickles him, so he just stays on the deck. He has his food / water outside with him, but he hardly eats during the day.

Around dinner time he'll knock on the glass again this time to go inside. Even if he's alone, he'll sit at the window and just watch us. People assume he's punished but that's just what he likes :shrug:

Dinner time he gets his wet food, and sometimes a little bit of whatever we're eating that is dog-safe. This helps a lot because he's not begging at all, because he's already occupied.

After dinner we sit outside and he naps, and we'll usually go for a walk around the grounds once he's up. If the bugs aren't too bad i'll take him down to the dog beach (no pets allowed on the usual beach hmph) and he'll have a ball. He doesn't play with the water but he'll swim around in circles. I'll get him out and pick him up right away (Sand + Short = dirty pup!) and bring him back up.

Then he'll ask for the bed around 9:30 even if i'm not there, so he goes in bed and thats how it is :D

At night he pees on a pee pad inside, as on more then one occasion we've had little 'friends' on our deck/grass without even noticing until we were out there. 2 weeks ago a raccoon came out from under the table and Sparky thought he'd be an instigator. :yell: We got him inside quick though, those raccoons and my little 2 bite-brownie.. :eek:

June 18th, 2011, 05:01 PM
We just have a little routine. Morning, I get up. Bayley rarely wakes me up unless she really needs to go. First thing I get to go or there's no way I'd make it to let her out. So she waits, all the cats have to come in the bathroom to say good morning. So let Bayley out, make my coffee and depending on the weather she stays out till I'm done my coffee. Then she comes in and it's cookie time, so we play the get me something game in exchange for cookies. Day routine nothing really, if it's crappy weather which for some reason it has been the last few days, Bayley will go crash on my bed for a couple of hours. She's such a hard done by dog!

Evening, dinner time, usually the cats are the ones who decide when it's supper and they all gather in the kitchen, hard to ignore 4 of them!! So Bayley goes out for a pee while I put dinner together for everybody. Noella taste tests everything including the dog's food. Then I get Bayley in for supper and that's about it. Then she has one more potty break before bedtime, and that depends on when she wants, there's no set time for that.

June 18th, 2011, 11:56 PM
Weekly routine for us; Both Gryphon & Mollie sit outside the bathroom door while I'm showering. After I open the door, Mollie likes to come in and snuggle her head in my lap while Gryphon barks at my blow dryer! :frustrated:

Nightly rituals include last pee break followed by a race to the treat cupboard. :crazy:

Routines are so cute and memorable! :lovestruck:

Dog Dancer
June 22nd, 2011, 03:37 PM
Yeah routines are funny. Halo has two, after she eats she always goes to her blanket and butt up in the air she has to rub her face all over the blanket. It's like she's washing up. It's so funny to watch her do it. Her other routine is bedtime. Always between 9:30 and 10:00 she heads to the bedroom and her bed. If I'm not there in half an hour she'll come and stand in the hallway and mumble at me that she doesn't want to be alone. If I tell her that "I'll be there soon, go back to bed" she'll go, but she'll come back again after about 15 minutes to check on my agenda. She's such a riot.