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September 27th, 2004, 08:42 PM
I went to the vet twice in the past 3 months and the first time she said that my cat had probably asthma... and she gave her a cortisone shot... no change in my cat. The second time she gave her a bigger dose of cortisone and little white pills twice a day for 7 days... still no change.

My cat Chrissy, is only 4 years old and when she breaths it makes a lot of noise but at different times they are no noise.

I went to see my Dr. today and he told me that asthma doesn't exist in cats!!!!! I am very confused... I adore my cat, she is like my baby and I cannot afford more money on her right now. Is there anything I can do? Is she going to die?


September 28th, 2004, 07:22 AM
see this ( site. Asthma in cats has the same causes as asthma in adults. Something is "triggering" her asthma, and you need to find that and eliminate it (which I assume would be much harder in a cat than a human). I have sever asthma and I had to get covers on all my beds, pillows, and I have no carpets or curtains. I am not allowed to do any cleaning (no dusting vacuuming, nothing) and others have to do it while I am away from the house. I have to take 2 meds twice a day to keep the inflamation in my lungs down.

I would see if you can find a naturopathic vet who could do allergy testing on your cat to see what's bothering her.