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Swollen Belly (ascites or FIP ?)

June 13th, 2011, 06:52 PM
My cat has gradually been getting sicker for the last 2 years. The vet did all sorts of blood tests but they could not determine what the problem was. He ended up with jaundice after stopping eating but when I switched foods, the jaundice drastically improved. We did an x-ray which showed fluid in the belly. We drained some to make the cat more comfortable. I did not want to get it analyzed because I was told it was either a liver problem or FIP and there was nothing we could do either way.

The cat didn't get the fluid buildup until after it had jaundice. Is this the normal progression of FIP and/or liver disease? I've been told the cat will have to be put down when it starts suffering. Is there any chance this whole problem could have been diet-related?