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my little chihuahua

June 11th, 2011, 04:20 PM
so i have a 2 year old chihuahua and i just wanna ask if anyone else has any good tips on a few training things i seem to have problems with.

1.I cant get her to let anyone know when she needs to go outside.
we let her out ever half hr to an hr and we watch her go. she will go outside and then its like at times she will just go anyways in the house even after she has gone outside. In some ways i think she dose it for attention. why i say this is because i have 2 kids at home right now and i am a stay home mom and i try to get everyone in for there lovings then again i dont know if she dose it for attention. I have to always keep my bedroom and the kids room shut cause if i dont thats is where she will go. she will never go when you are watching her so that she dont get cough.

2. I cant seem to find a good way to get her to stop bagging so much. Tischa is NEVER aloud to have any kinda ppl food. I dont believe in feeding my dogs any kinda table scraps.
I am trying to keep my dogs out of the kitchen no matter what. Why cause me and the family will go sit down to eat and we cant even get away from the table from after eating and she will rase in there to find food. She knows she is not aloud but still dose it anyways.
im just having a hard time finding a good way to train her out of it.
She is bad at anything like when the kids are eating a snack Tischa will take food out my my kids hands if you are not watching her close and has done it were i catch her.

If anyone has some really good tips please please let me know.