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8 month old still peeing

May 19th, 2011, 05:38 AM
I got my puppy Rudy when he was three months old he was rescued and was never house trained when I brought him home I worked really hard to make him stop. But whenever my boyfriend is around he will pee in the house, even if I am home, I woke up this morning to him peeing and found three spots on the house and one on my bed where he had used the bathroom, and I tried to take him outside at 2am like I always do when I get home from work and he didn't want to go.
This is the first time in two months he has done this, and it is never with only me.
I have never punished him, when he would pee in the house I would send him straight outside and I would also take him out every 45 minutes when I first got him, my boyfriend on the other hand will punish him, could this make a difference to the way he is reacting?

May 19th, 2011, 12:42 PM
I can think of 3 possibilities, submissive peeing, territory marking, and disruption to his schedule. I am going with the third one for now, tell me how it fits:

Dogs like consistency and routine, and your boyfriend's come-and-go presence disrupts this. When your boyfriend is there, puppy's schedule is altered, there is a new and exciting distraction in the home, and your attention is divided. The excitement means he has to pee more often, the distraction means it is harder for him to remember to pee when he outside, schedule changes means he may be eating, drinking, peeing, playing at different times. I am not sure how he would normally ask to go out at night if he had to, but finds your boyfriends' presence makes that difficult or impossible. If your boyfriend is taking his normal spot in the bed beside you, then he is also not getting as good a night's sleep, and when awake, little boys have to pee often, sometimes seems like every 5 minutes!

If this fits for you, you may need to keep your dog in a kennel at night until he is a bit older. If you allow it to continue, it will become a more and more established habit. Keep the kennel close to your bed, so he can whine to ask to be let out if he needs outside.

If this boyfriend is a long-term relationship, encourage him to bond with your dog, take him for walks, give him treats for tricks, and so on. Although men sometimes tend to have a more commanding and sometimes intimidating presence, it does not have to mean your dog is unable to accept and enjoy his company.

May 19th, 2011, 05:36 PM
This does fit, my boyfriend is long term. However on nights I am working Rudy goes to the farm with him and then on nights I don't he stays with me. Could this be the cause, I feel bad. But it is either he stays in his kennel when I work or he goes to the farm and goes to play with my boyfriends dog at his house.

However I did put my foot down today about the way Rudy is trained him and I have two very different styles. Which he thinks his is right but clearly it isn't especially he is the one who is always around when he is peeing, it does not even have to be this house it can be at my boyfriends house and I'm not even present. My boyfriend agreed to try things my way which seem to work a lot more effectively I am hoping this my help too.