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Tucker hits middle age needs Glucosamine and Omega 3

doggy lover
May 3rd, 2011, 04:08 PM
I know this has been talked to death but I just came back from vet with Tucker and he has hit middle age, he will be 7 on May 15:party:..Well for a while now he has been coming up lame a bit on his front leg especially when very active (mostly when he is at the cottage cause he tends to over do it there). Well the vet said try Glucosamine 1500ml split between his two meals and Omega 3 fatty acid. But silly me forgot to ask how much of the Omega 3 he should get a day? Anyone out there have a 64lb dog taking this and how much do you give them?

May 3rd, 2011, 06:21 PM
I give Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM 500/400/400 twice a day. I also give an Omega 3-6-9, from flax, borage and fish oils, in gel caps, 3 a day, which is the adult human dose. This with the consensus of my Vet. I buy whatever Glu/Chon/MSM is on sale and we use the same one. My dog is a Lab, 72 lbs.

I should note that I give the omegas to combat itchiness and dry coat not for lameness. And, it's not working very well right now, after working just fine all winter. We are thinking seasonal allergy right now.

Your dog's gimpiness is similar to my first Lab girl. She came up lame after a rousing game of chase amongst the trees with a year old Aussie we met. My girl was 8. We X-rayed and arthritis in her shoulder was diagnosed. At that time we intstituted the Glu/Chon/Msm regimen along with Metacam. Later we switched from Metacam to Cartrophen Vet. Both worked but, I was able to dispense with all but the Glu/Chon/MSM simply by regulating her energy output. She was at the point of baby boomers in an article I read where she just could no longer be a weekend warrior.

At this point I tried something else, I INCREASED her midweek exercise. So now she had two good long outings hiking or cross country skiing or biking on the weekend and ALSO mid week. It worked. I took her off the cartrophen and did not need pain control or joint management till 4 years later when her back went at age 12.5. Since your dog is only showing symptom after overdoing it at the cottage this might work for you. Your dog will never learn to regulate exercise himself. He doesn't know that what he overdid on Sunday is why he limps on Monday. Heck, I know humans who can't figure that out. If you regulate for your dog you may be able to postpone the onset of more severe ailments in his joints.

P.S. As I said I'm not giving the omega for joint support but, my understanding is that the ratio of omega 3 to 6 to 9 is just as important as giving it at all and that the outcome is better with all 3. Ask your Vet because there is no good hard science on this.

Some will also tell you that you must supplement with Vit E if you supplement with fish oils and/or omegas. There is no hard science on this either and too much Vit. E is dangerous and can lead to internal bleeding if badly overdosed (yet therapeutic doses for some health conditions is much higher than for coat/skin maintenance) Between my Vet and I we decided 200 IU twice a week is what we would give. We can't find any indication this would be a dangerous level and we are not sure it is necessary but it's low enough to not be harmful and possibly beneficial. As you investigate this topic you're going to find some really opposing views, good luck on making a decision. I really strongly suggest you call your Vet back and ask for more information.

May 4th, 2011, 08:44 AM
Just an FYI I had Bud on Glucosamine and Omegas and found the best deal is Costco when you buy the largest size. Plus they have them on sale frequently so I used to stock up

May 4th, 2011, 09:09 AM
We have Nookie on Recovery SA. It's fairly inexpensive compared to glucosamine from Costco (at least when I compared a few months back, and it wasn't on sale. I may have to watch for a sale and check again). Nookie weighs 110 lbs so he gets 2.5 tsp a day. I would say a 350 gram jar lasts about 6-7 weeks and costs $41.00. If we buy the 2.2 kg jar it's $80 and would last about 4 months. We buy his Omega from the vet, which I'm sure is a bit more expensive. It's a Salmon oil capsule and he gets 1 a day. It's $21.00 and lasts 2 months. I would have to say I'm a true believer in the Recovery SA though. Nookie went from being a bit deformed, walking on his ankles and limping to running, jumping and playing with no trouble at all anymore :D

May 5th, 2011, 12:44 AM
Like LongBlades, I give Omega 3's for coat and skin (3x1000mg gelcaps a day for each, they are 66 and 92lbs). My boy is turning 9 and has been on glucosamine/chondroitin since his knee injury in January 2010. I tried Recovery but he had an allergic reaction to something in it. Right now I have Exact brand pills...I think it was $24 for 240 caplets (500mg/400mg) and he takes 3-4 a day. I also give Vitamin E 400IU once a day for each dog (human dose).