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May 1st, 2011, 11:26 AM
Hello! My name is Andrea and I'm a Portuguese girl. I own a weimaraner and an english setter (3yo and 1,5yo resp). I also own two cats.
Well, I'm trying to move to Canada, almost sure about Montreal and I have a few questions that I want answers and I was hoping you can help me.
The first one is what I need so the pets (dogs and cats) are acepted in your country (shots and other stuff).
The second is concerned about the laws in Canada. Is a dog or a cat allowed on a condo? How many at the most? (as I said I have 2 dogs +2 cats). Can they use the the elevator (if accepted in a condo)?
In a house (with a small garden outside), is it possible to have my 4 pets? Inside and out?
I forgot to tell you that I'm considering renting a place not buying one.
When we're outside (streets), do I have to use a leash and a muzzle or the leash is just enough?
Does in Montreal exists dog parks where I can let him run out of leash? Or any garden the dog is allowed to run out of leash?
Is there any inside public places in Montreal where we can take him with leash like a shopping center or a pub?
Thanks for all your help!
Best regards,
Andrea Oliveira

May 1st, 2011, 12:57 PM
Hi... I don't live near Montreal, but where I live and where my daughters live: "legally" no one can stop you renting an apartment with a dog. However, many rental agreeme/applications ask if you have a dog/cat; and some landlords/agents tell you up front that they do not allow dogs. I was told to say I didn't have a dog, move in, and then move the dog in. They cannot give you notice to vacate then, unless the dog causes a disturbance, etc. However, I would not want to do this. Owners of a private home with an apartment can say no pets due to allergies etc.
However, Condominiums are run by a Board. And that Board CAN ban pets. They do not have to follow this part of the Landlord and Tenant act.
One of my daughters lives in a condominium and cannot own a pet, but I can visit with my dog. The other lives in a rented apartment (in Toronto) and can own a dog.
As far as having a lot of pets in an apartment, I would think it might be a bit crowded... depending on size of apartment and pets. Renting a house would be better.
Hope this helps somewhat.

May 1st, 2011, 01:05 PM
Renting a house would be better.
Hope this helps somewhat.

thanks for your help.
I'd love to rent a house but I don't know if I can affort it at first...
We're looking for a job already so we can move as soon as possible.
Can you please tell me if I can buy Orijen dog food on local pet shops or is it just on online petshop?

Loki Love
May 1st, 2011, 01:38 PM
Montreal is a wonderful city! Whether or not the condo/apartment/etc will allow cats and/or dogs will be up to whomever is renting to you. As someone else mentioned, renting a house would be more ideal if you can manage it (and they welcome your crew of pets).

Muzzles are not mandatory here - leashes are (unless you're in an off leash area) There are several dog parks here within Montreal that you can let your dog off leash. My favourite spot is Angell Woods - nice big woods you can walk around in with your dogs off leash.

I only know of one shopping centre that allows dogs (and we've gotten many strange looks with our Dane as we sauntered through it). Again, it's the west part of the island so depending on where you were looking to live, it may not be as convenient.

And yes - you can find Orijen in many of the stores here locally :)

Good luck with everything! :)

May 1st, 2011, 01:59 PM
Oh yes, I forgot, perhaps Montreal, being in Quebec, has different rules.
In Ontario, the Landlord and Tenant Act states that a landlord cannot exclude pets (only a Condominium can do that).
I suppose you could look this up under Landlord/Tenants Quebec-Montreal.

Ontario Tenants
Most Asked Questions And Answers

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This is a guide based upon the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, (RTA,) Statutes of Ontario, which is the landlord tenant law presently governing these matters and the regulations of the Landlord and Tenant Board, LTB, (formerly known as the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal).

Q6: The landlord says I must either move out or get rid of my pet; Do I?

A6: Only if the pet is dangerous, causes allergic reactions or causes problems for other tenants or the landlord, must you get rid of your pet or consider moving elsewhere as per Landlord application to terminate tenancy based on animals.

Even if you signed a lease with a "no pets" clause, if the pet is not a problem for anybody they can not enforce it; such no pets clauses are invalid under the law.

You do not have to move or get rid of the pet unless the Board issues a written order to do so.