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Please help my dogs heat mold rotten sauce he don't walk anymore

April 30th, 2011, 04:02 PM
Hi All

I have a big problem our little york mix with maltese of 6 pound have eat 5 month old full of mold Tzatziki Sauce. 5 The sauce have rotten in our fridge unseen and found a couple of day ago. the yogurt sauce was fill with mold and smelling really horible I don't want to garbage it inside so i leave it on the barbecue table outside but the yesterday storm through the pot on balcony. Dog go out to Pee 11 PM before we go to sleep but eat the sauce. When he enter inside the dog start to shake and after 5 minute the dogs was not even able to walk have hard time breathing and shaking very strong.

I bring it right away to emergency in Blainville 30 minute away from home on the way the dog have convulsion and have hard time to breath I was sure we will not make it. Arriving there they take the dog and start try to stabilize it at that time I was not aware the dog eat the sauce. They give him valium to stop the shaking and give him oxygen.

After the vet came and ask me to fill the file but we go out of the house so fast I leave my wallet and my wife left her purse so we don't have a time. then the vet told me sorry but you need to go get money the dog will stay there but we don't investigate more before you get back (1 hour drive) I see right away there good
humanity$$$$$ Anyway no choice I drive up home and on my way I remember the sauce outside so when I arrive home look and see the dog have heat the sauce.

while I was out the dog start to do bigger convulsion and temp rise so they put it on ice and give more valium.

when I arrive there I told the vet my concern about the poison but she was not sure sauce was the cause so she start telling all what she what to do and explain me it will cost over 1000$ to start and they are not even sure the dogs will make it cause she said she was almost dying.

So I ask here I want to see the dog and will discuss with my wife and will take my decision 1000$ is a lot and at that time I loose the trust a bit on them….I go at the dog he was shaking terribly I try to talk to her and decide to take on me and give her all the love I have I could feel some respond and shaking was getting lower she also start to lick me and want to kiss. I then see she really want water. I ask the vet to get me water and my little doggy drink none stop almost a full cup. I then continue to paddle here and comfort her. after about 20 minute she vomit all the sauce and here meal on me it was smelling horrible but I was happy!

then I talk to the vet and tell her the dog seen to do better and I want them to treat for poison as at that time I was sure sauce was the problem. she tell me it will cost around 400$ and she recommend give the dogs many type of injection she give 2x Diazepam, 1x phenobarbital sodium,methocarbamol,famotidine,……she told me she prefer to keep her but I don't have 1000$ so I ask since the dogs was stable shaking very little if she could give me prescription and I will go home try to do the best I can. She then give me Metocarbamol liquid to give here every height hour + Pepcid AC every 24 hour.

total of the bill 456.79$ the dog have been there for 3 hour outch!

Anyway I don't have choice I go home and this morning the dog seem better he still shake but vary little he is very responsive now to talk and he look at us but he is still not able to walk.

I call the vet again this morning to ask if I could give carbon and also to tell then the dog don't walk but she say the veterinarian don't talk over the phone and I should go there leave the dogs$$$$$!

Im asking for help or any tips as I don't have anymore money do go to the Vet and we love our dogs.

April 30th, 2011, 04:08 PM
here is photo of here before

April 30th, 2011, 04:12 PM
Stephane,wow,you went through quiet an ordeal,as did your little dog:(
Vet-care is expensive as most of us here know,but I would do just about anything to save an animal I love.
I have no advice for you,but hopefully someone else can help:pray:and I hope the little guy will be ok:pray:

Once,a dog that I look after ate 2 lb's of Valentine chocolats and the first thing the vet did,was pump her stomache,so everything came up,don't know if this would help your dog. Good Luck!

April 30th, 2011, 04:40 PM
Seem better now
After i write this letter we wake up choupette. I give her is medication and some water also I put a little of honey on is tongue. My wife then bring here outside and for the first time she walk a bit and she also pee. She now sleep back and she did not vomit the water I give or the med.

April 30th, 2011, 04:46 PM
Stephane,it sounds like she's getting better:thumbs up
She is an adorable little Yorkie:lovestruck:

April 30th, 2011, 06:39 PM
It does sound like she's getting better, stephane. The best thing she did was throw up the sauce!!

It's good that she's drinking water and keeping it down. Maybe by tomorrow she'll be willing to eat a bit and be able to keep that down, as well. At this point, I think activated charcoal would be useless--I believe that's best used right at the start.

Will you be able to get her in at your regular vet on Monday? She should be seen as soon as you can get an appt. They might want to do some blood work to see if there's been any organ damage from the mold in the sauce--cost for the tests will depend on what they want to test for. In the meanwhile, make sure she gets plenty of water so she doesn't dehydrate.

:fingerscr :goodvibes: :pray: that she continues to improve. If she gets worse again tomorrow you may have to reconsider a visit to the emergency vet.

She sure is a cutie! Hope she's okay! :goodvibes:

April 30th, 2011, 10:42 PM
Your girl is beautiful :lovestruck:, Stéphane. I also think you should bring her in for blood tests. Please continue to let us know how she's doing. :fingerscr she gets better as soon as possible.

May 2nd, 2011, 12:40 AM
Hi Stephane, how is Choupette doing? She is very cute! I hope she is better!

When you were asking about the carbon (were you meaning activated charcoal?), I'm pretty sure that it is only effective if given within a certain number of hours.

My dog also survived poisoning-twice. And we have no idea what he ate to get poisoned. He also was vomiting, convulsing, lost control of his bladder, and was unable to walk. Did they give Choupette fluids (intravenous or subcutaneous)? Has she been drinking well since she's been home? That is great that she is walking a bit now! I hope she continues to recover well. I totally understand how you must be feeling, because when it happened with my dog I was utterly terrified and SO SO worried. Hugs!

May 2nd, 2011, 07:52 PM
thank you all for the support and good word.

update yesterday morning when we wake up she was running everywere as if notting ever happen. I start back to feed here yesterday first in the morning
we boil chicken leg in water and I give here only the soup.

later in the afternoon I give her raw grind beef

today she is perfect and I will start back is raw diet

Im very happy she fight for her life and got very strong

as per vet visit im very conservative on vet to be honest I dont trust them they are formed by the pet industries and I dont like there approach and go only if I cannot do without. Choupette is 10 years old now and she have seen the vet only 3 time.

-first for sterilization
-second visit because she began to have very loose toot, she was sleeping all day the vet want 600$ to remove all the toot. after a lot of research I decide agains all vet recommendation to start garf raw system and not remove the toot. now 3 years have past and choupette have rock solid toot, she play more and a way better in general.

My last visit to them and there refuse to treat choupette because I forget my money even after I told I will go right now get money it was middle of the night and I forget it under the stress emergency. This emergency have leave me with even stronger feeling about most vet are there for money notting else and all this industries is well under the control of the rich pets industries who care only about the $$$$

Pets industries is in bad health not finically but morally even worst here in Quebec I respect the opinion of everyone but this is mine. Im sorry if I disappoint some but those are my belief with my own experience.

Thanks you all again for you help and the love you give to our special animal

May 2nd, 2011, 07:57 PM
here are some more older pic

May 2nd, 2011, 10:21 PM
What a relief! So glad to hear she's doing much better.

May 3rd, 2011, 12:49 AM
That is great news! I'm so glad she bounced back! :)