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Eye Issue

April 17th, 2011, 06:08 PM
Looks like Chum has an eye infection...yellow goo weeping from both eyes...started Friday evening...they don't seem to be bothering him at all...I just have to clean them off every couple hours or so...Dr. appt at 4:30 tomorrow..Other than the ooze he is fine , eating,eliminating and his nose is good and he has lots of energy...:cry2::fingerscr

April 17th, 2011, 06:17 PM
Aw, poor Chum! :( Glad you have a vet appt booked already--we never mess with eye problems. Eyes are just too precious...

In the meanwhile, if you have any sterile saline (not contact lens solution with cleaning agents added, just sterile saline) you can use that to rinse his eyes a couple times a day. It'll help soften up and flush out any matter in the corners of his eyes and remove irritants. It won't help cure an infection, of course, but it can help keep his eyes moist and feelin' comfy till your vet appointment. :D

April 17th, 2011, 06:39 PM
I had some saline but it was I made up a very mild boric acid solution and have been using that on sterile cotton pads to wipe
all the gunk off till we go to the vet.

April 17th, 2011, 06:43 PM
With luck he's just got some dust irritating his eyes :goodvibes:

Hope you get a good report from the vet tomorrow! :fingerscr

April 17th, 2011, 07:11 PM
Poor guy!
I always keep sterile saline on hand, as well as polysporin drops (they can be for eyes and ears).