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Hello from Texas

April 14th, 2011, 02:58 PM

I joined this forum to ask a question. I just recently brought in a stray dog. I believe he is either a pure bred Shiba Inu or mixed with something else. He has been very quiet and calm. He looks healthy except for a limp and odd movement of his hind-quarters when he walks. I plan on taking him to the vet as soon as I can afford to. (We call him Buddy) Buddy had been very friendly the whole day and was very cuddly. He even let me bath him. Later that evening I was petting him and he started to growl at me. Last night my room mate had a friend over and they were spending some time with Buddy and he started to growl and snap at them. I am thinking that all that attention was freaking him out. This morning he seemed much happier. He is more comfortable outside then inside. I am just wondering what some of you think. Do you think he could have just been freaked out from all the attention all day? Maybe he had been neglected where ever he came from and is not used to being the center of attention?

April 14th, 2011, 03:43 PM
Welcome and thank you for taking buddy in! I would be willing to be that everything is a bit overwhelming for him. He may have been a stray for awhile and not used to the indoors just yet or perhaps his previous owners kept himm outdoors and he is just not used to having the comfy indoors just yet!

As for the limp maybe its an old injury that didnt heal well. maybe he was hit by a car or something and it healed already? Best bet would be to have him quickly checked by a vet just to be sure he is not ill.

Do you recall when he growled what was going on? for example was someone walking towards him, petting him, touching him, any odd noises at the time?, was the person wearing something like a baseball hat? it could be from previous history you know fear?

How about a pic of your boy?


April 14th, 2011, 10:33 PM
Buddy will come up to us for attention then we will pet him on the head then he will growl at us and then still want to be pet some more. We will be petting him and everything seems to be fine. He doesn't get tense he just sits there and growls. He doesn't make eye contact or show any teeth. Last night when he snapped at my room mate he had growled at the friend then my room mate reached to pet him and he snapped at him. Today my sister came home and he ran to meet her and jumped up on her leg. She pet him on the head then he started to growl. She scolded him and he became sad and went away. She felt bad and went to pet him again and he growled at her again. My boyfriend sat in a chair and pet his head then Buddy looked up at him and growled. No one has been threatening to him. We all go down to his level. We don't look into his eyes. We talk quietly to him. We live in a fairly quiet neighborhood.

April 14th, 2011, 10:47 PM
Does he only growl when you pet him on the head? What happens if you pet his back or shoulders? Your hand going over top of him could be seen as a sign of aggression to him. Something may have triggered it from his past life. It is something that needs to be corrected and quickly before someone is hurt.

It is also possible he has an injury to his head that you can't see. Bruising, etc.

A trip to the vet I would think would be an excellent idea. While there you can have the vet check for a microchip. Someone may be missing this dog very much.

April 15th, 2011, 05:39 PM
Today my boyfriend started to train him a little. He growled at him but I think it was more out of frustration. Later I spent about 40 minutes outside with him and he never once even thought about growling. I am really starting to think it is because he is not used to being pet and loved on. When I was outside with him I sat on a blanket and let him come to me. I let him tell me when he wanted to be pet and when he did not want to be pet. He played with me a little and actually got comfortable enough to eat with me sitting near him.

Does anyone have any tips for training an older dog? I think he might be a year old. He has obviously never been trained because he doesn't understand basic commands. He is still a little uncomfortable with us so I know we will have to go super slow and be really patient with him.

We plan on taking him to the vet next week to get a check up and scanned for a microchip.