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amitriptyline: Anyone tried it?

March 14th, 2011, 02:56 PM
Zelda (cat) has had some major behavioural issues lately and the vet is attributing it to stress and anxiety leading to hyperesthesia. We've put her on amitriptyline. She's only been on it one day and I'm noticing some lethargy and lack of enthusiasm in areas where she was previously pretty excited.

Has anyone used this drug on their cats before? Is there a period of time where they experience effects that will eventually go away once her blood levels of the drug even out?

ANY help or experience would be appreciated!!!

March 14th, 2011, 03:43 PM
That's how Sweet Pea was when she was first on it, then she turned aggressive so we had to wean her off it.

March 14th, 2011, 03:49 PM
I *think* I was on that before a few years ago for ADHD or something? If it's the same thing I am thinking of that medicine turned me into a full out ZOMBIE. Holy crap it was horrible. Can't imagine how crappy it must make a cat feel.

I use fluoxetine (generic Prozac) for a few of my cats because they are all inbred ex-feral cats so they have some issues. My one cat was very lethargic the first few days we started him on it but now he is great! He rarely ever bites me or craps on the floor anymore! :loser: I also use it on my other cat that would pee in peoples shoes and attack people.. she's doing great on it 2 years later and we actually lowered the dose to only every 2-3 days does she get it now unless she has a really bad freak out then we adjust it accordingly. My other other cat has been on it a few weeks because he kept spraying on things and getting really dominant towards the other cats. He had run away and gotten shot by a pellet gun in December and it kind of screwed him up mentally so he's been on the chill pills since then and is doing better.

March 14th, 2011, 04:33 PM
hyperesthesia is what I am convinced Fagan has.... and while we (the vet and I) were trying to figure that out, we tried a myriad of things including the amitriptyline. While on that all I noticed was that he became lethargic and withdrawn, we tried it for a couple of months but he seemed to lose interest in everything and do nothing but eat and sleep...thus gaining quite a large amount of weight in a short period as well. Fagan's main troublesome symptom of the hyperesthesia is the self mutilation (he chews and licks the fur and skin off his belly when he is symptomatic), and because of this we have found that a very low dose of dexasone (1/4 pill) given 4 times a week seems to do the trick. He still has boughts of the rippling skin and vocalizes randomly at times but is much more active and interactive with me and the other cats.

Not sure if that is any help to you, but best of luck finding something that works for your kitty! :goodvibes::pray:

Brandon W
April 4th, 2011, 06:57 PM
hahaha i take this now?!?! It is ok for animals too ? For me i did notice it took me a while to get used to it. Id feel dopey or very tired. These symptoms sound right with the drug. I wouldnt be worried. Keep and eye on her tho.

April 4th, 2011, 10:19 PM
I agree with Katheryn, Fluoxetine works really well. We tried one of our cats on Amitryptyline for spraying, and it didn't work. Mother in laws cat is on fluoxetine, and she hasn't had a problem since. The cat is on it every other day now, the vet thinks he will probably have to be on it forever.