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Odd problem and he's going to have to go if it keeps up

March 9th, 2011, 04:43 AM
:offtopic: BUT I REALLY need help. I own two cats. One is called Autumn and she is fixed and around three and a half years old. We took in a stray kitten Kenryu and she doesn't like him, He chases her around and really bugs her. Thats not the problem that is truly worrying me right now. We live in an apartment and he has picked up a bad habit from where I don't know. So far its happened twice. We have had him for two months and he uses the litter box. The apartment is small and the litterbox is in the bathroom which Autmn doesn't seem to care because we have had her for two years. She has never had this problem but Ken Ken has. In the last week and a half he has peed on my husbands clothes which are on the carpet twice. For like no reason he just runs over there and does it. Is there sommething I am doing wrong? It's my husbands work clothes and he gets hot and sweaty and just tosses them on the floor and Auttie has never gone on them instead she chooses to lay on them sometimes. They dont seem to mind sharing a litter box and I scoop out the waste at least twice a day. Also in the last week I cleaned the carpet witha carpet cleaner could that have anything to do with it? My husband says he's going to have to go if he keeps it up. And I dont want Kenryu to go he's so sweet. This Thursday I am actually taking them both to the vet for shots and checkups and to try and get him fixed. Because he's not spraying yet he's just deciding to pee on the clothes/carpet. Now I had to take him to another vet earlier in the week on a Sunday around 8 pm because he was having trouble going poo and I've never had problems with Autumn. (Both cats are inside only because we live in a busy city.) I thought he was backed up so I took him to the vet freaking out. The vet said (Kenryu has yet to have shots but I am gettin it taken care of this Thursday) he has hookworms and roundworms and he was a little dehydrated but he doesnt look backed up. They also gave me a antibodic for him which is in liquid form and I mix in in soft food (Its far to hard to give it to him by mouth). I really cant wait for Thursday because I really wanna know whats going on. In the last 60 days he hasn't used to bathroom on the clothes/carpet until this week/last week. He knows what a litterbox is... SO if am one has some suggestions that would be great :fingerscr:. Because my husband said Kenryu will have to start staying in the bathroom if this keeps up.

March 9th, 2011, 07:23 AM
You posted this thread in teh wrong place so i think you should pm Marko to have it moved to the health section. Often when cats all of a sudden start peeing in odd places it may be a sign of a UTI or crystals in which case you cat should be taken in to a vet immediately. If they rule this out and say that its behavioural i would strongly recommend not leaving clothes on the floor..... it creates a soft fluffy place that is inviting for a cat to pee on. But again, make sure you take your cat in for a vet. When my guy had a UTI he started peeing in odd places and we took him in right away and were glad we did - he also had crystals and needed meds right away. Don't wait untill next week.

March 9th, 2011, 07:24 AM
Arukei,you should have started your own thread for more people to answer you.
First off,your husband has to stop leaving his smelly work-clothes on the floor,it's an invitation for trouble.:frustrated:

I would also say that the new kitty is probably stressed from your other kitty,but that usually works itself out,with time.
Did you introduce them to each other properly??

Having two cats,you need to squeeze in another litter-box in your bathroom.
It's possible Auttie interrupted or scared Ken-Ken while he was doing his thing i the box and he's now a little worried using it.

I would have him neutered as soon as possible,it might change his behavior and please don't give up on him,give him a chance.

Having worms could also alter,the way he feels..

If I had given up on one of my cats for spraying,I would have lost out on 14yrs of unconditional love,your husband need to change his attitude,you don't just dispose of an animal because there is a problem.
There is always a reason why cats behave the way they do and it's our responsibility to find out why.

March 9th, 2011, 07:26 AM
Hi Arukei17. You might want to start a new thread instead of adding on to this one. You'll get more responses that way.

In the last week and a half he has peed on my husbands clothes which are on the carpet twice.

For starters, I'd be more inclined to ditch the hubby for leaving his clothes laying around on the floor :D. How about encouraging him to put his clothes in a laundry hamper instead? Sweaty clothing has an ammonia smell that some cats instinctively want to cover up with their own scent.

Getting Kenryu neutered will also likely help.

And you might want to get one more litter box. Even with frequent scooping, many cats prefer to have a couple bathroom options.

What do your cats eat? I'm a little concerned about Kenyru's straining in the litter box, which can be caused by urinary tract issues even though it might look like it's from constipation. Inappropriate peeing can also be a symptom. Feeding a good quality wet food is the way to go.

More info on litter box issues here:

March 9th, 2011, 07:29 AM
Oops, sorry for repeating what everyone else has said. Eating breakfast and typing at the same time....

March 9th, 2011, 09:27 AM
Thread moved to cat health forum.