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Looking for a high pH dog food

Lulu's Mom
February 26th, 2011, 12:29 PM
I'm having a hard time finding information about the pH levels of various dog foods, and need to change my dog's diet to INcrease her urine pH. I've done some internet research (and have also started looking at some of the posts on this site) ~ but the majority of internet info I find is about how to LOWER pH levels, and even when I take the time to go on brand websites, one by one, NONE of them have any info on pH... quickly feeling :frustrated: !

My dog's urine has a very low pH - no calcium oxalate stones as of yet :thumbs up but it still concerns me and don't want them to develop in the future - I want her to be healthy, obviously, and neither she nor my checkbook needs the trauma of surgery!

I will keep checking threads and posts on Pets, but thought I'd start a thread for any input here, too. I'm hoping someone can offer some suggestions ... even if it's just to point the way to any existing thread I haven't found yet.

February 26th, 2011, 01:50 PM
How about this?