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Moving to Montreal

BC Dog
February 24th, 2011, 10:36 AM
Hi! I have joined this pet forum to ask for advise from those in Montreal. I am moving from Vancouver to Montreal and looking for some information of where to take my dog for walks, hikes, vets, dog walkers, etc....I am actually curious about how dog friendly Montreal is.

1) How dog friendly is Montreal. I noticed that in the city, all dogs are walked on leash and was told that if you didn't, you would be facing a $300 fine.
2) Is there a place in the city where I can walk my dog off leash? Especially along the park area in Old Montreal? I know there are dog parks, but are there dog friendly trails?
3) Can anyone recommend a great vet? I love my vet right now. She's the kind that will get down on the floor to examine the dog, will call you too see how the dog is. Will recommend other alternatives prior to suggesting surgery.
4) Dog Walker/Doggie Day Care/Sitter. I have the BEST dog walker ever. She takes the dog and starts her day with a big hike and then a big play in the dog park. Then they go back to her house for a "break" but she has this huge yard where the dogs go back to play. THEN they go back out for another big hike. My dog just loves her. He comes home and just sleeps till the next day. I can totally trust leaving him with her for the weekend as he's just part of the family. She is selective in who she takes and only takes 6 dogs for the day. Can anyone recommend someone like this?

BC Dog

February 24th, 2011, 10:55 AM
You will find Montreal not that dog friendly actually. You must always keep your dog on leash. There is no dog park near Old Montreal that I am aware but you can walk your dog there however it is frowned upon.
There are some areas that are dog friendly but private clubs where you pay a membership fee. I forgot where they are and I may have to google again.
If you own a pitbull, there is a breed ban in certain municipalities.
I suggest that you contact 'Montreal Dogs'. They may have some information for you. They also run a doggie day care and also they may have some more information on dog walkers etc.
Montreal is a gorgeous city but dogs are not a big part of the culture here. There are a few dog parks within the inner city but they are small and though maintained, there is a lack of greenery and wooded areas to let them run.

BC Dog
February 24th, 2011, 11:04 AM
Oh that's sad to hear...cause I have to move outside of the city better?

February 24th, 2011, 11:09 AM
I'm an old timer from Montreal and live here in the Winter and have pretty much all of my life.

Montreal isn't dog friendly from the point of view that general kiddie parks with soccer fields and play equipment, have a, 'no dog', policy, however, that being said, Montreal offers per capita, more green space than any other city in Canada and these parks welcome dogs.

Yes, dogs have to be on a leash, but these parks are nature based, and loose dogs disturb and kill wildlife. Also all dog owners are welcomed in these parks, and loose dogs can inadvertently get into trouble with other dogs, so there is nothing wrong with leashes in public places. I know because I walk breeding studs and the last thing I need are errant dogs running up to me bothering my own dogs. ( and I have a right to be there too) and often loose dogs are accidents waiting to happen.

There are many dog parks in Montreal now and on the West Island, and the good thing about Montreal is that the city is only 20 minutes from anywhere and everywhere so to find yourself out in open areas is relatively close and easy so you would have no trouble finding spots for your dog to run. Long lining your dog also allows it to stretch it's legs too and affords you control & safety over where it's going.

In Old Montreal, there ARE areas where dogs are more than welcomed along the main drag, and you'll see dog walkers out daily. We just had our own dog meet up there and walked to China Town and we met many canine enthusiasts out there. Again, however, in public and in traffic, a leash is your friend and can be your dog's saviour. Old Montreal is a very busy tourist area of Montreal.

Montreal sports excellent cycling paths in and around town as well, and for a high energy dog, there is nothing wrong with training it to follow beside your bike. Just think! Both of you will benefit from the exercise. Same holds true for jogging paths.

Once you are here you could even consider joining a dog club such as agility or ski jorring which certainly affords your dog plenty of freedom and exercise.

PS - we have an excellent vet. He chooses quality healthcare over driving a mercedes
Langill Clinics in Dorval.

There are some great meetup groups in Montreal for active dogs, assertion dogs and just walkers.

Also depending on what type of dog you have you might even find some breed clubs who are active and attend group outings regularly.
So it ain't all bad!

February 24th, 2011, 11:09 AM
Sorry - there may be others here that have great advise or places where you can enjoy your dog.

I did not mean to sound like a downer.:)