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Adoption Form

February 19th, 2011, 07:51 AM
I am getting help through another organizations for one of my foster dogs that I have acquired on my own to adopt him out. The lady over it emailed me two adoption forms one for in town and people that are out of town. She basically said that I would be in charge on screening them for the most part and ultimately that I would decide which home he would go too, however she is going to help some. I was wondering if anyone had any ideals of some questions I should ask. She had alot of good questions but I was just wondering about additional ones. She also had on there that they had to contact the organization if they did not want to keep the dog anymore. This is the first time I have adopted a foster out because I havent been doing this long and I am edgey. Thanks in advance :pawprint:

February 19th, 2011, 12:00 PM
You can go on dog rescue sites and check out their adoption applications for ideas.
Also, I have found that after the application is filled out and everything checks out, then I would make a phone call and "chat them up". It's amazing what you can pick up (good or bad) from a nice friendly telephone chat.

Lulu's Mom
February 26th, 2011, 04:12 PM
First of all, :thankyou: for becoming a foster!! :)

This may be on your application form already, but I always like to know what behavioral training techniques the people have used (if they own dogs already) or plan to use. I ask specific questions (e.g. "If the dog did X, how would you respond?") and want to make sure that my beloved foster is NOT going to a home where s/he is going to be sprayed with water, swatted on the nose with a newspaper, or subjected to any other punishment in the name of 'training'

I also agree with the earlier poster who recommended talking with the applicant(s) on the phone ~ I prefer to do this BEFORE I set up a meet & greet with the dog. In fact I usually talk with folks 2ce before they even meet the dog... 1st, to introduce myslef, let them know I received their application and am looking forward to meeting them, but that I always do vet checks etc, before scheduling a meeting (don't waste their time or mine this way, in case I find out any negative information), and that I'll be back in touch with them once I've done those checks. The 2nd convo, of course, is to schedule a meeting (or not) after I've checked things out.

I also not only check with their vet, but I also check with local rescues, humane societies, etc. to make sure the person is not red flagged (i.e., they're not on any 'Do not adopt to this person!' list)

You may have already thought of these things, but just thought I'd give my :2cents: for what it's worth.

Good luck!