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cat put to sleep

February 15th, 2011, 08:58 PM
we recently had our cat put to sleep

he was 24 years old.

this was a particually unusual cat in many many ways,
i know that all cats have different personalities but this one was truly exeptional, I cant begin to list all of the ways in which he was different from other cats but I can tell you one thing that should sum it up brilliantly.

he used our toilet's as his toilet's, when we stopped him from doing this he moved to the drain in the bath, when we stopped him from doing that he moved to the drain in the sink (we were very keen to stop that asap), and eventually he moved to the drain in the shower.

we have only ever had one cat which is as exceptional as he is, but the only reason this other cat is exceptional is because of its beauty, it is a tiny little thing with massive eyes and fur so long that when it sits all you can see of its front legs are its paws. this one is truely beautiful, to the point of being nicer to look at that a kitten is, but its beauty is the only thing that matters about it, the one wich recently died had a personality which matched this beauty.

The problem was the it had stopped eating, gotten to the point where it was visibly weak and no longer showed any interest us.

he also became skin and bone, i did not like to stroke him along his back anymore because his spine was a horrible thing to rub your fingers down, when stroking its chest you could feal his central breastbone as distinctivly as you could feal the bones in his spine, his legs were visbley thinner, on one occasion i stoked his lower leg and i think (but am not certain) that i felt the resistance that its leg bone would have caused. and his face was starting to show the features of its skull.

The skin and bones problem may sound servere on its own but it is not because about 1-2 years ago he had a serious infection which he only survived because we gave him antibiotics. Initialy the it looked like his time had come but blood tests showed that he had exceptionaly good kidney functions and so the vet concluded that it must have been some sort of infection and so we gave him antibiotcs, he recovered overnight. before this happened he was a large fat cat, but it turned him into skin and bones overnight, once he recovered he became a playful cat again (yes a 22-23 year old cat can be like a kitten) but he never regained his weight.

anyway he stopped eating almost entirely about a week before he was put to sleep, and about 2 days before i noticed the he no longer showed any interest in me.

and then one day my mother told me that she was putting him to sleep
she would not tell me which vet he was being taken to (perhaps because she knew that i would interfer) and since our pets had always been taken to a different vet every time there was a problem i could not just know that it was "the usual" one. but she was not able to hide it from me and in less than a minuite of discussion i knew excatly where he was being taken.

I was tempted to call them and voice my objections but i did not, right now i do not know if this was because i also believed his was going to die soon no matter what we did or if it was simply because i was to weak to make a stand. (before anyone comments on this let me tell you that that i do not gormlessly trust my mother because she is my mother, her opinions mean nothing more to me than my friend mother, or a strangers mother, or the lawer who i spoke to last week regarding employment problems).

My personal opinion on animal euthinsia is that is is wrong because euthinasia is only acceptable if it is volutary, and an animal can never choose euthinaisa, and to believe that you know that it "wants" to die is madness. it appears to have no understanding of death and eve if it does it shows no sign of this understanding let alone a desire for death.

when different people choose euthinasia (or as is more ofen the case they choose not to take treatment anymore) they choose a time which is so different from the next person that nobody can ever say that "this" time is right. some choose to stop treatment as soon as they know they have cancer, some choose to stay on life support until life support can no longer sustain them and some choose to commit suicide because they are depressed. because of this i believe that there can be no right time, no one can ever say this is too much suffering for someone else. and since an animal cant say when its has had enough there can be no right time.

however i am willing to accept that if death is inevitable in the imidiate future then one may as well just put it to sleep IF it is no longer in a good conditon.


When he went to the vet we sent someone else because none of us could do it
I am told that when they tried to put the cathater in him his vein just colapsed, as a result of this the person who was with him left the room crying and could not be with him at the end.

I see this as a sign that his was soon to die anyway and his body was shutting down
since attempting to give him an injection was enough to make a vein colapse it is unlikely that any attempt to cure him would have done any good, both blood tests to determine any problems he had followed by treatment would have destroyed veins and resulted in loss of limbs, clearly keeping him alive would have been impossible if he was going to die without human help.

I just want to know if other people think that we had really reached the end of the road with him?

remember that his infection 1-2 years earlier had caused his skeleton like physique, yet he had become playfull again so this alone was no sign that he was suffering and certainly no sign that he should be put to sleep or that he was soon to die anyway. and it meant that this featutred had to be ignored when determining his current health.

February 15th, 2011, 10:49 PM
:candle::rip:It :candle: Run free and young again at the Bridge.

February 16th, 2011, 07:15 AM
:rip: It :candle:.

February 16th, 2011, 03:11 PM
you were blessed to have your kitty for 24 years that is a good long life. sounds like you did all you could for him, he is at peace now and out of pain..:rip:

February 16th, 2011, 04:09 PM
Omega,it would have been nice to know your cats name,not having him called an"it" it makes a loving animal sound like a thing.:(

However,I am certain at 24yrs old and ailing,he was ready to leave and was grateful not to have to suffer anymore.
:rip:little boy:candle:

February 17th, 2011, 12:46 AM
:rip: sweet :angel2: :candle: He is playing at the Rainbow Bridge ( with those who've gone before :candle: :grouphug:

February 17th, 2011, 08:13 PM
Omega,it would have been nice to know your cats name,not having him called an"it" it makes a loving animal sound like a thing.:(

However,I am certain at 24yrs old and ailing,he was ready to leave and was grateful not to have to suffer anymore.
:rip:little boy:candle:

I deleberatly ovoided using its name because i dont want people who know me to be able to figure out who I am from the post, in the unlikley event that they come across it.

I gave a lot of information that would give away who I am if someone who knew the cat was to come across this post. of course that is unlikely to happen since this forum is not based in my own country and i have not used any words which somone may pick up on using a google search.

however the cat was arround for a very long time, it was a very unusual cat and over the years it developed (and lost, and sometimes re-developed) many unusual personality traits that many people will remember, also it's name and pictures are used on many animal based websites so i dont feal comfortable going as far as to give its name.

(i will however give its name to the poster in a private message)

February 17th, 2011, 08:17 PM
oh, it seams i cant find any means of sending private messages on this forum
can somone please tell me how you do it so that i can give the cats name to the person who asked for it

February 17th, 2011, 08:39 PM
You click on the name that you want to message and you go from there. I am very sorry for your loss. I do think that there is a certain time but only God knows when and he will take them when he is ready. I do think that the decision however as long as its given alot of thought which it sounds like there was is just Gods way of including you in the last good thing that you could have done for you cat. Im sorry.