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Hello We are new here also

February 14th, 2011, 11:46 AM
I am Sandy and I am here along w/ my best friend ever Matsi Oyesa
I have been looking every where to find somewhere there were people going threw what Matsi and I are.
Matsi is my Husky/Chow and is 9 yrs old. This perfact little lady saved my life when she was a baby. I fell head over heels in love w/her. I had always been a Cat person until I met her.
I just never knew how much a best friend could love you , and How very much I could love her.It hurts my heart when she isnt feeling good.
She makes me smile so much everyday. I thank her for this:angel:

February 14th, 2011, 11:57 AM
welcome groundwire! you have to tell us more about how your pupper saved your life!! and a pic would be wonderful.

February 14th, 2011, 12:29 PM
Welcome to the site. She sounds like a wonderful girl. Yes, you will have to tell us more. :D

February 14th, 2011, 09:25 PM
Looking forward to hearing stories Matsi and....


Sorry, not trying to be too forceful! :D

February 15th, 2011, 11:21 AM
welcome groundwire! you have to tell us more about how your pupper saved your life!! and a pic would be wonderful.

I have posted some pictures of Matsi. Sorry I am having a little bit of a challenge learning the site.
Matsi is my 9 1/2 yr old , who I have gotten when she was a baby. I worked at a Humane Soc in a rule county and well they wanted to put her down because they wasnt sure what she was. Which to this day is in Question , even w/my vet. It is more likely she is Hi-Bred ( wolf /dog)
That doesnt matter. When I seen her I just fell in love. I never owned a best friend before. I was just a alot on the suicidal side back then, and when I met Matsi ,She taught me how to Live, Love and the true meaning of the word Love. She saved me from myself. Together we have saved the life of many other animals of all kinds. We have even gone after a Tiger together that was in a apt w/2 little kids. Matsi has brought so much happiness to me. I would do anything for her, go any where for her. Matsi taught me how to live and she has been beside me all the way. I have been disabled now for about 5 yrs and I really enjoy it because she is by my side. If I go some where she goes ( minus the grocery), It has always been if she isnt welcome I am not either. I dont think there isnt anything we cannot do togther.
I really never knew how having a best friend would change my life. I have always loved animals but didnt want to commit until her.
She wasnt raised w/ kids but she sure loves them, We even bottle fed a litter of puppies and she jumped right in and was mommie, except I did the feeding. Matsi has the sweetiest personality. When I was on a walker for a short time she walked beside me , she learned to handle the handicap equipment just fine. I lived on a 2nd floor apt , she was perfact about us getting up and down. If I would fall outside she would come over and kiss me, walk away potty then come back and help me get to my feet. I never knew a dog could be so cool.We have been threw alot but we are still together , stronger than ever.
I guess I dont just love my best friend , You could say I am in love w/her. I have never had a relationship last this long in my life and I wouldnt trade it for the world. She makes me smile every day and the love from her is like no other.
I just thank god I was working there when she came in , cause she wouldnt be here today, nor would I.
That is our story

February 15th, 2011, 11:53 AM
I have posted some pictures of Matsi. Sorry I am having a little bit of a challenge learning the site.
Matsi is my 9 1/2 yr old , who I have gotten when she was a baby. I worked at a Humane Soc in a rule county and well they wanted to put her down because they wasnt sure what she was. Which to this day is in Question , even w/my vet. It is more likely she is Hi-Bred ( wolf /dog)
That doesnt matter. When I seen her I just fell in love. I never owned a best friend before. I was just a alot on the suicidal side back then, and when I met Matsi ,She taught me how to Live, Love and the true meaning of the word Love. She saved me from myself. Together we have saved the life of many other animals of all kinds. We have even gone after a Tiger together that was in a apt w/2 little kids. Matsi has brought so much happiness to me. I would do anything for her, go any where for her. Matsi taught me how to live and she has been beside me all the way. I have been disabled now for about 5 yrs and I really enjoy it because she is by my side. If I go some where she goes ( minus the grocery), It has always been if she isnt welcome I am not either. I dont think there isnt anything we cannot do togther.
I really never knew how having a best friend would change my life. I have always loved animals but didnt want to commit until her.
She wasnt raised w/ kids but she sure loves them, We even bottle fed a litter of puppies and she jumped right in and was mommie, except I did the feeding. Matsi has the sweetiest personality. When I was on a walker for a short time she walked beside me , she learned to handle the handicap equipment just fine. I lived on a 2nd floor apt , she was perfact about us getting up and down. If I would fall outside she would come over and kiss me, walk away potty then come back and help me get to my feet. I never knew a dog could be so cool.We have been threw alot but we are still together , stronger than ever.
I guess I dont just love my best friend , You could say I am in love w/her. I have never had a relationship last this long in my life and I wouldnt trade it for the world. She makes me smile every day and the love from her is like no other.
I just thank god I was working there when she came in , cause she wouldnt be here today, nor would I.
That is our story

Oh what a wonderful story :cry: :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:. It sounds like you saved each other's lives. :lovestruck:

Animals are so amazing in their unconditional love, it is a pure love the is rarely seen in humans, except between a mother and child.

February 15th, 2011, 01:02 PM
I just went to look at your pictures of her, she is gorgeous!!!

February 15th, 2011, 08:40 PM

Welcome to the forum!!

February 15th, 2011, 09:58 PM
So Matsi is a cheddar cube fan eh? :D

What a beautiful girl and you've written a beautiful heart felt story. Once again, welcome to the forum and more pictures of your little girl will always be more than welcomed! :)

February 20th, 2011, 08:04 PM
Holy catz, Matsi is gorgeous!!! Welcome to the board, both of you--and more pictures would indeed be welcome!!!!

February 22nd, 2011, 11:02 AM
Sorry I havent answered anyone sence last week. But Matsi had a procedure done on her nose last Wednesday the 16th. She had a large mass in the left side. Went to the Speicalist and got her nose Scoped and the Mass removed , waitting for the biopsy now. The speicalist said he is more than sure it is Cancer. But I am not believing it at all. I just dont know what I will do if it is. I had a fund raiser for her so she could get this thing out of her nose. She was having a Pink colored snot and her breathing was rough and I noticed the bump on her nose. Not 1 doctor would believe me, let alone my male companion. The doctors took pictures of her chest, wow what does that have to do w/her nose ( nothing ) Then all they say is * I dont know but she has labored breathing* So she got put on steroids, it stopped for awhile but the bump was getting bigger.I took her back to the doctor 3 more times in 2010, finally in January , back to the doctor and he said he needs to scope her nose. Then said he cannot do it. So I found another doctor who said they could , all this one did was a radiograph of her nose and we seen the mass. But they didnt want to mess w/it. So by now I am steaming mad. Finally I found someone who would do it , now I have to have half the $ up frount before they will look at her.So I am contacting anyone from coast to coast - north to south and all pionts inbetween to find some help cause I am disabled on a fixed income. So I find a site where I can do a fund raiser, that was a big flop. My signif. other came up w/ the $ . Now we are sitting here. I might be able to get Matsi the help from a Cancer fund. But that is only if treatment cane give her 1 to 2 more yrs . I am waitting to find that out now.
The doctor did tell me last week , that if I wanst able to get her nose scoped she would only have 3 to 6 months. But w/ getting it scoped and removed possibly 9 months, and I dont know how long w/ the treatment.
I have been in the floor w/ my baby for days now. Let me tell you it is heck on my body, I am loosing all the cartlige in my body and alot of othet stuff. I dont care I have to baby my girl and give her the best care known to man by me.
I am so scared.I sit and rub her head and kiss her face trying to hide it all inside. I dont know what I will do if anything happens to her. We make her steaks or anything else she wants ( cheap ones but still ) He goes out and buys her organic gormet dog food and will help me w/her when I need it. Which is usually only to go to the restroom. Her nose has been bleeding from the procedure, they said it will for a few days. It has slowed down to like 98% I just dont want her hitting her nose when she starts to sneeze.
I have read some stories on this web site about other people and thier dogs going threw stuff like we are now.
I just dont know how you can be so strong, Matsi means more to me than anything. It kills me when she has her neck stretched out like a turtle to get more air I guess.
Has anyone gone threw Radiation Theropy w/ thier dog ? I am kinda curious as to what we are in store for and is it worth it ? I have read stuff on other web sites about it but threre isnt anything from a actual person who has been threw it. I dont want to hurt her and at the same time I dont know if I could handle loosing her. It has been just me and her alone for so many years, I can actually say I do love my girl.
My man says he was to get me a puppy before Matsi goes so she can show the puppy how to be a perfact kid like herself. I turned him down, I dont want to bring another dog into my life right now. She needs all my attention and I dont want her to think she is being replaced. In the same breath I dont know if i really want another dog. This pain is so tough.
I am Bi-Polar and suffer from Anxiety and I just dont think I can take it.
It was nice to offer but No
Matsi is my first dog ever, I always was a Cat person, but when I seen her when she was 8 wks old I was hooked.
Thank you to all who says she is beautiful. I know she is and she makes my heart so happy.
If anyone has been threw this Tumor stuff please tell me how to handle it.
I dont have anyone to talk to about it. Everyone I know have animals but not 1 of them are like I am w/ them.
I really like this site. Everyone seems so nice.
Thank you for making us feel welcome.
I need to get going so I can take care of my baby:wall:

February 22nd, 2011, 11:30 AM
Groundwire,Matsi is a beautiful girl,your story tells how much you love her and I think most of us here understand how strong the love for our animal-friends is.
I am hoping Matsi does not have Cancer,I could not really see if there was a definete answer.
We have several people here who have dealt with cancer in their animals,myself included.
Losing an animal to this horrid disease is heartbreaking,but something we have to deal with,I only hope you have a lot of support to carry Matsi and yourself through this.:grouphug:

February 24th, 2011, 10:55 AM
Well I got the worst news of my life yesterday morning. I am such a wreck and try not to let her see it in me but it is so hard. They said it is a Nasal Carcinoma and prolet diferenchated.( very agressive) Short terms she has 2 to 4 months w/out Radiation Theropy. If we can quilify for it she can get 18 months. I have had the Dog and Cat Cancer fund on hold for almost a month, and yesterday they got all the fax. So it is in thier hands.God this isnt fair. I can say all 3 of her doctors didnt let any grass grow under thier feet about faxing all thier info to Cancer fund. I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest. How did you deal w/it. I have come to a conclusion that she will not be left alone at all. If we go somewhere she goes and someone will stay in the cr w/her if it is at a store. I am afraid to let her be alone. I just want her to know she is by her self.I have been also checking out creamation and looking at urns. This hurts so bad, but I decided when I first got her we would be together always. Who ever went first had to come home and wait for the other. Finally in the end we go together. Right now I have to get off here I am on my way to the doc so I can get something to calm me down, these anxiety attacks are feeling like heart attacks. I have to get calmed down
I will get back on here when Matsi and I get home. God this really sucks and hurst so freaking bad. I wish it was me instead of her. Matsi is really my life

February 24th, 2011, 11:17 AM
Groundwire,I am so very sorry:grouphug:to you and Matsi,the two of you will be in my thoughts and hoping for a miracle:fingerscr:goodvibes:

February 24th, 2011, 11:40 AM
Hi GroundWire. I have read about your love for you companion dog, and my heart is heavy for you.
Many of us here on this forum have lost a furbabe for various reasons. Cancer happens to be on of them. I have lost and I am losing one currently.
I think the biggest impact was losing my rottie Ben to cancer. It was relentless and with everything that I tried, it was obvious that I could do nothing to cure him. I decided to love him and remain upbeat as it gave me time to celebrate him during existance. I know he lavished in all the little extras given to him. I am also certain he did not know why..but he readily accepted them :).

Animals are the purest form of existance in my opinion. They teach us and guide us especially when we are vulnerable. They have such powers over those that appreciate their uniqueness and individuality. In your case, you both saved one another. This will continue for years to come as the legacy of our existance and those of our pets live on for years to come.

Do what you have to do. Love your baby for as long as that may be. Miracles do happen so never loose hope but be realistic as well.

As you are aware we all live off of vibes given and received. Remain in a calm state, just keep treating your furbabe as you always have. Animals can sense every emotion, and though it is difficult to mask, celebrate everyday.

Keep us updated. We are here if you need to talk.

February 24th, 2011, 07:33 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your Matsi, groundwire. :grouphug: My heart aches for you. We lost a dog to nasal cancer, as well.

There are several threads on the board that include other people's stories about this sad disease and that might be helpful for you--this thread ( contains some info on what to expect and tips on how to make your dog more comfortable. I'll warn you ahead of time, though, that the stories are mostly very sad :(

Cherish every moment with Matsi. Make your decisions with her best interest at heart and you can't go wrong. I hope you have more time with her than anyone expects! :grouphug:

And BenMax is right--we're here if you need someone to talk to! Please lean on us if things get overwhelming for you, or even if you just feel the desire to talk. This board can be a very supportive place...

You and Matsi will be in my thoughts and prayers...

February 26th, 2011, 02:45 PM
Thank you for all your kind words. It does help talking to someone who knows how I feel about my girl and what we are going threw. I am still waitting to hear from the Cancer Fund, It feels like this is the longest weekend of my life. Please tell me what happens from here. What I mean is does the pink snot stay and get worse , I would really like to know the stages as hard as it is I know that I need to face this head on. Matsi acts like she isnt feeling to great today , I will not leave her side. I have read some stories of dogs having bactoria infections in thier noses and other sad stories. I am looking for the Miricle to happen. I have told my friends to pray thier little butts off. I am so sorry that you have lost your firends also to this horrible disease. I just dont understand why the innocent ones go away and all the evil and bad keep going on and on. I have said to a close friend that Matsi is my guardian angel here and will continue after she has to leave me, This is the only way I can even begain to think after all this bad news. I have read what you have written and this is the only way I can get up each day and go threw this w/my baby. It still doesnt help the pain though.. I guess no news is good news w/ the Cancer Fund. Please if it doesnt hurt you too much tell what the stages are that we will be going threw. Did your loved one have as much time as her ( the 2 to 4 months) or longer. I am just afraid to go into the dark w/out a little knolage of what to expect. I keep putting new pictures of her when I sign in to the site. I look forward to talking to you again
Oh and thank you for the encouraging words, I really do need it. Cross your fingers that Monday we get good news from the Cancer Fund

February 26th, 2011, 03:41 PM
Awww GW:grouphug:
We can only hope that the mass is not cancerous:pray::fingerscr:goodvibes:that your vet is wrong.
I have no experience with this type of cancer,so I am no help.
However I have had several animals with cancer,my boy Rocky(cat)my soulmate left me in sept last year,because of Thyroid-cancer.:(

February 26th, 2011, 06:56 PM
Unfortunately, it's hard to predict how the disease will progress in Matsi, groundwire. :grouphug: I know that doesn't help... Treatment may help immensely or not at all. Our Priscilla's nosebleeds came more and more frequently toward the end, but she didn't seem to suffer from a lot of discomfort from the cancer. Other dogs feel more. It's just so hard to say how it will go with Matsi. :grouphug:

Regardless, please know that there are many prayers being offered for the both of you and you're in my thoughts every day. Keep in mind that she doesn't know she has cancer and will live each of her days to the fullest. Keep positive when you're around her if you can--she'll sense your mood and worry about you if you're sad. There will be time for your grief later--right now she wants you to enjoy your time together as much as she does! Make your decisions with her best interest in mind and love in your heart and you can't go wrong.

And please, please, please come to talk here if you feel overwhelmed. It's such a hard thing to go through, but so many here can relate. :2huggers:

I hope you get good news from the Cancer Fund :fingerscr

March 1st, 2011, 02:56 PM
I just dont know what to do w/myself. I wantch her stick her neck out like a Turtle as if she is trying to get more air in ,that kills me. I have been in contact w/The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund , but they say I need to have the Cancer removed then we can do Radiation if I still want. Like I have told them the Speicalist had removed all they could . I dont know, I feel like my back is up against the wall. Everywhere I turn I seem to run into a brick wall. I have also applied started to apply at the Mosby Fund. It looks like I will just have to start planning her cremation. I just hate the thought of that.
We have been trying to keep everything as normal as possible. My male companion has 2 dogs and we have had to seperate his lab from Matsi. His dog is pretty pushy w/all animals.
I know we are gonna have to stiffen our upper lip and just do what we have to.
The only thing that has changed is we take her bye bye more and more. I am just afraid to come her and she be gone. So with me trying to get help threw theses Funds ,I also started up a on line Fund raiser and I am trying to figure out how to advertise on facebook too.
My baby wants to go lay down for a nap, so I will take and go w/her as I always do.
Thank you for the talk

March 2nd, 2011, 02:53 PM
It's always a difficult time, groundwire. :grouphug: I don't envy you the decisions you'll have to make. I know you'll find the strength you need to get through this, out of love for your Matsi.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

March 8th, 2011, 12:22 PM
Hello, sorry I havent been on line but I got myself stuck in research for Matsi. I found a book called Curing Canine Cancer, then went on a herbal hunt. I am putting her on alternative medicine (Native american).One of the things she is going on is Essiac, I had breast cancer oh some 15 yrs ago and used this and it does work, I am clean ,it ate up the cancer like a worm medicine for dogs. I found a herbal store and they use Essiac also for the same reason , she will also be on all natural stuff for her immune system and others. I have taken her off store bought dog food, so she will be all natural there also. I know the alternative medicine works on humans . The vet I have talked to says this will be my best bet,espically if I cannot afford the Radiation and I am not to over joyed about giving her that stuff in her system. I am trying to keep the positive attitude going.
This store I found is called ** Only Natural Pet Store **
It has been nuts here also. My daughter went into early labor w/her 3rd child, the baby come 10 wks to early, Then she had to stay in the hosiptal w/problems from that and her husband is in for kidney stones ,then her 2 yr old is in the hosiptal w/what they think is cat scratch fever, then her 4 yr old got staff. Gee the whole family is all in the hosiptal except the 4 yr old ,she got out. But the baby is doing great, really fantastic. He will be there til the end of April. Then we been dodging tornado's ,loading up all 3 dogs and running for the hills. We wont leave the animals behind, so I keep a bag packed all the time just incase we get wild weather, It is in the car so now all we have to do is just run. The last storm we had a few days ago, Matsi wouldnt get out of the car when we finally got home. So we have this process worked out when it has to be , I take my Matsi and his Havanese ( Phoebe ) and get to the car then he follows w/his lab, By the time he gets in the car I have the gates open and car running so lets just go. We have also been getting rid of anything that could hurt her immune system. No cleaners w/ chemicals , strictly bidegradable, all over the house., while doing this we decided to do spring cleaning to , get rid of alot of stuff.. I have had my hips and back locked up on me, no matter how much morphine and muscle relaxers I take it doesnt come loose, and then I got my baby walking me around. When she was a baby I would hold her tail and she would walk me everywhere. So now she helps me get threw the house in the dark or just to get some play time in. She has been so wonderful w/ all my disabilitys, I should of gotten her to be a theropy dog threw the state, but she does just fine like we are. She has been on bynadril at night ,it seems to help her breath and sleep better. That is about all she takes though. She is having good and bad days, what gets me worried is when she will not eat everyday. One day she will take just a couple small bites and the nexted day she eat like a horse. I do keep chicken brooth in the water bowl though. At least she is getting something. I am sure you have been all threw the places I am looking for something for our babies cancer, but I will say it is worth looking at this Natural Pet Store I found. The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund wants her to have another operation before they will consider helping her. When we had her at the speicalist he took all out he could then, so we dont have a need to do it again. The hosiptal that would do the Radiation says that they need to do a scope and they know it has been done but they want to and at $1000 to do it again, I just cannot see it. We did all that it still cost $1000. it just seems they are wanting a piece of the pie. We have been threw all that and arent doing that again.So after getting discusted w/ it all, Is why I decided to go herabl. I hope all is well on your end. Say your prayers that this stuff works.

March 8th, 2011, 12:56 PM
Man, it doesn't rain but it pours, eh? :frustrated: I hope your family recovers well and everyone is home soon :grouphug:--and that the weather lets up a bit so you can unpack the car!! :eek:

Best wishes for all of you! I hope the herbal meds work for Matsi! :fingerscr Please keep us posted...and in the meanwhile, stay safe!!! :goodvibes:

March 8th, 2011, 04:09 PM
OMG Groundwire,it has certainly poured and on top of everything you have to worry about storms:evil:
Reading what you write,you seem to me to be a strong person,you would have to be,to live through all that and Matsi is very lucky to have you,I am sure you also feel lucky to have her:grouphug:
Who knows,maybe what you are doing for Matsi now,will give her a lot more time,we never really know,do we and miracles can happen..:pray:
Hopefully there will e no Tornadoes or anything like it:pray:

March 11th, 2011, 12:02 PM
Finally all the wicked weather has long gone now, but I still have thta bag packed permanitly now. Everyone is out of the Hosiptal now and doing great. But the baby will be there til the end of April. But that little man is doing Fantactic, he has been nursing on a bottle and no more tubes going in him from every where,
But I have a new one w/ Matsi. My baby loves to go shopping at Petsmart , we took her there 2 day's ago and soon as we walked in she started sneezing , Blood went everywhere, so I turned her around took her back to the car, and Chris he cleaned it all up in the store. She loves so much to go shopping and it broke my heart to see the look on her face ,it was like she was saying * what did I do mom*.
So we took her for a good drive, I know she gets depressed so we take her to the store to lift up her spirits, and so she doesnt think that every time she gets in the car she is gonna go to the doctor and get poked and probed. Her nose has been bleeding alot more the last 3 days, Her sheet on her bed is got blood all over it in small spots. I called the Oncologist and he said to just give her nose drops. That helps for a couple hours but I also give her Bynedril at night so she can breath better too.
I wont leave her by herself still unless the bllod snot is gone, then I run to the store real fast and get right back. She isnt sleeping very good at night ,so she stays at my feet when I am on the computer and falls asleep there . Last night she was up about 3 am and came to lay down at the frount door, she was breathing so weird I couldnt tell if she was even getting any air. So I crawled in the floor w/her so I could hold her and feel if she was.
Is the more blood thing part of this Cancer, I dont know but I guess.. Has any one dealt w/ more blood ? She looked at me last night like * mom I dont feel good*, I just held her and told her if she just wants to go ahead and go to sleep I will be ok and I will keep her home w/me. She just looked at me and winked.Her Herbal meds arent in yet, I wish they would hurry up. My companion Chris gets mad at me alot cause I will not go alot of places cause of Matsi. My daughter doesnt understand it either, why I just wont leave Matsi alone. I did go out yesterday after I got the nose to settle down, and got all bio cleaning products , everything around this house is going Eco friendly. I have to also cause of Matsi, The chemicals are bad for her to breathe. If you can tell me once this bleeding starts in again like it has is this a sign for the worst ? My Oncologist just says if the drops dont work bring her back in. They all ( her doctors) have pretty much written her off. The vet (herbal ) hasnt though.
My meds are finally keeping me calmed down ,thank god . I am not sure but I would bet that Matsi does know what is going on, SShe is more human than dog, she understands so much of what I say to her, and when I go to spell certain words she knows what they are. I just keep telling her how very much I love her and I have always told her everthing that goes on w/her medical, I just feel like she needs to know what is going on . I just dont know no more.
I have a Medicine Woman who does alot of my meds , she said she can cook all the herbs down for Matsi , so that we can save about 100$ a month on buying them from the herbal store. All it will cost me is gas to go get them. It is really kinda nice to have a herbalist around.
I never knew there was so much Cancer in the animal world until now. It just isnt right for them to get the nasty stuff, or anyone else for that part. Wow there are so many animals though.
Hope all is fine w/you all , and all your furry friends are doing better.
I have to go I need to make arrangements as a just incase it does happen instead of waitting for it.I am gonna bring her back home to me if it does happen. God I hate to think about that. I pray it doesnt. I have posted some new picture of her, and I am gonna get her baby picture up there to.

March 11th, 2011, 12:16 PM
This saddens me as I know you are desperate for a positive turnaround. I hope that it does.
You need to continue living your life as normal as possible however. I know you want to be with her 24/7 but it is not healthy for you. Remember that she will know something is wrong if you change your routine drastically. The best thing for her is to treat her as you normally do. If you worry..she feels it and she worries which can cause upset. She will feed off of your energy.

Unfortunately we cannot keep our furbabes forever..I so wish we could.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Remain positive and as up beat as possible. This is the healthy way for you both mentally to deal with all of the obstacles that you are facing.:grouphug:

March 11th, 2011, 03:54 PM
groundwire,all I can say is,I am thinking of you and Matsi,I know how very difficult it is,to watch the animal you love so very much get sicker.
Cancer is a horrid disease and yes,many animals get it in one form or an other.
I've had 3 cats who died from cancer:(

BenMax is right,try to stay positive around him,animals can really pick up on your sadness and it stresses them more,it might be easier said than done though.

March 11th, 2011, 05:28 PM
I am so sorry to hear about the new problems you are having. :(

I agree with BenMax and chico2 when an animal is sick it is very hard not to want to spend all your time with them. But when we change our routine around them they know there is something wrong as they take their cue's from us. You never know but Matsi may think she has done something wrong because of your change in routine. I know my pup always seems to jump to that conclusion when I start spending more time with him or cuddling at times and in places I didn't used to and he tries to cheer me up. :shrug:

There will be lots of time for grief later so please enjoy your puppy while you still can. She is beautiful. Sending lots of good vibes :goodvibes: and prayers :pray: your way :)

March 12th, 2011, 09:23 AM
:grouphug: I know how hard this is for you. Never lose hope, though. Focus on the moment and enjoy each day you have with Matsi.

If you can tell me once this bleeding starts in again like it has is this a sign for the worst ?

Unfortunately, in our experience, the bleeding did get much worse toward the end. Despite our vet telling us to the contrary, let me warn you that it is possible for a dog to 'bleed out' through the nose. It's hard to hear, I know, but I wish someone had told us about that possibility ahead of time. :grouphug:

You're both in my thoughts and prayers, groundwire. And we're here if you need to talk. :2huggers:

March 13th, 2011, 12:28 PM
Thank you for all the kind words, and for letting me know about the bleeding out. I kinda thought that in the back of my mind. For the last 6 yrs I have always spent all my time w/her cause of being takin out of the work place ( disabled ) so I know she is spoiled about being w/me all the time, except going to the doctor w/me. She really goes bye bye alot more now. If she feels good we take her to the doctor w/me and he will stay in the car w/her. Matsi has been doing alot of squeeky toy time again, she hasnt done this in about 3 yrs, When she was younger she would at 7pm on the nose pick up her toy and run threw the house squeeking like crazy it sounded like she was playing a tune, then we would throw it and one thing she does is so cute, I crawl over the top of her and do the 1 2 3 wrestling count down, before I get to 3 she is up and gone just smiling at me. She is doing all these things again. I dont know what her intensions are but it reminds me of when she was a baby. I always stop what I am doing and play w/her, when she is resting I crawl in the floor w/her and just rub her down, she puts her paw on my hand and cups it w/her nails. She just holds my hand. I wouldnt trade this stuff for nothing, she and I have always been close, I rember one night she and I were on our way home from a BBQ and we hit something, We pulled over ,it was a deer. Matsi and I got 3 in one hit. Pregnant mom, Matsi has never sat in the frount seat again unless there was no room for her in the back. I file taxes for rent I pay , so any way I got them in the other day , so I put 300 in Matsi's kitty, and then I went shopping and got a Purifer for the house This make 2, so the air she breaths is clean ,I also got one for the sink, she gets good water now. Just some changes to make all for her even more better. Even switched to Organic house hold cleaners so she doesnt have to breath Chemicals.
We finally got her first shipment of Herbal Medicine in yesterday, she has had 2 doses of Essiac now, I pray the stuff for her immune system gets here by Wednesday or Thusday.
We havent had anymore bad bleeds like that one day. Yes we have had the pink snot, She seems to snot real bad at night though. Last night was one of the better one though
I hope we start seeing some good changes from the Essiac w/in a week. I am such a firm believer in the Alternative medicine from experance it has to work.
But the other morning (3am) she was nexted to the frount door and I come to look for her, I just looked at her and told her that if it gets to be to much she can go ahead and go, and that I will bring her back home to me. That was a rough conversation. When she gets picky and wont eat I have a ace in the whole , She gets her own package of thin sliced steaks. I just go cook her up about 3 or 4 of them , guarenteed to work.
I am afraid that one day she will go out side to her favorite spot and just go there and me find her there.
All I can say it pray that this medicine works , I cannot get the Radiation for her, but I dont really think I can put her threw that because of some stuff I have read. Matsi is my first dog and I guess this is why I dont want her to go yet.
Did you get radiation or Chemo for your friends ?
Thank you for being honest w/me about all this Cancer stuff.

March 13th, 2011, 12:33 PM
I for one never opted for radiation nor chemo. I did all that I could. There were no quarantees (of course) nor if it would be effective in his case.

I opted to enjoy my dog for one month with Predisone. It was a great month given and we soaked up all the time we had together. He did well on the predisone and it was like he would live forever...sadly he did not, but I was so grateful to have this precious time with him.

I hope your herbal remedies help. I have heard some amazing success stories.

March 13th, 2011, 04:05 PM
My dog has a spleen tumour that is cancer. He was diagnosed in December just before Christmas and given a maximum of 30 days to live, by my vet. This type of cancer has episodes of internal bleeding until the animal has one final major bleed that they can't recover from. The bleeding is usually a result of their blood pressure suddenly elevating for a variety of reasons, or just the tumours getting larger and rupturing.

I searched all the websites I could find for a diet for canine cancer and found the same one you found with the book about curing canine cancer. Based on the diet included on that website and other sites that were Veterinarian approved, I started a home made diet that included many alternative medicine supplements that were recommended including Essiac tea and Green tea. When I added the final group of herbs, he had an episode of vomiting. That episode took a great deal out of him and I suspected he had a bleed from the stress of vomiting, because he spent the next several days lying in bed and only going outside to relieve himself or lying in his bed while he ate. I immediately removed all the herbs and alternative supplements I had added but kept him on the home made food which including chicken livers every day and vitamins and minerals.

As he is 13 years old and I don't believe in chemotherapy or radiation for anyone, let alone an animal, I didn't consider them as a treatment for his cancer. I have seen too many people spend their final days in distress from the "treatment" and having virtually no quality time at all. I decided to use diet alone and he is still alive today almost 3 months later, albeit somewhat weaker, but still the happy boy that he's always been. As far as I can tell he is pain free so I haven't considered euthanizing him unless I see that he is in pain. Just my 2 cents :2cents:

I wish you good luck with everything you are doing for Matsi and hope she lives a long time for you. I send both of you good vibes and prayers :goodvibes: :pray:

March 15th, 2011, 03:16 PM
Matsi has a weird time w/ the Predisone, She tinkles and doesnt realize it, so when she finally figures it out she looks at me like * Woops* she knows she isnt in trouble. I have a good supply of pee pads from the last time she was on it. I wanted to do the Radiation at first until I have read some Horror stories about it burning the area , some were sick from it. I just love her to much to do that to her.
BenMax I am so glad you had such a wonderful loving time w/ your baby. I do enjoy it when Matsi gets the itchy feelin to be a pup again w/her squeeky toys, she has been doing this now about every night. But I cannot help but wonder if she is doing this for me, I totally enjoy it and crawling down the hall after her she gets a kick out of it. It hurts like hell but she dont know that. I do just wonder if she is doing this as a last great time before it happens or what.
I really hope this stuff works for her like it did me. But only time will tell. She seems to have no side affects from it at all. But she has come down w/ a green snotty nose on the good side. Like she has a cold, which could be possible cause of her immune system being shot. I called the doctor ,they werent much help, just telling me it could be a cold or it could be from her Cancer. I felt like saying * No DA ! But all of them act like they have written her off, which isnt fair cause she has alot of life in her yet.
dbg10 , what type of food are you making for your's ? I have some food called Pet
Botanics. It is a roll, she likes it but not everyday. When I make dinner I make enough for 3. But I have to be careful on what I cook,cause my Chris has had 3 heart attacks 5 months ago so I cook low sodium and all that good stuff. I mainly use Garlic Powder thats it. I do make homemade chiken noodle soup for her, the store bough has way to much salt, we stay at 2000 mg daily. She loves her tuna and Spaggitte.I also keep chicken brooth in her water bowl. She has never been a big fan of regular dog food, she likes a variety of flavors and she loves her milk and cheddar cheese. Could you maybe give me a few pointers on the kinds of food that would be better?
She loves to go for walks every day and I will not let go out for any amount of time right now w/the snotty nose.
One thing about this web site I really like is everyone here loves thier babies the same way I love mine. I hear other people say well they are just a animal, and how they would be quick to put some down, and the ones who keep them out side w/no shelter or doctor visits to keep them healthy. There should be a list of people who do that and they shouldnt be able to have a animal. But everyone here really does love them and are really concirned about thier well being, just like a kid. Do you think we are a rare breed to care so much. I feel I am so lucky that Matsi chose me , I couldnt imagine not ever having her love and child like ways. Animals are really a great gift full of so much love to share.
I am so glad for you that your baby is still w/you. Thier love is so much like no other in the world. I am so grateful for them. That book Curing Canine Cancer I have tried to get into it but because I cannot get to my bank statement for the code for the pay pal thing so I have been muddling threw it doing what I know.
Thank you for all the talks and support,it means so much to me and Matsi

March 15th, 2011, 04:23 PM
GW,it seems to me from you telling us about Matsi and how she behaves,she still has a lot of living to do.
I don't think there is one person on this Forum,who would not go to great lenghts for their animals.
I chose not to put my 14yr old cat through cancer-treatment,not that the vet suggested it,because once he was diagnosed with Thyroid-cancer it was already to late for him..he was my little soul-mate and I loved him so much,so don't ever let anyone tell you it's just an animal.
To me my animals are as important as anyone else,they are family and I know you feel the same about Matsi.
They give us unconditional love and make us smile if we are down,my house would be empty without four-legged pitter-patter.

March 16th, 2011, 09:40 AM
I am afraid that one day she will go out side to her favorite spot and just go there and me find her there.

Would that be so bad, groundwire? Having her pass peacefully in her favorite place? If it happens, what a gift that would be! :grouphug: So if it happens, no guilt, k?

Matsi is my first dog and I guess this is why I dont want her to go yet.

We never seem to have enough time with them--they leave us so soon. But it's even more difficult to let them go when they're you're soulmate--and it does sound like that's the special relationship you have with Matsi. Just remember that she was there for you when you needed it and now, as sad as it is, you're there for her when she needs you most. You're her :angel:, making sure she's comfy and looking out for her best interest. (And, I might add, doing a great job!)

Did you get radiation or Chemo for your friends ?
Thank you for being honest w/me about all this Cancer stuff.

We did not, and I've not heard of many that have. Unless you catch it really early, it seems like recovering from the side-effects of treatment would take up about all the time you'd gain from having those treatments done. :( It's just such a heartbreaking condition. :grouphug:

All you can do is your best, groundwire, and as long as you make your decisions with Matsi's best interest at heart, you can't go wrong. No one can fault you. And Matsi loves you forever.

So cherish each moment and make some happy memories and believe that your decisions are the best that can be made. Because they are!

March 25th, 2011, 11:09 AM
I am back , It has been a long few days. We finally got the rest of Matsi's med's. The Essiac she is handling just fine, and the Immune Strengthner is ok, but the 3rd is for her blood and Immune system she isnt taking to well. She has had a messy reaction. I can say she acts like she is feeling good, she is still so frisky and I am just loving it. She is loving it also cause I am always in the floor w/her. So we took her shopping again at Petsmart , she is just like a super snoop when we go , picking out all the stuff she wants. She makes the decision on which one, and I got her a sweater. I have tried making her dog food from scratch but she doesnt like it ( to bland ) so she is just gonna continue to get what I make for dinner. She has a taste pallet unlike these other dogs we have do. Some of my friends are wanting to come over and I will not let them cause they have been sick and thier dogs doesnt get thier shots, they bring thier dogs w/them. I have just had to put a stop to alot of things to keep Matsi safe w/her Immune system, I am so glad they understand. I have been talking to a lady on a yahoo group and her dog has the same cancer as Matsi but I think hers is more advanced cause she said that her dog had real bad violent nose bleeds, we dont. Hers just sounds so violent and she started in 2010 Nov. But when I went back to how long Matsi has had this it takes me back to 07 when the doctors werent listening to me and said it was a worm. I am just so sorry you all and anyone else has to go threw this stuff, but the more and more I read it just seems like it is all envirmental and the chemicals in the food that mostly cause the Cancers. It makes one wonder just what the effects of that stuff will keep doing to us to. It is really kind of scary. I have to go do more meds for Matsi, I am doing them all in intervauls. I am still positive about this treatment .

March 25th, 2011, 08:26 PM
Sounds like she is doing well overall, groundwire!! I hope you can find something that strikes her as yummy to eat. Also that the new meds keep her feisty and frisky and loving life! :D :goodvibes: You're doing a great job with her! :grouphug:

March 26th, 2011, 02:00 PM
Matsi acts like she is a 2 yr old again. All of her life she has had squeeky toy time at 7 pm, it was like clock work, but the last 1 1/2 to 2 yrs she stopped, and now she is so full of herself it is funny. She is starting squeeky toy time several times a day. I stop every thing I am doing to get on the floor w/her and go at it. She is just so much like a baby. I called the Vet yesterday to get a waiver for her shots this yr cause of the treatment , I got the waver but what was funny is the Vet Tech told me that when she dies she wants to come back as my dog. I just laughed at her. This doctor didnt know that we are doing this kind of treatment, I know Dr. Bueller loves Matsi ,He has been taking care of her about 8 yrs now , He is one of them that says *its a shame she is so good* Like he gave all hope up. I have a question, when your best friend was still w/you did the cold weather effect the amout of blood or pink stuff that come from the nose? I know when it is cold here that it seems to effect the amount and color of her snot.
I feel so bad cause the weather here for the last week or so has been 70's to 80's and she will hang out side, But on days like today it is snowing she wants to go hang and I will not let her cause of the snot issue and I am afraid of her immune system.
Other than that she is perfact. The one thing I have found that she will eat no matter what is her thin sliced steaks. Matsi is just so much like a little baby and I couldnt be happier. Looks like she will be on the Essiac for a long period of time.
I hope all is well where you are.

March 26th, 2011, 04:38 PM
Actually, thin sliced steaks sound good to me right about now, too! :laughing: I'm glad you've found something to tempt her. And how nice that she's taking joy in her favorite things again! :grouphug: So happy that the Essiac is working so well! :goodvibes:

Priscilla didn't get really bad until summer, so I'm not sure how cold would have affected her. I suspect the dry air might affect the tissues in her nose, though, so it wouldn't surprise me if Matsi gets a bit worse during a cold, dry spell. One more reason to hope Spring comes soon!! :fingerscr

March 26th, 2011, 04:41 PM
GW,I am so happy for you and Matsi,it sounds like she's doing great and I think your vet will agree to anything possible right now to make her feel better,you do what you have to do.:grouphug:

March 27th, 2011, 04:42 PM
I am so glad she is doing so well. Actually suprised, but just when you think you got her foods figured out she changes. Goofy girl.. We asked her if she wanted to go Bye Bye this morning, Matsi was so full of herself and full of the other too. Wow she was just bouncing off walls, it was so funny. She was going w/ me anyway she just didnt know it. We had to go about 75 miles or so to pick up more Essiac from my Herbalist. We have enout made for 3 months and enough powder for another 3 also.So now all I have to do is make another run in a few weeks to get more Immune stuff. I figured it up , if I kept ordering from the out of state Herbalist is was costing 280.75 monthly. So by going threw my Native sister she doesnt want any thing but we take her down a 40 lb bag of cat food and some cans too for trade, Sence she will not take any money. Boy she is saving us alot.
Well all I can say is wow Matsi sure does have some narley snot from the Essiac and I am loving it up going threw 4 plus cloth rags a day. I believe it is the cancer, we never had Green snot before. Today will is a challange to figure out what she wants , so far I have only found Bacon she will eat. But she will start chowing like crazy about 7 pm. Yea Steaks do sound good, I guess I need to go get me a couple real good ones, Matsi always has a steady supply of her thin ones.
It just seems like when it is cold her nose swells up more and then the side of her jaws do to, But when we had the warm spell she did real good.
You all have been a God send for me , Thank you for talking to me and just letting me ramble. I would like for you to know I am here to if you need a shoulder also.

March 28th, 2011, 09:41 AM
Green snot often can indicate a secondary infection--Priscilla would get them now and then. She might need some antibiotic.

So glad to hear that she's doing so well, still wanting her rides. :thumbs up And :fingerscr you can come up with something that tempts her tastebuds. :dog:

March 28th, 2011, 03:53 PM
Wow I've been through many emotions reading through all the posts that tell the story of Matsi and groundwire and yesh I cried even :o
And I am so glad Matsi is doing OK I'll pray so she continues to do so :pray:
Your story of unconditional love is touching and even if there's sadness is somehow wonderful.
Hang in there, one day at a time, one by one and keep enjoying your time with the lovely Matsi and all those little things she does.

March 28th, 2011, 07:54 PM
I just read through this thread beginning, to end, and wow, it is so touching to read about thebond that you and matsi share, she is beautiful! Her spirit sounds amazing and sweet. I want to say what a strong courageous woman you are. As much as I cried and enjoyed reading your story. It is true that you have found the right place to come at this time in your journey. The people here DO understand what you are going through and how you feel about Matsi. I will be praying along with you, that your new regimen continues to work. And whatever time you have left together whether it be long or short brings you peace that you have done everything and more for your dear friend, and that all the days are happy ones, that you can see each day as a celebration as one more with your soulmate and not one less till she is gone, I truly wish that for you. God bless both of you, and please continue your posts, I will be looking! Take care, and give Matsi pup a big ol hug for me!

April 2nd, 2011, 12:03 PM
It sure has been one heck of a week. And I would like to say thank you to all that are praying for my Matsi. She is my buddy. Matsi scared me the other day, I was in the floor w/her just hanging out and all the sudden she sceezed real hard and blew out a small clot, and it wouldnt stop bleeding, Not a gusher but enough I got scared. I wouldnt let her up and made sure she stayed down til we got it under control. This was the first time she ever bled like that.
Matsi has been so attached to me ,more than normal. I had to go to the Doctor the other day and Chris he stayed at home w/her, he said soon as I left Matsi wanted to go out , she will do that to him and wont come back in til I get home, She went to bed this time, and soon as I walked in she layed alot of kisses and more and more . I dont know but she has to be w/me even more. She still act's like she feel's great , soI cannot figure it out.
That blood clot though was the first, it was like somebody opened the Beaver Damn. One thing she does that I really love is rest her head on my arm or foot and go to sleep. For a couple day's last week I had been walking her, usually by a half block my back is so bad I need to come back but I keep walking her ( her loves it ) I finally had to stop my feet have swelled so it is only about 1/2 block walk now, I just keep on doing it for herno matter how it feels.She also gets me down in the floor w/her and we lounge , I lay on her bed w/her and rroll her toy back and forth.
Hazelrunpack did your dog blow out Blood Clot's ? The vet told me all they will do is put Ice on it and give her med's. I can do that here. But I am afraid that her blood sneezes will lead into something worse and not be able to stop it.I did get a Waiver for her shot's cause of the treatment, one of the nurses at the vet's office told me when she dies she wants to come back as my dog. I just thought it was funny.Well I better get going I am going to make a batch of treats for her and gotta go get her more steak.
Thanks for the ear.

April 2nd, 2011, 12:59 PM
It sounds like she's doing pretty well if she's still enjoying her walks and her steak.

We used cold compresses--just an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth or a cloth dipped in very cold water and wrung out--over the bridge of Priscilla's nose, and it did help to stop the bleeding. In answer to your question, she did sneeze out clots, causing bleeds. And yes, if you're wondering, the final bleedout was preceded by a spate of sneezing. :( :grouphug:

Good job on getting the waiver :highfive: Sounds like you have a good relationship with your vet clinic staff.

Enjoy all your Matsi kisses :cloud9: She sure does sound like a doll!!!

April 8th, 2011, 11:43 AM
What a week so far. Thank you about your honesty about the Cancer issue. I am so very Sorry that you had to go threw this, none should have to deal w/cancer espically w/the animals ! I am so glad you talk to me because some of the things I am seeing would freak me out if you werent telling me what you have went threw. I believe Matsi is putting on a good face for me, I can see she isnt feeling good, we are having more rough days than good ones. She wouldnt eat again for me , then she got sick ,it looked like blood was in it. But when she wants to eat she can pack it away. We are also having more blood than just pink snot coming out of her nose. She is still on Antibiotics for the ugly other snot, but it doesnt seem to be letting up. Matsi looks at me and all I can do is just tell her how much I do love her , I hold her hand rub her face ,and kiss her hand like she is a gentle lady and tell her I am here and it will be ok.
She feels like poop every morning ,I can see it her face is always a little swelled, she lays on my feet or right beside me all day til about 4 pm then she perks up a little then she is back down about 8 pm. I am always in the floor w/her kissing her face or just holding her hand and watch television together. I made her some Peanut butter treats the other day ( she wouldnt eat) she didnt want anything to do w/them til I had a bite. I have to say the only thing that was missing was a little salt, then she piged out. Right now she is in the kitchen floor laying there looking like she is dead. I just stop and look to see if she is breathing.I am so afraid that the Essiac isnt working because of how she is for most of the day. I had to go to the doctor the other day cause 1 of my feet are swelling , so when I was gone Chris was w/her , he said she will go to the bedroom and not come out til I come back in the door, or she will go outside to her spot and will not move til I come back. She is really hanging on to me harder now than before. I am doing all I can do to stay out of the hosiptal, cause I really dont think she will be able to take it. I did get ahold of alot of places for cremation so it is all ready for her. But I am not even ready for that. Chris he doesnt want to even hear about her bad days , he cries and cannot handle the conversation.
So here in a little while I am going to make her some more treats but these are going to have Spaghetti in them ( baby food). That is one of her favorite meals. I havent tried to use a icecube on her nose, it just seems to heavy. That is why I like to use the Koolaide freezer pops. Matsi looks so sweet w/it laying over her nose. I am just afraid that she might last as long as the vet had said, but in my heart she will last forever. I have never in my life loved someone or something as much as I do this girl. These bloody nose things in the morning are so red anymore, it is like pure , I just want the pink back, I also believe it is draining in her throat she kinda does only of these little kid moves(( The yuk face bluck thing) and then she swallow's it. Did you ever try one of those baby snot sucker things in your dogs nose. I have thought about it so I can pull the snot out of there , it looks like I am pulling on rope( miles and miles of it).

KoteBuro , I just want to say thank you for the prayers for my Matsi. She is truely my baby. I didnt mean to make anyone cry. I have never really ever took a look at our story. All I know is that I do love her so much and I will go threw anything just to keep her healthy and safe and to give her all the best of everything she wants and desirves. Just let me say thanks again

I Uv My Lab3 , Thank you for the prayers , they all do help my baby. And again I didnt mean to make anyone cry. We have been threw some stuff together,but I wouldnt have it any other way except the Cancer. Matsi is a Amazing Girl, the stuff she does just makes me so happy ,she also suprises me with the way she understands all I say. I talk to her just like a person, she listens better than my kids ever did. Matsi know's how to make me smile. I never knew having a dog would bring so much love. I always had cats , I wouldnt trade my Matsi love for a million dollars. I will give Matsi hugs for you and everyone else. Hugging her is one of my favorite things besides kissing her beside her eye.

April 8th, 2011, 08:56 PM
We never suctioned Priscilla's nose, no. I think I would have been afraid to, for fear of starting a bleeding episode that we couldn't stop. :o

Your description of Matsi sounds so much like Priscilla. My heart aches for both you and Chris. I know how hard this is! :grouphug:

But you're doing great so far! You're Matsi's angel here on Earth. The only advice I can offer you is to evaluate Matsi's quality of life every day. And when you find that you're delaying for your sake and not in her best interest, then it's time to give her that final greatest gift and help her to the Bridge. :2huggers:

And you're right--she'll always be with you. As will we, for as long as you need us. :grouphug:

Good thoughts and prayers for Matsi! :goodvibes: And some more :grouphug:s for you and Chris...

April 13th, 2011, 12:14 PM
Thank you
But I am really worried with what is going on, she has been throwing up latley, it seems to be about 1 time a day but I am so beside myself with it. Then every morning her feet are full with snot that is more blood than snot. I wash her feet and face a couple times a day now, and her bed clothes gets changed everyday, I have a pile of stuff close to her bed so it is easy to change. I cannot let my love lay in that stuff day after day. All Matsi has to do anymore is just give a look and she has all my attention all day and night. Matsi has been mad at me though, I have been having to go get test done, my feet knee's and lumbar are all swelled on one side of my body. I am trying to stay out of the hosiptal so I can be with her. So far I can do everything on a out patient . I cannot leave her side at this time, she needs me. My baby loves Chris but she has been w/me sence she was 8 wks old, and she looks to me to help her. I wouldnt have it any other way. I know she isnt ready to leave me yet , she really comes alive in the afternoon when Chris gets home. While it is me and her she wants all my attention, so the other 2 dogs of his cannot get any from me. If Chris is home all day she will give him all kinds of trouble. They like to pick on one another.
You said that your Priscilla and Mati sound alot alike, well all I could say about that is Priscilla was a ANGEL from god, that is the way I feel about bug ( Matsi's nick name)
I am still blown away w/howmuch love a dog gives a person. I could never replace my Bug , she is so differant than the other dogs here, Matsi is so human, We even have to spell some words and also change our discription of certain things , she has even caught on to the spelling of some words also. Yesterday after she got sick Matsi stuck w/me so very close, I took my stool to the garden to pull weeds and lay mulch , she was right beside me. Matsi is such a love. She does like to be w/me when I am taking Pictures of flowers, she like to stop and smell the flower's. That is so sweet.
I am putting a new picture of me and Matsi that was taken yesterday she I was doing my garden stuff. I just hope her getting sick ends soon, she sure doesnt diserve it.
Could you tell me more about Priscilla, The things she did that were speical, just want to know more about a baby love who meant so much to someone who is a speical person to me. I guess I just want to know more about who she was and hear sweet stuff about her. Not the Cancer. I hope I am not going to ofend you, I dont want to do that.

April 13th, 2011, 12:34 PM
another thing she is doing now is like a cough but she isnt getting any air, she is gasping for air. Every time she does this I am just right there but also when I am getting ready to give her mouth to mouth she starts breathing again. I hate to ask this but did your baby do this?
I know this scares the holly stuff out of me. we started making her get on her feet everytime she starts to breath weird now and get her mind off of what is happening, it seems to work real fast for her and me both.
It is just so scarry , and the look she gives me is like ** Oh mom help me **

April 13th, 2011, 03:22 PM
I saw the pictures. :cloud9: Matsi is such a beauty!!!! :flirt: And she couldn't have a better Mom! She wouldn't want you to jeopardize your own health for hers, so make sure you take good care of yourself, k? :grouphug:

another thing she is doing now is like a cough but she isnt getting any air, she is gasping for air. Every time she does this I am just right there but also when I am getting ready to give her mouth to mouth she starts breathing again. I hate to ask this but did your baby do this?

I don't recall Priscilla doing that -- I'm not sure what's going on. It could be that Matsi's got enough discharge going down her throat to make it difficult to get air into her lungs. I'm glad it seems to help to get her up on her feet. Poor girl! And I know how difficult it is for you! :2huggers:

As for Priscilla--she was a big bold spring spaniel--smart as a whip, that one--understood more words than I'm sure we knew (we had to spell things, too, and even that she eventually figured out :D) She was so people oriented and looked out for us in different ways--so sweet with us but a real straw dog when it came to other canines. She disciplined with a firm but fair paw, and made sure that everyone behaved around her humans.

She was always our guardian angel!

We had another dog at the time, Gauge....he was wired 'wrong' in the head--a genetic thing--and prone to unpredictable (to us) fits of aggression. We thought we were going to lose the battle with him and have to put him down, but then Priscilla came to us when she was 5--and being a dog, she could read him so much better than us mere humans could. She knew when he was going to have an episode long before we saw it--and she took steps immediately. She'd let him know that she was watching him. After we got Priscilla, Gauge never again got the point where the aggression had control of him--he was still wired 'wrong' and we had to be aware, but Priscilla always helped him stay sane when he needed the reminder. He lived till 10 and a half and died of natural causes.

Priscilla always protected us. One day, she and I were on a walk and walking past Jake's house. His owners had rescued Jake as a special needs dog and had been working hard on his aggression problem, with limited success at that time. Jake was out on his cable while his Dad was mowing the lawn. Just as we walked by, the cable broke and Jake charged: teeth bared, hackles up, head down! Priscilla took action. I still have no idea what she did, but a second and a half later, after some noise and an intense exchange of some sort of signal, Jake was literally sitting on his haunches, just out of her leash range, with a "What the heck just happened?!?" look on his face and Priscilla was sitting calmly at my side waiting to resume her walk. Jake's owner came up soon afterward and couldn't believe it, either. (He was also very apologetic, and very scared for Jake, bless his heart, so I wasn't too hard on him...and as far as I know, Jake's cable never failed him again.) At the time, Jake was 2, Priscilla was 10.

I have a picture of her at age 11 chasing 11-wk-old Evan around the yard the next week. Evan was a rambunctious boy that brought out Priscilla's inner puppy in a big way! She'd even play tug-of-war with him! They had so much fun together.

But her favorite thing was taking naps with her humans! She'd be snuggled close with her head on our belly or in the crook of an arm and just snooooorrrrreeee :laughing:

She was also the most macho dog we've ever had, male or female. :D This girl would lift her leg to pee! :laughing: But just the sweetest lovie around :lovestruck: Man, we still miss that girl to this day!


I hope Bug is feeling better soon :goodvibes: And you, too, Sandy!!! :grouphug:

April 14th, 2011, 12:10 PM
Wow Priscilla sounds Perfact. Thank you for sharing that w/me. She just sounds amazing. She sounds more human that dog. I can see why she is the love of your life. I truely believe that babies like her and bug are rare. I havent found another one who could come close to holding a candle to Matsi.
Matsi has been my Angel , I have a problem of falling alot, this all started back in 07, never failed I was always finding myself on the ground and Matsi was always beside me. Once I hit the ground she would look me over and kiss me ,then go potty and come back to help me get up.Then when I had my first 2 operations on my knee's she was just so great w/the walking equipment I had to use. Then when I had my back operated on last spring she was so good about staying beside me babying me , my back has gotten worse but she works w/it. She is so good about the walks,I can only make it about a half block then on the way back it really hurts me to walk but she is so great about going slow for me, or we can take the leash off and she will still stay beside me. Matsi is just so Perfact in my eyes. Matsi and I used to live out in the country and we had few animal friends for her, one day the rooster got out so took out after him and Matsi got in on the adventure so she ended up treeing the bird but in the process she got ahold of his tail feathers,so I finally caught up w/her and she turns and looks at me w/a mouth full of feathers ,she looked at me as if she was saying (Chicken what chicken0 I just busted out laughing. Matsi is really good about that 6 sence espically w/people, I took her to Pow Wow , alot of the people I knew would come and meet bug , but this one guy I knew ( he was Omaha Indian) he walked up and Matsi just kept staring at me, then the nexted thing I know she threw up on his feet. I was imbarrased at first but after I thought about it she was right. She was always looking out for me like that. Then when I hit a deer she was in the car w/me, she and I ducked at the same time. She will not ride in the frount seat no more unless she has to. A couple yrs ago when I was moving to where I am now. I had moved in w/a friend for a short time so I could get back on my feet, anyway I was moving stuff out and I always packed the car so full I couldnt get her in , so this one day she came out and jumped in the frount seat and wouldnt move for nothing, I just laughed and she stayed where she was and come on w/me to do the last load. Chris went over to Matsi and tried to move her, she just stiffened up her body and refused to move. I just loved it, I took it as if she was saying I want to go w/mom and you cannot stop me.
She is such a mommies baby , Chris has been telling me he cannot get bug to outside when I am sleeping and that she will go away real fast if he tries to make her. Last week I got up and sneaked down the hall while he was trying to get her to go out side, as he reached for her she threwherself on the floor like a kid having a tantrum, I just laughed at her, I didnt believe she would do that. But she sure does, he has given up trying to do that anymore. His Lab will not get up either , the 2 big girls wait for me and you cannot make them at all.
And yes I am not going to hurt myself while taking care of her. But I have this thing about going to the hosiptal anyway, I always try to get out patient cause I get more rest at home than in the hosiptal anyway. So far we are doing test.
I have to get her out side.
I want to say again
Thank you for sharing Priscilla's story w/me. She is a love baby.

April 14th, 2011, 01:51 PM
You have such a special relationship with Bug :grouphug: Sometimes you find a special one like her and know you've found a soulmate. :lovestruck:

April 19th, 2011, 09:58 AM
How's Matsi doing, groundwire? Haven't had an update in a few days. I hope things are going well! :goodvibes: :grouphug:

April 28th, 2011, 03:09 PM
Hello , I am back. We have had some Monsterious storms and I thought we were going to get blown away from a Tornado. It was here and we watched another form out across the street. I had the wabageebees scared out of me and no where to go. We live in a Trailor and were caught between to Tornado's.. It has been bad here. Finally a break. But the storm's burned my Modem and I had to get it fixed. The storm chaser's have had a field day here in St.Louis area.
Then Matsi has been blowing out Clot's out her nose left and right, and they are getting harder to stop bleeding. Then I had to get 2 MRI"s. I have to have sergery on my right foot and knee. I have torn Tendons in each and dont know how it happened unless it was walking Matsi. I also have to get a Echo w/a Stress test tomorrow.We really think I had a Heart attack. Atleast it is pointing towards it, so I am getting the Echo done before I go under the knife again. I just had back sergery last May. It has just been totally nut's here . But I havent seen anything like the Tornado's that came threw sence I was a little kid at Grandpa's in OK. I had Matsi under the desk crawling in my lap and Midnight ( the Lab ) on the other side of me and then Phoebe ( the Havanese ) crawling up my butt. I just knew we were had it was all here , the sound the hail was bigger than Golf ball's the green color, tree's rain and rain coming down sideways and us stuck between 2, one 1 of them was less than a 1/2 mile away.
But to Matsi she has been sneezing more and more clot's and it is so hard to stop the bleeding. Day before yesterday I couldnt get it to stop, it was like a drip but w/all that has been going on I finally broke down again. She hasnt benn feeling to good . I see it in her eyes and it hurt's that I cannot do anything. I just keep telling her how good she look's and Mommie will take care of it all. But in my mind I am just going * oh god please make it stop * I am changing her bed cloths more and more now, cause of the drainage. We took her shopping today over at Petsmart. Matsi likes going and picking out what she want's and they are getting used to seeing her. Matsi gets a huge Milk Bone at the register and she takes it and start's for the door. It is just so cute to watch her leave w/her bone in her mouth , like she is saying * ok I got what I want , Thank Bye * and she looks back at me as she and Chris are going for the door.
I have to keep her w/me when I go pretty much every where and she isnt enjoying it as much as she used to. She even got sick last week. But I dont want to come home and find her. I have to keep her w/ one of us at all times. Then Matsi got upset today cause I wasnt taking her to the Doc w/me , I didnt have no idea how long I was gonna be ,just like tomorrow when I do the Echo. But the good part everything can be done out patient. Which is what I want so I can be w/my baby. She has been having more bad than good day's anymore. Every afternoon Matsi comes and lay's her head on the arm of the couch and just stare's at me. This is her begging me to come to bed w/her for a afternoon nap. It is just so cute the way she does that. Which she is doing that now. We also have so much blood snot on the wall's from where she sneeze's. I cannot bring myself to wipe it off the wall nexted to the bed,and off the back of one of my Eagle picture's taken at the Santuary. It is Matsi, and it is to hard to get rid of.
I will be back on line, if it isnt storming. It has been doing that for a week staight and today and tomorrow we got a break sorta. But Matsi want's what she want's and I do give it to her. So it is nap time.
You probly get tired of me asking but was Priscilla like this before the end ? I so hate to ask and keep doing this to you. It does help me to know what is ahead of me though.
Thanks for asking about us.

April 28th, 2011, 05:31 PM
Yes, it was like that with Priscilla. She gradually had fewer good days and we had to make the hard decision. We'd made the appointment for the evening of the day she died, but the tumor burst and we had to call the vet out early to ease her passing. It does sound like Matsi is getting very close... :grouphug:

Do you think the good times are outweighing her bad ones still? That's what I've always gauged the decision on. When I find myself putting off the inevitable for my sake, instead of doing what's in my baby's best interest, I know it's time to make the final appointment, no matter how much I dread the loss. :( Just know that whatever you decide, if you have Matsi's best interest at heart, you can't go wrong and she will always love you.

I'm sorry you've got so many health issues on your plate! :grouphug: Seems like between one thing and another, you really need a break!! And to add to your stress, all that heavy weather! :yell: Glad you made it through okay!

I'll keep both you and Matsi in my thoughts and prayers, groundwire :2huggers: Stay strong and stay safe!

April 29th, 2011, 07:33 PM
Hope your test resulted in good news today, groundwire! :goodvibes:

May 4th, 2011, 10:15 AM
All the test on the heart went great , I go to the Orthopedic Friday to find out if they want to try a boot first or just go ahead and operate. If they do operate then it will be out patient so I will be right back home w/Matsi. She hasnt blew anymore clot's but she gets more and more attatched to me every day.,if I leave the room for anything she is on me, Chris cannot get her to do anything unless I am involved. I do think it is funny but I do know it is because I take care of her. Matsi has been so full of her self, happy go lucky latley but I am not letting my guard down, I still keep a close ear out on her breathing. Yesterday I was walking her and she is always so friendly w/ all dogs but this little teenage dog was being a bully and come running up behind us , she turned around and went after him, this time it wasnt nice. She really suprised me. But if she would of gotten ahold of that dog it wouldnt of been our fault cause she was on her leash and we went to the oposite of the street..
Matsi is so head strong about her nap time w/me and then going to bed about 9:30, if I dont get up and go w/her she is on me telling me what she thinks. I guess you can say her good and bad days are about equal . I dont know but I listen to her breath and it isnt right, nor is it getting any better. I just cannot do that to her yet, she is full of lifeat times. I dont know but I kinda figure she is probly taking care of me,cause I had to bring out some of my medical equipment. She is so good w/that stuff too.As far as I go I have so much wrong w/the spine and w/all the joints in my body ,I will always have to get operated on. Just the effects of being a tomboy and a rough past. I spent alot of time praying for others , to let me take thier problems so they wouldnt have to hurt and I could handle it. God knows I have enough wrong.
Thank you so much though, after I get this stuff fixed I have to get my glocoma checked again andget some MRI's of my spine again, my back isnt right from the last operation on it last May.. It just goes on and on, But my Matsi has been w/me threw it all.
God I just love her so very much, she is my life.
I hope you and all your babies are doing fine. We finally got a break from the severe weather, Matsi and I have been pulling weeds in the garden, and Chris go out and rolls on his back like Matsi does. It is so cute to watch the two of them. Chris has also gotten out his camcorder and been shooting alot of footage of me and Matsi just doing what we do. I think it is so sweet, he said this way I can still watch her play when it does happen. It is just such a sweet thing he is doing for us.

May 4th, 2011, 04:44 PM
Groundwire,just looked at your pictures,Matsi is on very beautiful girl:lovestruck::lovestruck:

May 4th, 2011, 06:22 PM
Chris sounds like such a sweetie! How nice to be making you a video gift of you and your girl :cloud9: I hope you share some of it with us if you can :o

And such a relief to hear your tests are going pretty well! :highfive: Also that even if you need surgery on your foot that it would be outpatient. :thumbs up Sometimes it seems everything happens at once and there aren't enough hours in the day! But you need to take care of yourself, too, and you know Matsi won't begrudge you the time. She wants you healthy, too. :grouphug:

I love to hear that Matsi's been full of herself and happy-go-lucky lately!! She must be happy for spring, too--despite the heavy weather you had! Glad the worst of it passed you by. We actually had our first springlike day today--only a couple degrees below normal and sunny!!! :eek: Normally this time of year I'm complaining that the trees are so leafed out I can't see the birds migrating through--this year it's been so cold that the trees don't even have buds yet!! So, ever-adaptable, I've now switching my whining to how cold it's been :laughing:

Sending more :goodvibes: for both you and Matsi!!! :grouphug: Take good care of yourselves!

June 6th, 2011, 02:08 PM
Any updates, Sandy? Hope both you and Matsi are doing well! :fingerscr :goodvibes: :grouphug: