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Poor Kayla..she's just a bit slow is all

February 6th, 2011, 05:54 PM
Kayla is over again for a few days. As usual, Luke has tried everything he can think of to get her to really play...he's dug out ever toy he has, trying to show her (as he always does) how to play tug, how to chase after a toy, ANYTHING just to get her to play with him. No such luck. Kayla is so un-dog like it's strange. She's always been this way. At Mom's, she never chews on bones. Mom will go out and buy every one on the market, she won't even touch it. Luke appreciates it though since he gets what Kayla doesn't want :D She's had times where she refused to eat over there, yet when she comes here, she eats well. She WILL run and play "chase me" when out in the ball fields, but to wrestle or play with toys, nope. It was only in the last few times she's visited that she started chewing on toys and his bones, but again, will only do it here. The only command she really seems to understand is sit. She will sit there and watch me do training with Luke..and I'll try to get her to do some of it but's not happening. I feel kind of sorry for her, and I definitely feel Luke's frustration lol. He's losing patience with her I think...every time she's over he tries so hard, but gets no where, so after a while he just gives up. They say dogs can teach eachother much easier and faster than humans can at times..but not in this case. Poor Kayla. She is a lover, so affectionate, but so sad. Atleast she's happy when she's here, she gets more attention, and Luke does bring her out of her shell more than she would be alone at home. Have any of you ever come across a dog like her?