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Anyone Know A Good Magic Trick That Can Eliminate My Fur Issue?

February 4th, 2011, 07:12 AM
I swear I tried everything, from vacuuming,tried three different grooming brushes, sponging, diet, that fur roller, baking soda etc. No matter what it is still there and all over the house. Its very overwhelming and stressful and I cannot help but to dwell on it, its all over clothes and even in places where I swear the dogs can never reach or been near. And when company comes over they leave covered in dog hair. I had dogs all my life but never seen so much shedding as I do with these two monsters here, I know all dogs(or at least most) shed, but this much? Mine are both short haired dogs so I never expected the shedding would be so excessive, My last dog was a Husky which is known to be a shedding dog but when he done it it came out in clumps so it was easy to pick up of furniture/carpeting etc, but with the dogs I have now it all comes out randomly and everything is coated in it, In certain seasons I will watch Lars shake and it looks like it is snowing all around him, its that bad lol. Now the shedding don't bother me at all, I understand it is natural and cannot be helped, Its just..well how do I get it off of everything? Carpets and fleece blankets especially, it just sticks like glue. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get rid of all this fur? I'm open to anything..well as long as its not shaving my dogs :D

February 4th, 2011, 07:20 AM
Well, I have 5 dogs (doberman, GSD, min pin, shih zsu and anatoleon shep) and 4 cats (2 gorgeous domestics and 1 siamese and 1oriental red). All our animals shed but there has been a significant decrease based on the food that I have been feeding.

What are you feeding your dogs? There are some incredibily knowledgeable people here that can help you with feeding recommendations that will help the shedding problem tremendously and will also promote better health for you dogs.

Currently, the band aid solution is to find a way to clean up the fur. But it goes far beyond that and getting to the source cause is probably the best solution.

February 4th, 2011, 08:02 AM
In the meantime...I have had good luck with a damp rubber glove rubbed over furniture surfaces. It really is an effective, cheap way although time consuming way to clean furniture upholstery. Carpets...only suggestion is daily vaccuming..which I do, bedding, I wash at least once weekly. Hard surface floors, magnetic cloths...they dont have to be the brand name, the ones they sell at the buck store work almost as well.
Good luck.

February 4th, 2011, 08:36 AM
Benmax, I have switched dog foods repeatedly to see if it could possibly curb the shedding but to no avail. They are currently on Beneful and if anything the shedding seems worse now than ever, I am running out of foods to try and it is no help that I live in a small rural town so my choices are limited as all there is here is only a grocery store, no feeds store that specializes in dog dog food. I am however going to the city on the 11th where there is actual pet supply stores where there is a variety to choose from so any suggestions on food would be great. Also last years Lars was deathly ill, he had to be hospitalized at the vet clinic for a few days, before he left and after he came home he would not eat at all and the only way to regain his appetite was to mix human food in with his kibble, when I tried that he immediately started eating again..problem was I couldn't get him off human food so when I feed him his dog food I have to mix a little of whatever a human would eat in with his own food or he will just let the food sit and he would starve himself before he ate pure dog food. Could the human food be the issue? It is not is large quantities, just enough for him to see that it is in his food so he knows he is not eating his food plain. Also the shedding is mostly coming from Lars, my other one does shed but it is not excessive like it is with Lars..could it just be Lars? the other dog(Lyca) eats whatever Lars eats.

Quincymycat, I have never tried the rubber glove thing, Ill try it, thanks :) but carpets are the worst, the only carpeting here is my back porch and stairs but they look really bad with all that fur and my vacuum is of no help at all, I tried the lint brush too. Maybe I will have to get a better vacuum, I don't know.

February 4th, 2011, 11:51 AM
Beneful is a problem. Let me see if I can get someone here to help you with food. Her name is LuckyPenny and she is one of the best dog-food specialists I know.:)

February 4th, 2011, 03:27 PM
Oh Boy..hehehe hair and animals!! Let's see I've got a Husky/Shepherd who is in the process of starting to shed and 4 cats, 2 of whom are long-haired!! Put all them together in a small house! Hair is a part of our lives! If I start horking up hairballs then I'll be concerned!! I fur-minated the dog this am! Would have been not too bad except she insisted on wagging her tail the whole time! Husky fluff everywhere! It's too snowy to do it outside right now too.

I agree with the food thing too. Usually the better the food the less shedding. I think the best results I had with that with the dog was a raw diet, but we need a bigger freezer for me to do that economically. I too, live in a rural area and not much choice for foods, so about every 6 weeks I do a major pet food shopping in Saskatoon, a 3 hour drive for us.

I'm not an every day vacuumer (I hate housework!) but try at least once a week. heheh usually get a few more critters worth of hair off the floors! I can usually keep the hair out of my cooking!! Sometimes there's a hair or 2 in my coffee, but then my cup says coffee doesn't taste right without a cat hair in it!

February 4th, 2011, 03:31 PM
I have one of the Bissell vacuums for pets, can't remember exactly which one but it's purple and actually works pretty well. It wasn't expensive and the filter is washable which is nice. I usually wash it after every second vacuuming. Living on the prairies tends to be pretty dusty especially in the summer so being able to wash the filter is a bonus. I bought mine at Walmart. I think it was 150.00 last year.

February 4th, 2011, 03:40 PM
my lab/shepherd was terrible for shedding!! at a year old I switched her to Performatrin and man, it was like someone flicked a switch, I use to vacume daily (I have a daycare) but now I just do a dust mop daily and vacume once a week, I brush her weekly and twice a year I give her a spa day at our trainer/groomers.

February 4th, 2011, 03:44 PM
They are currently on Beneful and if anything the shedding seems worse now than ever,

Could the human food be the issue?

"Human food" (depending on what you mean by that) is probably the best thing you could feed your doggies. Beneful is most certainly one of the worst. Luckypenny will no doubt have some great advice for you, but in the meantime you might want to check out a couple of these links:

One of the great things about feeding your dogs a homemade and/or raw diet is that you don't have to depend on whatever measely selection they have in stock at the local pet store. Plus, it's often cheaper. And it's almost always healthier!

February 4th, 2011, 06:45 PM
You definitely need to stop feeding Beneful. How often do you go to the city? Can you buy enough of a premium quality brand to last until you go again?

I would recommend Orijen or Acana Provincial ....they are both a grain free kibble which is best for dogs if you cannot feed raw. Here is the store locator for Orijen/Acana Provincial in New Brunswick ....

February 4th, 2011, 06:49 PM
You definitely need to stop feeding Beneful. How often do you go to the city? Can you buy enough of a premium quality brand to last until you go again?

I would recommend Orijen or Acana Provincial ....they are both a grain free kibble which is best for dogs if you cannot feed raw. Here is the store locator for Orijen/Acana Provincial in New Brunswick ....

I feed my dogs Orijen Pacifica with yogurt and also fresh tripe. I have to say, I have noticed a HUGE differnce in Maddox's (GSD) fur loss.

LuckyPenny however has great information about raw feeding which will be readily available for you which will save you trips into town. I PM'd her and hopefully she will log in sometime tonight or maybe tomorrow. She is our food guru for dogs.:thumbs up

February 4th, 2011, 09:13 PM
Scruffy is on Orijen 6-fish, plus tripe, raw bones and raw beef. Healthy, slim and not a whole lot of hair. He's half terrier so that helps, but I think the food definately makes a difference.

February 4th, 2011, 10:16 PM
Larca, are you looking for a better kibble? Or would you prefer to home cook or feed raw? SCM is correct in that human food is better than kibble if it's balanced right. Ever wonder why dog food isn't for human consumption?

Let us know which you prefer to feed (almost anything is better than Beneful :yuck:) and we'll help guide you.

Of our three dogs, one sheds heavy even though we feed raw (although his coat is super healthy). My best guess is he's a Chow/Shepherd/something mix. What helps immensely for us is we keep his brushes by the back door and try to make it a habit of brushing him right before we come in from playtime at least several times per week if not daily. We use a two-layered rake to loosen up fur and then a Furminator to remove it all. It only takes a few minutes so well worth it to brush as often as possible.

To protect our guests from getting covered in fur when visiting, our living room is humans :D.

February 5th, 2011, 09:24 AM
Thanks for all the input guys, you have given in me lots to think about. This is actually the first bag of Beneful they have ever had, its nearly gone now and certainly the last bag I'll be buying too. I normally buy a different brand every time I pick up dog food but none has made a difference.

Luckypenny, I did look into raw diet in the past, I discussed it over with my husband but he is kind of old school in his beliefs. Despite what I tell him he thinks the dogs will get the taste of blood and become vicious killers lol and really Lars is such a finicky eater, Im not so sure it is something he would enjoy, I have enough trouble to get him to eat anything as it is, he only seems to like the food that we eat and as I said, the only way he will even touch his dog food is when I mix human food in with it. While I do not mind cooking for the dogs, Im not so sure what I should or shouldn't be giving them, Their vet said I should be feeding them bland foods..problem is, I don't really cook bland and Lars don't particularly enjoy it bland either. Do you know any kind of food's I should avoid feeding them? I was recently told that onions have a negative effect on dogs as chocolate does..I occasionally cook with onions so my dogs have been consuming ill effects but it did have me a little on edge wondering if they were being fed anything else that should be avoided. But anyways, yeah, I prefer to feed human food, but I like to mix kibble in with it, just not sure what a good kind of kibble is to feed them, I tried every kind there is to feed that the grocery store offers, but as I said earlier, Im heading to the city next week so I'll have much more options to choose from.