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Brrr in Montreal!

January 24th, 2011, 10:42 AM
So, in Montreal these past few days we've been experiencing a bitter cold. Today is -24 but feels like -33. BRR!!

After parking my car behind our apartment building yesterday my bf and I noticed a scruffy looking cat curled up under a plastic lawn chair on a tiny piece of exposed grass. I think he was trying to keep warm the poor thing... I tried approaching him slowly to see if he was okay and he got up and started quickly walking away. I saw that he was very matted and dirty. I dug in my purse for some treats (don't ask, I seem to have everything in my purse haha) and I slowly followed his tracks because he had taken off quickly. His tracks led me to a little hill that went down to what is a bike path in summer and then another steep hill with a little stream and a forest beyond that. I stood there calling for him and then finally saw him on the stream on a piece of ice or snow. So I threw a few treats his way, hoping to coax him closer so I could have a better look and he just ran off into the woods :(

I sat looking out my window almost all night hoping I would spot him again. I just want to bring him in, feed him, warm him up and clean him. He looks like a pretty hefty guy so I'm thinking he probably does or did belong to someone at some point.

Today I see another cat curled up on one of our neighbors balconies. Looks like he's freezing! Is it too cold to leave your cats out? My cats are all indoor cats and I know that I personally wouldn't let them out in this cold. I feel really bad for these cats and I want to do something for them but I can't get them to come near me :(

I really want to find that first guy I saw and I'm debating wandering through the woods this afternoon. How could you catch a cat like that? Should I bring a box with me? I'm just not sure what to do..

January 24th, 2011, 10:48 AM
There are lots of members here to answer that question. As for putting out the cats in the bitter cold, I personally don't think cats should go out at all unless in an outdoor enclosure. I finally saw a commercial on tv the other day explaining the dangers of cold weather on cats. I was done very well. :thumbs up Maybe it will educate some of the public.

January 24th, 2011, 11:16 AM
I do believe it's definitely too cold to leave pets outside. Our dog Lucky has the thickest coat, I have to dig with my fingertips to get to his skin, and even he won't stay out longer than 10 minutes. I don't want to imagine what it's like for an animal without appropriate shelter :(. As for the cat on your neighbor's balcony, I'd be banging on that door telling them to bring it in if it's theirs. If not or, if no one is home, I'd be taking it in to provide some shelter.

For the cat in the woods, I'd suggest a humane trap, Brat. The only thing is it would be imperative that you check it frequently, I imagine every 30 minutes in this sort of cold. I've seen the traps at some large hardware stores like Reno-Depot, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire. Perhaps the Montreal SPCA or Steri-Animal can offer to lend a trap or, at the very least, some good advice.

Thank you for caring for these kitties.