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Dog stroller/jogger opinion

January 20th, 2011, 06:10 PM
I want a pet stroller/jogger for a number of reasons, in the winter, I want to prevent dogs from stepping on salt in the streets and walk straight to the dog park, where I let them out of the stroller to romp n roam. In the summer I want to convert it to a bike trailer or push it as a stroller while rollerskating. I would have them run beside me and if I enter a store or they get tired, they go in the stroller.

For this I need a bike trailer that converts to a stroller with hand brakes.
Not easy to find as expected. The ones I found are highly priced made for children.

This store has a low priced stroller/trailer (for children):

I asked the seller if the seat can be removed to fit a dog properly and the answer was:
"The back support of seat can be dropped down, so it can be used for dogs. Some of our customers have bought these trailers for their dogs."

So my question on this forum is to find out if anyone was successful in removing the seat from a child trailer to fit their pet properly. I'm also undecided between the wheel that swivels and the fixed one.

I'd appreciate all opinions and inputs :goodvibes:

PS.: Tried to post this under "Products reviews" but was not allowed, so sorry if this is in the wrong forum.