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the sad life of an aussie greyhound

September 19th, 2004, 05:39 PM
i like grey hounds, my mother grew up with them and i have always been told they are wonderful family dogs (if getten as pup) and exceptionally good with children. and greyhound puppies are soooo cute, oh so adorable.
i have know a few grey hound sindicates over the years but never asked to many questions for fear of the answers, i knew what was going on, just didnt want to face it really (ignorance is bliss and all that). do you have sindicates in canada and usa??

well that time of denial is over, i know to many sindicate to pretend i dont know what is going on. for those not in the know, a greyhound sindicate is this- a group of ppl (mostly men) will all put in a certain large amount of money each, the money goes to breeding the syndicates best runners (greyhounds that are previous breed or brought). they breed lots and lots of puppies and raise them all together in a paddock, slowly training them in the greyhound arts of running etc, at the end of a certain period, around a year the best runners from the litters are taken and the rest are taken away (knocked on the head actually, not to rescue, just shot etc). they take the good ones and train them up to be runners.

often their training techniqes involve live rabbits that are set free in a paddock and the dog chases down and kills the rabbit. i have seen greyhounds take out small calves that came to close to the fence etc. so they get used to the catch and kill thing. at the end of their racing career these dogs are sold into another syndicate for breeding or are shot/put down simply as they were never loving house pets, they are nothing but runners, something to be bet on.

doesnt that suck, all this happens legally here and there is nothing anyone can do about it, i know the australian greyhound rescue ppl are trying to help at the moment by bringing attention to this prob and upping the profile. the law says they can do it, and it will be mostly impossible to change that law.

it is so hard to be totally unable to help, we are helpless for these animals.
and education is not going to help these syndacate ppl, they dont care, they just want a return on investment. i know a nice boy up the road in a syndicate, he is a really nice boy and very helpful, so sweet, but he doesnt care what i have to say, to him they are only dogs for goodness sake and ones that can get him some serious $$$$$ and the dogs are fed and run so that is considered adequate care.

poor puppies, after seeing a show on their nature i would seriously consider getting one as a family dog, they have wonderful temprament. i think the only thing we can do over here is to raise the profile of the breed as a family dog (really hard as they are mostly known as viciuos runners here, muzzles dont help profile either). this way we can convince all the mums and dads out there that their little fidos cousin is being abused and thus create concern for the breed and practice. this is all i can think of, i cant come up with anything else.

do you have any ideas?? remember this is a legal practice so any measures need to work on guilt and emotion, fact and appropriatness dont work on this one. poor greyhounds.

September 19th, 2004, 06:01 PM
i feel so helpless. i dont know what to say... :( :( :(

September 19th, 2004, 06:10 PM
i know, that helpless feelin is the worst, i worry and fret but there is nothing i can do about any of it, although i have decided to get in touch with the GH rescue ppl and see if they need help, ie fundraising etc, anything to make me feel like i am actually doing something to help.