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My dog is acting CRAZY!

January 2nd, 2011, 06:43 PM
Hello! Im afraid something is wrong with my 8mnth old American English Staffy, Billy.
We took him to the coast this past week and i guess he was out of sorts because he kept attacking our other dog, Tank -which happens to be his big brother from the first to be fair it was probably b/c Mikey was there as well and that is Billys liter brother. Im afraid Tank and Mikey leave Billy out quite abit when they are together. Anyways, BILLY still has his nuts which totally makes sense.

We got home and order was restored but now twice in the same day Billy has woken up Screaming and Crying. It was horrible! I didn't know what to do. His eyes were open and it looked like he was awake but maybe he was dreaming? It happened again later on in the afternoon. He didn't do anything out of the usual..I thought maybe it was a pinched nerve or sore neck since he was our frolicking in knee deep snow.

Now he seems lethargic and bored. Keeps getting up every 10-15 mins to move or reposition.

He's eating fine. He's is pooping fine. He plays when they outside. But sometimes like today he is growling for no reason. Not at Tank or me but at a wall. Or sometimes I just know he's going into attack mode and he gets all riled up. Dont laugh but there is a slight possibility our house is haunted..any connection? He afraid of everything off a sudden, it's odd. He got his shots last Wed Dec 24 and got an infection pocket sucked out of his neck

He is going to the vet on Wed to get neutered but until then does anyone have any insight?! Strange, I know. Thank you for your time!

January 2nd, 2011, 06:48 PM
Welcome...sounds like he is in pain almost...not sure about the house thing but you know I beleive animals have instincts and can sense things way beyond our ability's so I guess it could be a possibility. But since he has had some medical issues it sounds like pain of some sort to me. Do you think his hearing is affected at all? just another thought?

I am sure others with more knowledge will be along...Good Luck and maybe give your vet a quick call and run the symptoms by them?? :thumbs up

January 2nd, 2011, 06:56 PM
I would say that Billy is in pain since he is lethargic, repostioning himself every 10-15 min and waking up screaming/crying. :( Were him and Tank or Mikey fighting at all? I really think you need to take Billy to your vet asap. :fingerscr

Are Mikey and Tank neutered?