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Ideas for skin tumor treatment

December 27th, 2010, 04:49 PM
My 16 year old Female DSH, Darla, has a skin tumor on her front leg (under her thumb pad - declawed) and I was hoping to find some suggestions for treatment. Somehow I missed noticing it's initial appearance while it was still small enough to remove. Because of lowered kidney function, her age, and the amount of tissue that would need to be removed, the vet is reluctant to do surgery.

Her tumor started to bleed about a week ago, I took her right into the vet and he gave her a shot of antibiotics, and took some blood for testing to see where her kidney function is at now (it'd been a year since her last test - the vet had initially expected her to pass by last spring). He also recommended using a small amount of Preparation H to hopefully help heal the wound. I will be avoiding any major surgery for Darla, I expect it would seriously take the wind out of sails, and I want her to be as strong and happy for as long as she's with me (it still takes three of us to hold her down to get blood drawn - pretty good for a cat who's under 3kgs). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what else I might use to help heal the sore part, or prevent her from licking it (when she leaves it alone it scabs up nicely, but it's her dominant paw so she uses it to bathe every day, and she's kind of OCD with the bathing).

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks, Trich :cat:

December 27th, 2010, 06:28 PM
You might try Tamanu Oil, it does not tase very good so maybe she will leave it alone. This oil is very good for healing sores, blisters etc. I use it on my face as my new face cream, it takes all the small wrinkles away and leaves my skin very soft. patti

December 28th, 2010, 09:01 AM
:thumbs up Thanks, I'll look into that

February 14th, 2011, 08:56 PM
Thought I'd update on Darla's condition for anyone who uses these threads for ideas to treat their own cats.

The skin tumor Darla has is right under the thumb pad on her left paw, the inflammation caused the pad to swell and rupture. Darla got a shot of antibiotics at the vet and he recommended Preparation H to speed healing. Unfortunately any time I put any kind of ointment on her paw she'd wash it off, and wash so thoroughly that she'd wash off any scab that had been forming, it took me a couple weeks to realize that's what was happening... the wake up call was right after I'd tried using bitter spray to hinder her licking and she immediately washed the paw till it was dripping blood. So I left her alone, stopped using ointment and told my head-strong feline she was in charge of healing her wound.

We did have a follow up appointment with the vet and he felt it was healing fine, now that she'd washed off the entire thumb pad :yuck:, he did suggest that normally the antibiotic shot is followed by a second dose but felt she'd healed sufficiently that it was optional. We passed at the time and it's been about two months since her original visit.

This past weekend she licked the paw bloody again, for the first time in over a month, so I kept an eye on it and felt it was a bit warm. Her appetite was pretty much non-existent as well so I bribed her with treats to keep her from loosing too much weight. This morning we went in for another antibiotic shot and by suppertime she was eating like a champ. The vet felt it wouldn't have been a recurrence of the same infection, so she's doing well taking care of the wound herself, since it's unlikely to ever heal completely where there's unhealthy tissue under it.

The antibiotic shots are fairly inexpensive, less than $20 cdn for the visit and the shot - did I mention I have a GREAT vet? So it's better to get in as quickly as possible before things get out of control like they did last time - my fault as I was trying to get ready for Christmas, filling most of my free time with making presents, and not paying enough attention to Darla. It happens to everyone but at least now I know what to look for. She has failing kidneys, I assumed that the kidneys would go before the tumor would ever have a chance to be an issue, so I wanted to share this update with anyone who might be going through something similar.

Good luck to you if you are, and feel free to ask questions or post suggestions. Thanks, Trich!