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I gotta admit, this pushes my buttons

December 27th, 2010, 11:31 AM
Ok, to update whoever cares, dozer is doing better as time passes. He's gaining wait and is doing better with his hip, still limping but he's lively. I'm feeding him kibblez on a flat plate and he's not inhaling his food anymore. I realized, it was just the boiled chicken that drove him bonkers.

I also got an unused leash from a friend who had it in his trunk prior to giving it to me.*

What I did:*

I soaked it in water for a day,
changed the water,*then soaked it in water mixed with clorox and Tide for one day.*
Then I washed it and rinsed it and let it soak in water for another.
then rinsed it again.*

I left it with him this morning before I headed off to work so he'd get used to it's presence. When I came home, I greeted him and then put on the chest strap, he didn't like it lol. It was a struggle (for him) but I got it on. He wasn't too happy but he was tolerating it (not really). So when I connected the actual leash to the chest strap he was even more unhappy. The ironic thing is, hed follow better without the leash lol. With the leash he'd kind of droope around and sit down at times with this (why are you being a jerk) look on his face.
Ive started to only let him out now with the leash.*

So far, hes bitten me ( not hard but enough to cut the skin a little) to tell me to screw off when I'd try to put the chest strap on. To be honest, his refusal and biting pissed me off, but before my mood changed completely, I got a grip, and spoke to him calmly but I wasnt gonna budge, and it paid off, he gave up.

I don't know if I rushed into it or not, but I didn't force walk him when he had the leash on, I'd actually walk away without holding the leash, he'd follow, then when he'd get close I'd pick up the leash and we'd walk. I don't pull him, I just hold the leash, walk at his pace ( but I'm making sure I'm leading) but keeping the leash almost unnoticeable, meaning I'm not tugging or anything.

He did stop and lay down, since I'm supposed to be the alpha, and since he ignored me when I gently pulled the leash, I put it down and walked away. He followed shortly while crying, I then rewarded Him when he came to me, walked 10 feet then I let him rest. We didn't continue walking at that point, I just carried him back home. Btw, I'm doing my best to walk him on sand and not on concrete.

Ok, this is why I made this thread*

I cleaned dozers old room with clorox agents, and he's been there for a day. The rooms about 3m width, 4-5m length. Across the width I've got a strip of sand that runs the same width of the room and is about one metro across from the wall it runs across (gah, I prolly made no sense). Let me up it this way-- there's alot of sand.

He will use the sand to poo and pee, but my issue is that HE WILL SIT ON THE SAND even if his poo is like 4 feet away, and he's got towels to lay on in a box across the room, but will go and chill there, whyyyy!!!. And when I clean he plays lol. Im not sure if this is natural puppy behavior, and I'm not mad, jim just ust frustrated that he's getting dirty. He doesn't know how to fetch, I just take him on for walks, so I don't know how to teach him a game. Is this normal DOG or PUPPY behavior? Will he grow out of it? I'm starting to just put him outside his room while i clean now.

Other than that he's pretty ridiculously fantastically insanely extravagantly stupendously extraordinarily unequivocally mind blowingly awesome :)

Too bad I'm only fostering him :(

Turn that frown upside down :)...*

Ok I'm done.

Ps: he's a Pitbull mix, not a pure, but he resembles a Pitbull but with a longish kinda face. Two guys walked across our property while he and I were chilling outside, and he jogged after them whilst lifting his head up lol.

December 27th, 2010, 12:27 PM
Abe this all sounds like typical puppy behaviour. Arent they fun!

As for the walking I am not sure if I would push it too much if the vets have said he has hip displaysia.

As for the Sand bit..maybe you could teach him to go lay on his blanket and reinforce it with some treats. They dont necessarily have to be dog treats. He may like carrots or bits of apples and that wont hurt him. Try teaching him to stay on the mat first. Perhaps by teaching him to lay down. Then move on to reinforcing the down while you clean?

To make him lay down you hold a small piece of a treat under his nose so he can smell it and then move your hand downward. Saying to the dog "down". This usually makes the dog want to go down to go toward the treat. Make sure you only have a teeny piece of the treat showing so that the dog cant bite it out of your hand. They learn really fast. Eventually they will just lay down on comand.

I thought you said Dozer was a Rotti?

December 31st, 2010, 08:06 AM
yes, they are fun, i love the little guy to bits!

hes more filled in now, around 15 pounds now, maybe 20?, nah 15.
huge difference when you compare 15 pounds to the 5 pounds he weighed a month ago!

i realised, he only goes and sits on the sand, because he knows i focus or look at it a lot, which is true, im always concerned about it, so when i go clean, he'll go, lay down and look at me lol. so i've worked my way around it. which is cute, he did what nunu and kiko did when they were with me (going on the computer) lol.

anyhow, i dont know if i said he was a pit or rotti mix, my bad, hes a pitbull mix.

the doctor told me to walk him as long as hes comfortable, im giving him a very small dose of painkillers daily (its the perscription for a dog half his size) so that he can handle walking on his leg (which is doing amazing now). btw, those are doctors orders.

hes doing well with the leash too, i've put the leash down and walked away enough times for him to comply now. i like to occasionally let go fo the leash just so he doesnt feel like hes my slave. but today when i let go, he stopped, picked it up and ran after me haha. he let go of it half way while and was whinning, i guess he thought i was walking away, but it was a notable gesture either way. when he gets tired, i do stop to let him rest, he then continues on quite quickly. since puppies have small energy reserves, his weight is in direct correlation to how much he ate the day prior. its amazing.

thanks for the "down" tip.

he goes "down" on his own when theres someone approaching. i cant wait till he gets older, hes only 3 months old (And as you said) hes learning quite fast.

we're moving maybe the 15th of january, so its gonna be heart breaking to let him go.

thanks Cindy!