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Found Cat - Black & White - Verdun

December 11th, 2010, 04:39 PM
Hello everyone,
I also live in Verdun and will keep a look out for Link. Have you contacted The Verdun Cat Refuge and PetitsPawz Cat Refuge?
I have 2 cats(a male and female) that are my own and I foster 2 other cats(male and female)-YES 4 CATS, 1 of which has been diagnosed as having the HIV virus for cats.
This Thursday past I brought in another poor soul that had been living in my backyard since the beginning of November- neighbors say that he was an inside cat that had belonged to a family that was evicted from their home at the corner of Bannantyne and Osborne in October.
If you know of someone that is missing their black male cat with white paws(white gloves) and white coloring neck and chest area(sort of as if he is wearing a black suit and white shirt) Right side of chin is white and left side is black. Very cute little guy approx 1 year old....was afraid of me until this week but decided to trust me when the snow storm and cold weather was too much for him to handle. He is presently in my partly finished basement since introducing him to my 4 cats is a worry for me until he can be checked out by a Vet. I cannot keep him indefinately down there - Please let me know:cat: