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Please help find my stolen Bernese

September 16th, 2004, 12:22 PM
Hi Everyone

Quite a while ago now (It happened on the 23rd of August), my Bernese Mountain Dog was stolen. I was visiting my parents in Alberta and I have now returned to the UK and finally been able to get on the net.

Hudson is a Bernese Mountain Dog, 4 years old, and he was taken from our garden. My parents live some 40 minutes away from Medicine Hat in a secluded village. We believe it was planned ahead of time to take him for breeding purposes (He was not nutured). The police have been informed of this as have the vets, pounds, breeders and various animal rescue organisations. We do not believe he ran away as we found his collar, which was clearly taken off by a person.

I was wondering if anyone on here or someone you know has seen him or possibly been offered him. He is quite unique from other Bernese mountain dogs I have seen. Firstly the white strip going between his eyes is practically non-existant, and he lacks a white tip to his tail. He's fine around people but is very territorial and will usually bark at anyone coming near his garden. You wouldn't have a problem getting him to follow you either, he's not hostile at all. He tends to be afraid of other dogs until he's been around them for a while.

I have 2 pictures of him, unfortunatly they aren't of superb quality:

First Picture of Hudson (

Second (

Notice of course the lack of white between his eyes, and straight hair.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.