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i have a puppy, what am i doing wrong?

November 29th, 2010, 12:25 PM
so i've adopted Dozer (his owner says hes a pit bull) from my uncles farm-ish like area.

hes about-- well i dont know, hes under 4 months. im guessing hes 2-3. he tries to suckle on me before he falls asleep on my lap if that helps to identify his age.

anyhow, im adopting him so i can teach him basic obedience so that he can live on my uncles farm to serve as a guard dog.

i understand pit bulls are good at guarding and are protective, so it should work out well. meanwhile, hes still too young to be doing any guarding whatsoever. so thats where i come in.

i wake up in the morning, go to his room(its outside of the house, but theres walls around the house, so he wont be going anywhere) and change his water, pet him, feed him a handfull of kibbles, and sit for maybe 15 minutes.
i then get ready for work and leave. my brother plays with him in the morning, i dont know when exact but my mom tells me he plays for a long time.

anyhow, i come back 8 hours later, i change my clothes, eat, and then go on over to dozer. after hes done saying "OMG OMG YOU'RE HERE! YES ! YES! YES!" i give him some mental excersizes. so far hes got "sit" down well. actually, hes got it so well that its the firs thing he does when hes interested in anything, its really cute. im trying to teach him "come" so we'll see how that goes.

anyhow, when i come home i dont feed him right away, i give him some mental excersizes for about 10 minutes. i then take him for a walk around the neighbourhood without a leash because he walks right behind me. i give him treats on the way for good behaviour. i check to see where he is ever 3-4 seconds, and call him every 3-4 seconds. i stop along the way and tell him to sit (even though he does it when we stop lol) and then give him a treat. if i notice him panting, ill either stop so he can relax, or just pick him up and take him back home.

after we come back home, i put another handfull of kibbles and change the water another time. i give him food after a long walk so he feels like hes worked for the food and earned it, and so that he doesnt get bloat. so i rest with him for a good 45 minutes, then if i feel like hes still energetic, ill take him for another walk or just hang around our house on the outside where theres plants and stuff.

i then clean up the sand that he does his bussiness on and exchange it with another pile of sand. i clean his room, give him a chew stick, and sit down next to his bed. he then jumps on my lap the same way a 5 year old jumps on their parents' bed. its comical. anyhow, he cuddles in my lap, and dozzes off. its only been about 2 and a half days, but we've already established a routine.

anyhow, i let him sleep on my lap for about a half hour or 20 minutes. i then place him gently on his basket (futile, i tell you) and once i walk out he comes running after me. once i go inside, he then cries for about 10 seconds, and runs back to his room and sleeps. thats the worst part of it all, hearing him cry.

this all takes around 3 hours or so. i then go inside my house, shower, and just do my thing.

i dont think i've left anyhting out, i would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism, and any tips or suggestions. im keeping him for 3-4 months, or until hes old enough to live on the farm. but since were moving in about a month and a half, it might have to be then instead.

i plan on taking him to the beach to increase his experience with as much things as possible, and to have him be well socialized.

he also bites at my pants and shoes, and growls and shakes his head while biting them, i either keep walking, or just stop and give a stern "no" and he will stop. he does it less and less now, though. he once was biting at my hand, and i say "no!" and then started to growl, and i said "no!" he then barked (First time lol), i reply with a "no!" he then barks some more, and tries to take quick bites at my hand. i kept saying no, he kept barking and trying to bite my hand, i push him away (not hard, but to push him away from biting me) and he basically gave up after a while.

excuse my grammar, im about to go to bed, and i havent written any english while trying to use good grammar in a long while.



November 29th, 2010, 03:02 PM
SSS I dont know what to say regarding your post. I personally dont think what your doing is best for the dog. I understand what your thinking in trying to help teach the dog but he needs to bond with a person that he is going to live with really. He is going to bond with you and then have to leave you to go live on a farm??

I also would suggest you not be walking the puppy all over the streets if it has not been vaccinated yet. That could be really dangerous.

Has the dog been dewormed? From what you have indicated he is showing typical puppy behaviour but I am not sure you have the right experience to teach the dog.

Have you read up about owning a dog? I know you were learning about cats awhile ago??


November 29th, 2010, 03:53 PM
Puppies are not easy to train, perhaps contacting a professional trainer would be helpful.

How is your kitty reacting to the dog. Are you socializing the two?

November 29th, 2010, 05:23 PM
I agree with the above posters. If the dog will live on a farm with your relative, it should grow up on that farm and be trained by that person so that they can establish that life long bond. It doesnt sound like you have training experience or experience raising dogs, so I do not see how it will benefit the puppy to grow up with you for the time being.

Do not let your dog run around everywhere. At this age they can easily contract deadly deseases. Your dog needs to see a vet. All puppies of this age need to be seen by a vet to receive de worming medication and something against flees and ticks that can carry diseases onto dogs and which I believe are very common to those parts of the world (I have lived in Israel for 7 years where the climate is similar to where you are from and everyone who had pets had to really stay on top of medication and proper baths to keep ticks and flees away).

You also mentioned feeding a 'handful' of keeble -- how much are you feeding your relative's pup, does he have access to water at all times?

keep us updated and please have the puppy see a vet - don't delay as it can lead to serious and dangerous diseases....

November 30th, 2010, 06:01 AM
If taking him back is what's best for him, then that's what I'll do. I'll vaccinate him when I receive my next paycheck.

L4h, I don't have nunu anymore, it's been a few months now since I gave her to my friend Giovanni.

Winston, I never thought of myself as a dog expert, I took dozer In so he would be better raised with me because I know he wouldn't get what he needs besides food and water. I think weve established that Arabs are predominantly ignorant about dogs. I have done research and I understand it takes time and patience, nothings go na be easy. I'll stop walking him outside and just play with him in our courtyard instead.

Masha, he has eater available at all times. I fill up his plate before I go to work, and when I come home, and when I leave him to go inside. Though that doesn't mean it's empty 3 times a day.

I'll take him back this Thursday, and in a few weeks I'll get him vaccinated.

Thanks for the feedback guys,

I'll keep you updated.

November 30th, 2010, 06:39 AM
SSS the main things i'm going to suggest to you concerning this little one is,,,do as much research as you can and then do a little more on bullie breeds,,this guy is still young and hasn't started to show his true self. No all the crap you here and read isn't true unless raised improperly.But they are not a breed you want to take on without some experience. I'm going to suggest you pm Lovemypittgurls for some advice,or one of the other bullie owners.

Please don't walk the little one around off leash,,he pays attention now but that may change as he gets abit older..

Other than that the others have pretty much covered it..

November 30th, 2010, 09:53 AM
Aslan, I agree and have acknowledged that already. Its just that, I wanted him to WANT to follow me for the time being and have him not think "oh!, I'm free now" when or if he gets off the leash. I definitely wouldn't risk having him off leash when he's older, because he (like any dog) could have something trigger an aggressive reaction in him.

When people asked me about him, the immediately had a "that's a dangerous dog" reaction and say " but doesn't that breed turn against it's owner?" I just tell them it's all in how you raise them, and that any dog could turn on it's owner if not raised well.
I took him for one last walk today, because tomorrow I'm taking him back to the farm. Im sure he felt my sadness, cause he was looking sad also, with a puzzled look on his face as to why I'm feeling this way.

Well, thanks guys, dozer thanks you too!

November 30th, 2010, 10:03 AM
SSS I just wanted to clarify for you so you understand my post. I think you will make a wonderful dog owner someday. Right now you dont have a lot of experience in how to raise a pup. BUT that doesnt mean you cant learn. We all learn at some point in our lives.

Can I suggest that you allow Dozer to return to his home but maybe you could be like a foster parent. Go visit, walk him, teach his owner things that you learn and see how that goes.

I know you meant well in bringing dozer to your home to teach him because all he had was food & water? but he does need to bond with his owner.

You know this could be to your advantage where you learn and also teach!!

Of course Dozer will be sad because you are sad. They read you very well and they can feel your emotions. So I suggest when you return Dozer you return him on a happy note and dont let him feel your hurting until after your gone.

How is your kitty doing with Giovanni?

November 30th, 2010, 10:46 AM
Winston, I never misunderstood your post, you didnt say anything wrong. I'm not that active on here, so I understand why you guys feel like u gotta give me the "slow down" sign sometimes.

I'll keep it in mind to be happy when I'm taking him to the farm.
About the fostering idea, i already visit that farm every once in a while to visit Jack, an Alaskan malamute that gets lonely. he's almost uncontrollable from how cooped up he is.

This is how farms are here, you have the owner, and his servant( who does 90% of the work) who lives in the farm and dos the day to day chores. It's not a farm as in theres cows, all over the place. It's an enclosure, with lots of enclosures inside it that hold pigeons, chickens, roosters, and bunnies.

Therea jack in an enclosure, then there's dozer who will also be in an enclosure. Knowing dozer will end up like jack, I took it upon myself to try and raise him in a stable environment, so that even if he'll suffer when his world
Changes, he would atleast not surfer as much as he would if he was cooped up
In his enclosure.

Now not all farms are like this, it's just that this relative is ignorant when it comes to dogs, and doesnt like dogs, but wants one "that will bite" any robbers trespassers.

There's no walk, no exercise, no mental stimulation, no love.

They deficate in their enclosure, and have to stay in it all day.

So I felt like I couldnt let this guys life go to waste.

Its sad because he's so obedient now. On our last walk, twice a car pulled over and I got asked for directions, and both times I looked down and dozer was sitting right next to my side. It just really sucks.

Nunu is doing amazingly well, I visited her and I can say she's truly happy. The sad part is that she ran into her hiding spot and hissed when I came in. I do t know why she hissed, it could be a number of things, but I think it's because she forgot me and was put off guard with ny presence, or she was mad that I
Left her. Anyhow, she's extremely docile now, and she's in good hands. She's also very close win giovannis other cat. So as sad as it is, I'm happy it's all gone well. Thank you for asking!

November 30th, 2010, 11:32 AM
SSS, when he returns to the farm, he'll be tied up or in an enclosure with only food and water? No training or extensive socialization? If so, and you could otherwise socialize him appropriately, then I recommend you keep him with you until he's supposed to return in a couple of months. I have have to disagree with not taking him out until properly vaccinated (but please have it done asap. Sterilization at the same time would be ideal as well). The risks of any dog becoming aggressive and having to be put down far outweigh the risks of him becoming ill imo. I may be wrong but, I think you have more to offer him at this point rather than him being tied up at such a young age.

Also, when you say you want to train him, do you mean basic training or guard dog training? If the latter, that should only be left up to professionals.

It saddens me that your uncle would want a dog who will bite...does he understand that this is a situation that can end up with fatalities?

November 30th, 2010, 12:00 PM
luckypenny, when i say training, i mean like "sit" "come" "Stay" "speak"

stuff like that. the fact that pitbulls are naturally protective i think will pay off if he feels like he lives on the farm and he isnt in a cage.

like i said, im no dog expert, and training to attack and defend should be left to the professionals because if its done incorrectly it could really harm a dog psychologically.

from what i understand, like with cats, but more extensively, you basically go through trial and error with dogs, telling them whats good and whats bad.

dozer knows what "no" means, but he usually stops when i say "no" if hes in our courtyard. if its outside, forget about it. and thats why im trying to squeeze as much time as i can with the dog outside and off the leash.

i understand hes like a baby now, so even if i say no, hes still gonna go and try to eat something, or sniff something, just like a human child would still go at what hes targeting.

i know with patience and time, he'll learn to stop when i say stop. thats if i keep him.

my decisions are greatly influenced by the suggestions i get from on here.

my uncle is around 50. i think everyone knows, when your around that age, you basically lock up in your head. i have great respect for my elders, that is if they respect me. but when i say lock up, i mean, that they've lived their life for so long, that when something different comes, they reject it.

my grandma has long since locked up, my grandfather, my dad, my mom, my uncles.
thats the difference between the then and the now.
i mean, dont get me wrong, im gonna lock up too. everyone does. and it doesnt mean your stupid. it just means that you have lived your life a certain way, and when something obsurd in respect to your lifestyle comes along, you reject it.
so i've tried telling him "you know uncle, i dont want you to get sins, because this isnt right, how you've got the dogs cooped up."
"in all honesty, if you were in the west, they would have fined you, taken the dogs from you and possibly thrown you in jail."

he replied with "yes, that is the west, but this is another world, this is the east."

he wants a dog that bites so that no one robs anything. i told him that cooping him up was wrong, and that he would be aggressive even to his caretakes. he replied with a "yes, thats what we want! we want him tough!"
i told him that most dogs are naturally protective and have an apt for differentiating friend from foe.

so i've been taking it upon myself to go as often as i can, though most of the times, i almost want to give up because its so hard to do what i want to do.

by the way, the farm is far away, its not in the city.

i mean, for god sakes hes feeding the dogs rice!! RICE!!!!!
i spent the night once, and i went to make some food, all that there was, was frozen baloney and hotdogs. i looked at the date, and they were 7 months PAST the expirey date. i told him about it, and he said, "yes thats for the dog!"

i had the pleasure of talking to his song, and when i mentioned the dogs diet even he was surprised. its evident he doesnt want to spend money on the dogs. so i told the servant "listen, as long as i bring dog food, do no feed the dogs rice, alright?" so with next months paycheck ill buy kibblez for jack, and wet food for dozer.

i dont know if what im doing is even worth it, if its right or not. i know my heart is in the right place, but honestly, is that enough? will it make the world go round?


sorry for getting a little heated up.

November 30th, 2010, 12:14 PM
my uncle is around 50. i think everyone knows, when your around that age, you basically lock up in your head. i have great respect for my elders, that is if they respect me. but when i say lock up, i mean, that they've lived their life for so long, that when something different comes, they reject it.

Excuse me :frustrated: Please don't think people who are 50 are closed minded. What they do have is experience of the world and may have lost their naivety, but I wouldn't say we have "locked up our head". People, no matter the age, are opened minded or closed minded (or somewhere between). Those who are closed minded (as you think your uncle is), have never been open to learning from others and have formed their own opinions and don't waiver from it.

Please don't stop talking to your uncle about the humane treatment of animals. Is there somebody who he deeply respects that may listen to you and talk to your uncle? Even if you don't think he is listening, it is implanted in his brain. He may ponder it one day.

November 30th, 2010, 12:25 PM
i never ment close mindedness comes at 50 and locking up and being close minded are different. also, you dont necissarily "lock up" at 50. it could be another age, higher or maybe a little lower, but its predominantly when you've gotten old. my opinion is that EVERYONE locks up at one point or another. doesnt mean your stupid or anything like that, and i appologize to anyone who may have taken offense to it. i ment its a stage in life people go through, and i think my uncles locked up.

i've been told by my dad to help the dogs, but not in a way that would harm me. he told me to give up on my uncle.

ill try talking to him if i can without being a nuisance.

November 30th, 2010, 03:43 PM
Abe I wish you had of mentioned all of that info up front?? Now I wish I hadnt posted at all...:wall:

I agree with what Luckypenny said here:

SSS, when he returns to the farm, he'll be tied up or in an enclosure with only food and water? No training or extensive socialization? If so, and you could otherwise socialize him appropriately, then I recommend you keep him with you until he's supposed to return in a couple of months.

December 1st, 2010, 03:13 AM
I understand your frustration Cindy, but please know that I initially posted to learn more about taking care of dozer, and not to make the whole thing a sad story where all who read are saddened and can't help.

I wasn't hiding it, I just didnt want to bring more negativity to the board.

I apologize for frustrating anyone.

I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing with dozer, I'm going to take him to the beach to maximize his experience with everything.

If anyone objects or has any suggestions, please do share.

Much appreciated,