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Cat Ear Bleeding, need help fast!

November 26th, 2010, 12:04 AM
we have recently taken in a stray cat due to the cold temperature and it seems to have developed a nasty bleeding ear infection with an unplesant odor. it keeps scratching at it and is getting blood everywhere. ive been reading up on the internet and im guessing its probly ear mites since it was a stray and probly wasnt in the cleanest liveing conditions. i really want to help this cat and we have sort of gotten attached to it, but i dont think we can afford a 100-200 vet bill. is there something i can do for this cat to stop the infection? i bought some "ear cleaning" drops and put them in his ear to try and clean out the blood (and wax, if thats what the mites feed on) and im am hopeing regular use of these drops will help it. i dont want to call the spca and give this cat a death sentence, so ill try my best to take care of it. does anyone have a good home remedy/natural cure i can use on this cat? ive read also almond/olive oil might help? any tried and tested solutions would be really appreciated

November 26th, 2010, 04:55 AM
once its bleeding it is definately time for a vet visit, see if your vet will do payments, mine gives me a discount for strays, ask yours and see if he/she does this.

November 26th, 2010, 06:50 AM
Thank you for taking in this stray. :grouphug:

Your cat needs to see a vet at this point only a prescription will clear up those ears, poor thing is probably in such pain :(. Like Melinda said, phone around to vets to see if they will give you a discount. Is there a local no kill shelter around that may help you?

November 26th, 2010, 07:34 AM
Poor kitty needs to see a vet. Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you can't afford a $100-$200 vet visit for a bleeding kitty, how do you think you can afford a pet?. They cost a lot more than that to feed, checkups, toys etc.
Good luck and I really hope you find a way to help the poor little thing.