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Torn ACL lead to fear of outside...

November 23rd, 2010, 12:50 PM
Our 6 year old Shep mix and I have always had a great relationship. In March she tore her ACL. We slowly built up the strength again and by October we were going on full walks. She tripped and hurt herself again in October and she yelped and was no longer able to walk. She was shaking and this was a very traumatic event for all of us. We picked her up and carried her back in. Now the issue is that, we kept trying to get her back outside but she is TERRIFIED. The pain is less present because she is now on medication for the pain awaiting her surgery (Dec. 1st). We NEED her to be able to eliminate, whether it means carrying her or letting her go by herself, but right now, she is too afraid of being outside. How do I get her back out and back on a normal schedule. I understand she needs to be managed to ensure proper recovery, but how can I integrate the training she needs to be outside and know that it's safe?

November 23rd, 2010, 02:16 PM
Lead by example, and not cater to emotions..she must not be left to last experiences (with relation to going outside and it hurt to do so, and the fuss made prior to accomplish tasks such as carrying). IF she is physically able then lead by example as if there is no issue, everyone just go outside, ignore..just go issue, no concern and let her finally experience the benign action that it is go outside and relieve. To coax her outside..don't coax her..just walk on out and do not acknowledge ...patience and time is all that is required..let her make the is likely a very narrow threshold (albeit strong) .. that one or two steps will likely break it all down. Mind over matter. Get everyone involved (other dog..everyone) ..generally dogs hate to be ignored or left out .. this will be her enticement and be unemotional..none of this pity ..poor girl I understand (you can keep that to yourself) of luck..small steps ..but be consistent and persistent and when she finally does move on her own DON'T make a big fuss..because, well it really isn't a big thing to go out and relieve..don't offer any more confusion

November 23rd, 2010, 02:58 PM
Are there any stairs that she has to go up or down to get outside?