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doggy back pack?

November 22nd, 2010, 08:05 PM
I'm thinking of getting a doggy back pack for J & T for Christmas. I figure it would be a good idea for a few reasons:
1. They're a working breed, so it would give them a job to do on our walks.
2. When we go for long hikes, they can carry their own water (and mine too!).

Problem is, there's about a million different kinds online, in a million different price points.

So does anyone have a recommendation of one that's tried and true?

I want something that will be durable, comfortable for them, that won't rub their fur or slide around, but something that won't break the bank either.
The ruffwear ones look good, but a little $$. The "hooligan" is a much better price point, but is it as good a product?
Any suggestions would be great.